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"Don't move here!" Zhang Guozhong waved his hand, signaling Zhang Yicheng to keep an eye on Sun Dapeng and not do anything to cause trouble. He took out a bottle of cinnabar, grabbed a handful of it, sprinkled it on the ground, and stepped on it. Go up, throw a handful of cinnabar on the ground and stomp on it before returning to the crack of the stone pillar (Qiuji is a kind of "long worm", good at charging people or paralyzing the lower limbs and losing the ability to escape, then attack, sprinkle cinnabar on the Stepping on the ground can play the role of "blocking the earth's Yin", which is very effective against animals rushing into the body, but it has little effect on evil spirits. At this moment, Zhang Guozhong has no one with any interests in his hands, so he can only use this method temporarily), He used a branch to poke away the remaining mud in the crack, then took out his flashlight and shined it in.

Under the light of a flashlight, the shape of the space deep in the crack is similar to that of a textile shuttle, narrow at both ends and wide in the middle. The surroundings of the "shuttle" have obviously been artificially chiselled, as if they are covered with inscriptions. With a crack only two fingers wide, it can be Circles of inscriptions are carved inside the stone pillars. This bizarre craftsmanship reminds Zhang Guozhong of the mysterious craft of "jade" that flourished in the Warring States Period. Unfortunately, it is daytime at the moment, and it is difficult to see clearly under the interference of external light. What exactly is the content of the inscription?

What puzzled Zhang Guozhong the most was that in the center of this spindle-shaped space, there was a wax-white strip-shaped object hanging, about the thickness of an adult's arm and wrist. In the middle of the strip, there seemed to be a few shiny silver pieces. There is about a long* distance between each silver nail. Due to the light problem, it is not clear what the white object is.

"Sure enough, there is something fishy…" Although he couldn't see the specific situation inside the stone pillar, Zhang Guozhong guessed that the white strip was probably an unusually large scorpion. If that was the case, The size of this Qiu Qiu can really apply for the Guinness World Record. Compared with this hanging guy, the Qiu Qiu of Li Cun and Wang Zihao's family is at best a grandson's. But what about such a dangerous thing? Maybe he was hung (or nailed with silver nails) inside a stone pillar? How did you get it in? Looking at the motionless white object inside, Zhang Guozhong had a question mark on his head.

"Dad, what's inside?" Zhang Yicheng suddenly felt a surge of curiosity in his heart when he saw his father squatting there and changing his position to shine a flashlight into the crack.

"It seems…it is indeed that thing, but it is motionless, and I don't know whether it is alive or dead…" Zhang Guozhong wanted to try and poke it with the branch in his hand, but he couldn't reach it. He wanted to pick a longer branch. You still have to spread cinnabar and walk over, which is really troublesome…

Dig or die on the sky island_Dig or die on the sky island_Dig or die on the sky island

At this moment, the copper coins that were standing on the ground suddenly fell down, and the cinnabar was blown by an inexplicable wind and blew Zhang Guozhong's face. "What does this mean…?" Zhang Guozhong frowned. Looking at the formation just now, the thing inside the stone seemed to be full of hostility towards outsiders, but at this moment he didn't know whether it was surrendering or letting down its vigilance. What was especially strange was that at the same time , Zhang Yicheng's kite also seemed to relax. The feathers that had been standing up straightened down again, the wings stopped flapping, and he closed his eyes slightly as if he was going to sleep again.

"Huh? Dad dug or died to get to the Sky Island . What did you do? Kill that thing?" Seeing the kite's emotional changes, Zhang Yicheng also kept wondering.

"I didn't do anything…!" Zhang Guozhong was also puzzled. It stands to reason that beasts who cultivate immortality are spiritual. The higher their spiritual conduct, the higher their spirituality. Not only can they understand "comments", some can even speak to people. Words can even enlighten people (ancient mythological stories such as "Liao Zhai" are probably artistic descriptions of animals cultivating immortals, especially the "white snake" in the mythical story "The Legend of the White Snake". According to Zhang Guozhong's understanding, it is very likely that It’s the top Qiu Jie). The Qiu Qi itself is the highest level of snake cultivation, and if the thing hanging inside is really a Qiu Qi, if it grows to such a huge size, it may be regarded as the "immortal among immortals", with a changeable "copper coin face" The intelligence of its expression cannot be overstated. Most of the actions of this beast are intentional. The change in the Copper Coin Face's expression at first was probably a sign of its hostility towards outsiders, but at this moment it has given up its hostility, and He blew cinnabar onto Zhang Guozhong's feet, but he didn't know what he wanted to do.

He pulled the gap between the rocks with his hand, but couldn't move it at all. Helpless, Zhang Guozhong followed the cinnabar mark on the ground and retreated to the inside of the "Split Yin Halberd". "Dapeng, you said there are many people in your village who dig mountains and blast rocks?" Reluctantly, but he was his apprentice after all. Zhang Guozhong subconsciously changed his name to Sun Dapeng.

"That's right!" Sun Dapeng looked at Zhang Guozhong, "Master, you don't want to…" Sun Dapeng pointed to the stone pillar in front of him and made a digging gesture with his hand.

