Dumb, Stupid Man Collects Ghosts And Records The Sound Of The Ball In The Dormitory

Author's note: This story was told to me by my college classmate. It should have been published earlier, but when I thought about my little brother in that school, I couldn't bear to publish it and provoke him further, so I postponed publishing it until now.

Someone once told me that there are three places in the world that have been unclean since ancient times – cemeteries, hospitals, and schools. The cemetery is the last place where the dead stay in the world, so no one will find it strange that it is not clean. Since the establishment of the hospital, more and more people have died there, so it is also a bit unclean. As for why the school is not clean, I have never been able to figure it out before, because it is a place for educating people and a noble place, so how can there be unclean things? I now understand things that I didn’t understand before, which is why I wrote this story!

Let’s start with February 12, 2003: It was the start of school after the Spring Festival in 2003. At that time, there was a new university in the suburbs of Shanghai. I am not in a position to tell you about it here. It has a name, but it is not long-established and its scale is not small. It is a private university invested by overseas Chinese. Although it has not been established for a long time, the quality of education is not bad and has won the favor of many parents. In 2002, many students traveled thousands of miles to study here. That year, the principal decided at the end of last semester to hold a school celebration after the Spring Festival, so the students all returned to school early to prepare.

At the end of a tree-lined alley with dense trees is Building 1, the boys' dormitory building for sophomores. Not far from it are the 2nd and 3rd male dormitories, but only the dormitory windows on the 1st male floor all face the north. At the other end of the avenue is the girls' dormitory, but it is some distance from the boys' dormitory, and the teacher's dormitory is right next to the girls' dormitory. On this day, there were eight boys gathered in Room 411. They were Qin Haotian, brothers Qin Haohai, Li Peng, and Xu Hai from the law department, and Hu Dong, Hai Tianyan, Zhang Zhi, and Wang Qi from the next door dormitory. These eight people are well-known basketball masters in the class. For this school anniversary basketball game, they discussed tactics together. There was a sound of batting in dormitory 410, and everyone was startled by the sound of batting.

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The record of a stupid, stupid man collecting ghosts_The record of a stupid, stupid man collecting ghosts_The record of a stupid, stupid man collecting ghosts’/>

"Who is playing basketball in our dormitory? I wonder if the old man downstairs knows that he wants to cause trouble for us?" Hu Dong had a hot temper and had already cursed loudly at this time.

"It's strange. I locked the door when I came out. How could anyone get in?" Zhang Zhi, who is careful, never forgets things. He has this advantage that some city kids don't have, so he is the best learner here. one.

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The record of a stupid, stupid man collecting ghosts_The record of a stupid, stupid man collecting ghosts_The record of a stupid, stupid man collecting ghosts’/>

"Could it be that person who came back?" The person Li Peng was talking about was the fifth member of the 410 Office, Zhang Chunzhi. He was the son of a senior official. He entered the school through his father's relationship, so there was no one in the dormitory. People look up to him.

"Well, it's him, it must be him. I'm going to beat him up." As he said this, Hu Dong stood up and left Room 411 to go to his own dormitory to repair this young master. And Hai Tianyan and the others couldn't just sit back and watch Hu Dong beating up stupid people and collecting ghosts , so they had no choice but to follow them out. But when Wang Qi left Room 411, he found that their basketballs were in Room 411, not in Room 410. At this time, he knew something was fishy, ​​so he ran out immediately and saw that the old janitor Huang, the old man downstairs, had come up angrily.

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The record of a stupid, stupid man collecting ghosts_The record of a stupid, stupid man collecting ghosts_The record of a stupid, stupid man collecting ghosts’/>

"What's going on? What's going on? Who is so bold to play ball in the dormitory!" Old Man Huang looked at the students in Rooms 410 and 411 and knew where the voice came from.

"We are also wondering what's going on, old ghost." Hu Dong shouted. At this time, Wang Qi told everyone about the ball in 411, and everyone was shocked. What is going on? Only Old Man Huang looked at them in disbelief. At this time, a little girl's voice singing a nursery rhyme came from the dormitory: "Catch, shoot, shoot the ball. This ball is really weird. There are many holes in the big ball, and there is red water flowing down. Shoot, shoot, shoot the ball." , This rubber ball is really weird, it has no air and no glue, I don’t know what it is made of.…”

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The record of a stupid, stupid man collecting ghosts_The record of a stupid, stupid man collecting ghosts_The record of a stupid, stupid man collecting ghosts’/>

The strange children's songs make people's hair stand on end. Everyone knows what the ball in the children's songs is. What's even more strange is how come there is a little girl in the boys' dormitory. Zhang Zhi, who was about to open the door, stopped, and his hands were shaking. He felt a cold air coming from the 410 dormitory, an unnatural cold air, which made him afraid to open the bolted door. He was from the countryside. As a child, I have heard from my grandfather and grandma since I was a child that some people in the same village died inexplicably because they touched unclean things. He knew the one inside might be it. Hai Tianyan saw Zhang Zhi's fear, snatched the key from his hand, stood in front of the door, took a deep breath, prayed secretly, and inserted the key into the keyhole. At this time, the children's songs disappeared, the sound of batting the ball disappeared, and there was silence in the corridor. All the students on this floor had heard the strange ball-racing song before. When the ball-racing ball disappeared, all eyes were looking at Hai Tianyan's hands. Hai Tianyan tried his best to relax and not think about anything. He gently turned the key and pushed them away.

A disgusting smell of blood rushed towards me, making the people standing at the door of 410 gag. Hai Tianyan sat down on the ground, his face suddenly turned pale, his eyes widened, he was sweating coldly, his mouth opened wide, and he was speechless, pointing to the dormitory floor. Everyone looked in the direction he pointed, and saw blood everywhere in and around the center of the dark 410 dormitory floor, and a human head in the center. They were already petrified by this scene, and the timid ones were even so scared that they peed their pants.

"Then…that's…who is that?" Zhang Zhi was already frightened.

"It's…it's Zhang Chunzhi!" The bold Hu Dong also trembled. He saw the big eyes on Zhang Chunzhi's head looking at each of them, with an incredible smile on his lips, a creepy smile. It seems to be saying, don't worry, you will be next…

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