Dead Body

This is a story that happened when I was in elementary school. At that time, we lived in a one-story house and had to burn fires to keep warm in winter. The protagonists of the story are the neighbors next to our house. They are two old men. They are two old bachelors who have already lost their families.

I don't know why the two of them met and lived together, but I guess they have no relatives, so they can take care of each other together. Not only I guess this way, but the neighbors nearby think so, so everyone If they can help, they can help some, and in this way, their life can still be considered.

However, there are unpredictable circumstances, and the story begins today. Today is Sunday school holiday. I had a good time with my friends in the morning. After lunch, I watched TV at home. Mom and Dad are not at home anymore, but I forgot to go out because of something because it took too long.

Real stories of empty nesters_real ghost stories told by old people_true horror stories told by old people

But I will never forget that there was a fire that day. I was watching TV at home that afternoon, and suddenly I smelled a little smoke and heard the dog barking in my yard, so I wanted to go outside and see a large piece of smoke in the sky as soon as I got to the yard . The ghost story the old man said , I was stunned for a moment, and I ran out immediately after realizing it. I saw many firefighters busy back and forth.

And the source of the smoke was actually the house where the two old men lived next to my house. At that time, there were still many neighbors watching from the sidelines, so I went over and asked them, 'what's the matter, what happened'?

They said to me: "It's on fire, you don't know after it's been on for a while?" I was a little scared at that time, so I hurried home. At night, my parents finally came back. The house of the two old men was on fire, so I told them the truth.

Real stories of empty nesters_real ghost stories told by old people_true horror stories told by old people

When I was having breakfast the next day, I heard my father say: "There was an old man who was smoked to death in the fire last night." After I heard what my father said, I realized that it turned out to be the case. One of the two old men went out to buy dinner. The other fell asleep at home because the north used a stove to keep warm in winter, and it seemed that the nearby Yiran things were taken away, and the tragedy happened.

But the matter did not end there, because the dead old man had no children and no money, so his body was left unattended by the window of his house. The real ghost story told by the old man , if you pass by the window and look there You can see the dead body.

Nothing happened in the first few days, but on the seventh night, people passing by after get off work could vaguely hear coughing in the house. The sound was not loud but always gave people a cold feeling. That's right.

Real stories of empty nesters_real ghost stories told by old people_true horror stories told by old people

Everyone speculates that the living old man misses the dead old man, so there may be some physical problems. But I found that everyone started to take a detour and no one dared to enter the house. A few more days passed like this, but it always felt a little strange, because I have never seen the living old man go out these days.

But maybe it's because I go to school during the day so I haven't seen it. Anyway, it didn't matter at the time. Until another weekend.

This Saturday, my friends and I had nothing to do, so at Zhou Xing’s suggestion, we decided to go and see the living old man, because those two old men were usually very kind to us. When we arrived, we didn't rush in but looked in the window. It was strange that the body was gone, but we didn't think too much, so we walked in.

Real stories of empty nesters_True horror stories told by old people_True ghost stories told by old people

The door opened as soon as it was pushed, and the house was dark without the lights on. There were only two bedrooms in the house, and one of them had the door ajar and it was too dark, so I could vaguely see someone sitting inside but couldn't make out the face. Zhou Xing was the first to go in, but after entering, he suddenly stood there, as if he saw something terrible. So none of the rest of us dared to go in, but all ran out.

But when we ran to the gate, there was a person standing at the gate, and we were too scared to move. The man walked towards us slowly, I was sweating from fright, but when I saw it clearly, I found that it was the old man who was alive. But he didn't talk to us, but walked slowly inside, staring straight ahead. After he walked in, we slowed down and ran out quickly.

After we came out, we immediately told the adults what happened. Zhou Xing's parents rushed in first, followed by everyone else. After entering, I saw Zhou Xing passed out in that room. Zhou Xing was the only one in the room, and no one else was seen.

Real stories of empty nesters_True horror stories told by old people_True ghost stories told by old people

However, the body was still there by the window in the other room, but there was another body next to the body, and it was the old man who should be alive. He, they are all dead, why this happened, no one knows why. All I know is that he should have been dead for several days from the body.

But I suddenly remembered, didn’t we see the old man walking in when we ran out? Suddenly I remembered that the passage from the door to the inside of the house is very narrow and should only be walked by one person, but the old man actually walked past us .

After that, everyone paid some money to buy a cemetery for the two old people. After a few years, the house remained empty. Later, some newcomers lived in it, but they moved out within a month. A few years later, my family moved, and the story is over.

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