Dig or die on the sky island_Dig or die on the sky island_Dig or die on the sky island

"Yes, can you think of a way to get me some detonators? Just enough to blow up the crack. If you can't get it, a pickaxe, crowbar or something will do…" Zhang Guozhong frowned and looked at the stone pillars, thinking in his heart. Jin's calculation is that in the past, to treat Qiuji, you would have to use a decent guy to cut off its head. Now, there are decent guys, but the thing is inside the stone. If you want to cut off the head, you have to find a way to get rid of the stone first. …

"Master…" Sun Dapeng chewed his teeth with a sad look on his face, "This stone pillar cannot be moved…"

"What can't be moved?" Zhang Guozhong frowned, "I moved just now. Aren't you alive and well now?"

"You don't want to move the earth!" Sun Dapeng pointed to the mountain col next to him, "There is another stone pillar to the north here. The earth between these two stone pillars cannot be moved. I told you when I came here that you forget?"

When he mentioned this, Zhang Guozhong was also moved, thinking, yes, just now he was just thinking about how to open the stone and remove the thorns inside, but he actually forgot that there are two stone pillars in the mountain, and these two stone pillars There seems to be some mysterious relationship between them. If you don't figure out what the two stone pillars are and start rashly, you might really get into some trouble. "Then take us to the top of the mountain!" Thinking of this, Zhang Guozhong began to collect the copper coins on the ground. "That thing seems to have been nailed inside, and it seems to have stopped. It is probably okay. Don't be afraid, let's go quickly…" Looking at Sun Dapeng As if he didn't dare to step out of the "Split Yin Halberd", Zhang Guozhong packed up the copper coins and took the first step out…

Dig or die on the sky island_Dig or die on the sky island_ Dig or die, how to get to the sky island

**Mountain is not a big mountain at all. The so-called peak is just a hilltop at best. There is no exaggerated vegetation on the hillside. Standing on the top of the mountain, you can have a clear view of the surrounding hillsides.

"It seems it's not that simple…" Zhang Guozhong drew a sketch on the ground and roughly gestured with his hands. As expected, the place where the stone pillar was located was the Zhengyang position in the mountain. The north pillar in Sun Dapeng's mouth is in the Zhengyin position in the mountain. "One is Zhengyang and the other is Zhengyin…" A strange thought suddenly came to Zhang Guozhong's mind. The pile of human bones discovered by the Public Security Bureau two days ago , seem to be made into coiled dragon bones, and are these two stone pillars also two coiled dragon bones…? "Dapeng, are there any ancient tombs in your mountains?" Thinking of this, Zhang Guozhong turned to ask Sun Dapeng.

"Ancient tomb? Never heard of it…" Sun Dapeng shook his head, "There are people digging mountains every day in the village, but I have never heard of anyone digging an ancient tomb…"

"I mean, the section between these two stone pillars…" Zhang Guozhong pointed to the hillside not far away, "At first you said that the person who caused the accident was because he dug between these two stone pillars. Well, have they dug up anything?"

"This…I don't know…" Sun Dapeng shook his head.

Dig or die, how to get to the sky island_Dig or die, how to get to the sky island_Dig or die, how to get to the sky island

"Okay, let's go to the north pillar now…"

As the saying goes, "Looking up the mountain is like running to death. Although it's not far from the top of the mountain, it took a lot of effort to walk. It took more than an hour of walking before a few people climbed to the top."

The stone pillars in the north are very different from the ones in the south. The ones in the south are short and thick, while the ones in the north are slender. The ones in the south are surrounded by open space, while the ones in the north are surrounded by slopes. The only thing the two stone pillars have in common is that they are both. There is a crack. Although the crack on the north pillar has also been sealed with dry soil, the soil in this crack does not look like it was filled artificially. It is all fine soil, and it is not mixed with iron sand or anything like that. Use a key to dig it. After a few clicks, I came across a layer of solid filling. Although it was about the same color as soil, it was extremely hard. It seemed that it couldn't be opened without tools like chisels.

"Okay, let's go back and get some tools first…" Zhang Guozhong stood up and patted his clothes, "Dapeng, do you have a bunch of tools at home for digging mountains? Hammers, crowbars, etc.?"

"Yes, yes…but…" Sun Dapeng looked embarrassed, "I have to go to dinner tonight. It wouldn't be appropriate not to go… If we go back to the village now, I'm afraid it won't be able to make it in time…"

Dig or die on the sky island_Dig or die on the sky island_ Dig or die, how to get to the sky island

"Give me the tools and I'll do it myself…" Zhang Guozhong didn't lose his temper when he saw this new apprentice. After all, he was thin-skinned and not as shameless as his former master Ma Zhenren.

"Master, why don't we come back tomorrow? It's not appropriate for you to come alone while I go to eat…" Sun Dapeng was quite embarrassed, which made Zhang Guozhong very happy, thinking that you had to eat that banquet. ah…

It was already afternoon when he returned to Sun Dapeng's house. After finding Zhang Guozhong the tools for mountaineering, Sun Dapeng went to the banquet full of contradictions. When Zhang Guozhong took a drink of water and wanted to go out with the tools, he realized that his precious apprentice was gone. He was so anxious that he didn't tell him where the lock was. He didn't know whether he always left the door unlocked or if he really forgot to tell him. Zhang Yicheng and I searched the house for more than half an hour, but couldn't find anything that looked like a lock…

"This Madaha…" Zhang Guozhong glanced at the room. Although there was nothing valuable, it was not appropriate to just leave like this. He had no choice but to temporarily leave Zhang Yicheng to look after the house to dig or die and how to get to the sky island . " Yicheng, you stay here to look after his house while I go there myself…"



A zha: A simple unit of measurement commonly used among the people. The length of a zha roughly refers to the distance from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the middle finger when an adult's palm is stretched as far as possible.

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