Catch The Long-tongued Ghost Wisely

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During the Xianfeng period of the Qing Dynasty, the country was in decline and corrupt officials were rampant everywhere. The British and French allied forces invaded China and burned, killed and looted everywhere. What a shame, at this time, ghosts appeared frequently, killing people everywhere, and the people were in dire straits. People living in Jiacailing, Dengjiacun and several nearby villages in the northern mountainous area of ​​Linwu, Hunan, are afraid to go out alone in the mountains during the day or live alone in a room at night due to the obscene threat of the "long-tongued ghost".

The long-tongued ghost can speak human language and can change. He is more than a foot tall and has a ferocious face with the head of a tiger and the face of a snake. Several sharp teeth protrude from the mouth. From time to time, he spits out a tongue nearly two meters long. During the day, it hides among the trees on the rugged mountain road out of the mountain near Jiucai Village Ridge, looking for solitary pedestrians to compare its tongues with. How can the tongues of ordinary people compare with his, so most of the people who encounter it are… Digging out the heart and sucking out the marrow became its delicacy. In less than a year since the long-tongued ghost appeared, dozens of people have been killed. The blood stains on the roadside and the broken bones scattered on the road have made everyone tremble with fear and talk about ghosts.

The villagers spent a lot of money to hire a "company" from other places who could catch ghosts, but after the "company" went into the mountains, he never came back. Some people say that "Company" is fake, and they are afraid of the ghost with the tongue, so they took the money and ran away when there were many people passing by. Others say that "Gong" encountered the ghost soon after entering the mountain. I tried my best to fight the ghost, but the ghost took out my liver and lungs and ate him alive. At this point, no one dared to mention the matter of asking someone to catch ghosts. In desperation, and in order to reduce the occurrence of tragedy, the villagers had no choice but to hire masons to carve a stone tablet to warn passers-by and villagers on the stone wall next to the entrance and exit of the mountain road.

Inscribed on the stone tablet is: "Long-tongued ghosts" often appear here, and several people have been killed. Villagers and pedestrians should not go out alone at night, but should go together when passing by during the day. Please tell everyone and keep it in mind.

Hundreds of years have passed, and the "long-tongued ghost" has long been wiped out. Generations of new people have replaced the old ones. However, this stone tablet has experienced wind and rain. Although the writing on it has become blurred, it is still preserved as a historical witness. On the stone wall next to the entrance and exit of the mountain road.

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So, how was the "long-tongued ghost" eliminated?

It’s a long story, and we have to start from the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty. In the late Jiaqing period, the country began to decline and society was in turmoil. A Taoist named Deng Fa was born in Dengjia Village during this period. Is it useful that he has two brothers, Mangui Banner ? He is the eldest, born smart, lively and active. He learned a good martial arts from his father when he was only sixteen years old. He is an upright man, loves to fight against injustice, and is deeply loved by the people. When he was eighteen years old, something unfortunate happened. His father, whom he admired most, was possessed by evil spirits when he went out and died soon after returning. He was extremely sad and vowed to learn the skills to eliminate ghosts and evil spirits. After he settled his mother and younger brother and took care of his father's affairs, he packed his bags and went out to study. I have been away for more than thirty years and there has been no news from him.

Besides, Deng Fa walked out of the mountains and left his hometown, and traveled all the way to the provincial capital. Here he quickly found a job in a bodyguard agency by virtue of his good martial arts skills. While teaching martial arts, he was looking for Taoists who knew magic. Two years passed in a flash. One day, as he was about to go home after shopping, a gray-haired old man suddenly walked out of a shop in front of him, stopped him, whispered a few words to him, and then disappeared.

The next day, Deng Fa resigned from the escort agency and disappeared from the provincial capital. It turned out that the old man was the spell master he was looking for.

Time flies like an arrow, and the sun and moon fly like flies. Unknowingly, it was already Deng Fa's third year of studying Taoism in Xiandong, and he had already mastered Taoism. There is a saying that one day in heaven is one year on earth. In the blink of an eye, it was already the Xianfeng period. That evening, the master called him to his side and told him seriously that the country was in turmoil and the people in his hometown were being killed by ghosts , and asked him to go home quickly. Deng Fa bid farewell to his master with tears in his eyes and set off overnight.

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I don’t know how long it took, but I finally returned to my hometown after being away for many years. It was already another late night. More than thirty years later, my hometown is completely different. He walked around the village several times and finally found his yard. He was eager to see his mother and brothers whom he had not seen for many years as soon as possible. He knocked eagerly on the door for a long time, but no one opened the door. He could only hear his mother's miserable and low screams in the house: "Long-tongued ghost, you Come on, do you want to eat my mother's meat? You evil ghost who will not end well, get out of here. – Wu -" "I, I am Fa'er, mother, I'm back." Deng Fa shouted , tears couldn't help but flow out. Almost all the neighbors nearby were awakened, but they couldn't believe it, fearing that it was a ghost who had transformed and deceived people. Deng Fa had no choice but to sit down in front of the door until dawn. After daybreak, the villagers observed and confirmed that it was not a ghost with a long tongue, and then slowly came closer. The old man in the village finally recognized that the man in front of him was the son who had been away for more than thirty years. Deng's mother had been looking forward to his return day and night – Deng Fa; Feeling curious, I kept comparing and pointing with my hands.

"Sister-in-law, please open the door. Your son is back."

"Mother, I, I'm back."


"Your son is back."

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"Really?" Mother Deng moved and slowly opened the door. Deng Fa rushed forward, hugging his white-haired old mother and burst into tears. Mother Deng touched him with her withered hands and told him that his brother had gone out to look for him the year before last and had not come back yet. After a while, Deng Fa came to his senses, wiped away his tears, and told his mother and villagers in detail about his experiences outside these years. Everyone talked to each other and couldn't wait to tell him about the long-tongued ghosts who came out to compete with people and eat people in recent years. Deng Fa was very angry and told everyone on the spot that he would definitely eradicate the long-tongued ghost and eliminate harm for the people. Everyone was very happy, but still a little worried.

That night, Deng Fa summoned the leaders of several nearby villages to his home and made some arrangements for them. Near midnight, he handed a trumpet made of horns to his mother, and asked for his mother's nearly three-meter-long red belt. After muttering a few words to his mother, he went out and went to Chang Tongue alone. Walking to places frequented by ghosts…

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…, whoosh, whoosh", the nearby vegetation is very lush, and the mountain rats on the roadside are scurrying around under the quiet night, adding a bit of frightening murderous aura. "Hahaha…, haha, haha…" Deng Fa deliberately made some noise. "Where's the ghost? Why doesn't it come out?" Just as he was thinking, a "Hu" sound suddenly came from behind. He turned around hurriedly and saw a tall monster with a tiger head and a snake face flashing out from the bushes. It looked very strange. Ugly, big blue eyes with fierce light were staring at him, as if they were ready to swallow him up. Although he had seen many ghosts and monsters during his cultivation, he was still shocked at this moment. He was secretly surprised: such a fierce and terrifying evil ghost, but he immediately calmed down.

"Stick out your tongue, I will compete with you. If you lose, I will eat your heart and liver." The two sides were in a stalemate for a while, and the long-tongued ghost couldn't hold it in anymore.

"It's a competition, but there are some things that must be explained clearly first." Deng Fa did not show any weakness. "I won, what will I do? I will carry you back home back to back and let people see you. Do you agree?"

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"Ha…ha…ha, no one can beat me yet, you won't win, look at those, those bones – your tongue is longer than mine, I'll let you do whatever you want." The long-tongued ghost said confidently and proudly Pointing at a pile of white skeletons in the distance with eagle-claw-like fingers, he sneered and roared.

"Okay, no regrets."

"I don't regret it—-ouch—ouch–, look at it—poof!" Before he finished speaking, a big red tongue spit out from its ugly big mouth, almost It hung down to the ground and was more than two meters long.

"You are also watching—-" Deng Fa raised his right hand, bit one end of the red belt that had been hidden in the sleeve of his right hand with his teeth, pulled hard, and waved his right hand, and a bright red belt more than three meters long appeared. The tongue "all" stuck out of the mouth, forming several big red circles on the ground.

"Ah? Oh, you, you, what kind of god are you? How could you have such a long tongue?" The long-tongued ghost was a little scared.

"I was sent by God to control you. You, if you lose, listen to me and I will carry you." Deng Fa flashed behind the ghost with a quick step. The ghost gave up, but was obedient. According to the previous agreement, he lay on Deng Fa's back and agreed to let him carry him home. Since the ghost has no weight, despite its size, he can still walk very fast while carrying the ghost on his back. It took less than a meal to arrive at my doorstep. "Mother, mother, blow the horn three times quickly." When the mother heard her son's cry, she blew the horn three times with all her strength. After hearing the trumpet sound, the villagers hiding in their homes shouted "Zhong Kui kills the ghost" seven times. The whole village suddenly burst into excitement, and the cry broke the desolate night that had been in place for several years. The ghost on his back suddenly felt that ten thousand steel swords were stabbing him, and he struggled painfully. Deng turned sideways and threw the ghost to the ground. "Ouch!" The long-tongued ghost instantly turned into a coffin board. Deng Fa immediately took out a statue of Zhong Kui made of crystal stone from his pocket, drew a few magic symbols, pressed the statue on the wooden board, and placed them in a place where no one knew. Since then, there have been no incidents of long-tongued ghosts and long-tongued ghosts harming people in this area.

Deng Fa used his wisdom and magic to eliminate evil spirits, and later punished several corrupt officials for the people, winning the respect and love of the local people. His deeds were made into a story about the "long-tongued ghost" and passed down from generation to generation. down, and the existing warning stone became a strange physical evidence of that story.

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