Chapter 18 The Rebellious Zhou Xiaoshe

"The record of the tomb passage is in the diary, but my Japanese skills are limited, so I have to wait a few minutes to collect my thoughts." Li Wenhai suppressed his joy and said.

I nodded: "Okay, then you will look good and clear."

As Li Wenhai found this diary that recorded the passage to the tomb, I couldn't help but feel a little more hopeful. I thought that after going through so many setbacks and disasters this time, I wouldn't come back empty-handed.

I slowly took out a box of Plum Blossom cigarettes from my pocket and took out two to give to Zhou Xiaoshe, but suddenly I realized that this bastard was nowhere to be seen.

"Zhou Xiaoshe?"

I shouted several times, but found no response. Even Li En turned around with a blank look on his face.

I immediately asked: "Where is Zhou Xiaoshe?"

Li En shook his head, "How do I know? Aren't you his old friend?"

I patted my head. It was Zhou Xiaoshe who took the initiative to come to the rear just now. I was chatting with Li Wenhai, but in the end I forgot about him.

The cigarette in my hand had not been lit yet. Suddenly, Dahuang beside me started barking at the gloomy stone house above.

Then, there was a deafening explosion, and the iron door blocked by debris was blown open, and a violent shock wave knocked us off our feet on the spot.


I yelled at Li En and Li Wenhai, and my first reaction was that we were definitely being followed.

Sure enough, as soon as the iron door was blown open, I saw a group of strange figures slowly walking out of the stone house on the first floor.

I looked up and saw that these guys were all tall and muscular, and some of them were fully armed. When I saw it, I couldn't help but secretly said something bad: Damn it! We are being treated as tomb rats! !

In the field of tomb-fighting, some guys will throw some mice into the tomb to explore the cave and guide the tomb's traps before going down to the grave. Sometimes, if there are no mice, some crazy tomb robbers and tomb robbers will throw some of them into the literature written by the ghost writer . Uninvolved people were pretended to be rats and forced to explore the cave. Obviously, today Li Wenhai and I were treated as tomb rats exploring the cave.

"Zhou Xiaoshe, I'm a fool!!"

I cursed as soon as I blurted it out, and as I cursed, I saw Zhou Xiaoshe's small figure walking out from the corner next to the iron gate, and automatically approached the group of heavily armed tomb robbers.

What happened was beyond my expectation, and all of this caught me off guard!

I squinted my eyes, my heart burning with anger. I gritted my teeth and wanted to rush forward and punch Zhou Xiaoshe, that son of a bitch! !

"What a bitch, I saved you for nothing!" I said angrily.

Zhou Xiaoshe had a complicated look on his face. He didn't even dare to look at me. He sighed and said, "I'm sorry, I have no choice but to do it."

"You have to be paralyzed. When you were caught by the black-headed snake mother, who the hell gave you the last packet of gunpowder? When you were entangled in the rice dumpling just now, who snatched the food from the tiger's mouth and rescued you? You son of a bitch, I’m blind!!”

I used all kinds of swear words, but it couldn't reduce my anger at all.

Damn it, after all the hard work, I almost died, and finally found the tomb passage, but what the hell turned out to be a betrayal?

I raised my gun and aimed at Zhou Xiaoshe on the spot, my eyes burning with anger.

As soon as I raised my gun, the group of heavily armed tomb robbers also raised their guns. I took a look and saw that this group of tomb robbers were clearly prepared. They were holding extremely high-quality modern pistols. They were all good guys that I usually only see on TV. Now, seven or eight of them were aimed at me and Li En.

I'm okay, but Li En and Li Wenhai are already pale.

At this time, one of the tomb robbers, a one-eyed man with a face covered with scars and an eyepatch on his left eye, spoke.

"Zhou Xiaoshe, you did a great job this time." The one-eyed man smiled, his eyes fell on me, and after sizing me up, he said: "You are not bad at fighting, but it's a pity that you trust people too easily. Do you think he is an ordinary person? He is a mountain mover, and he was the one who blew up the iron gate just now."

"Moshan Taoist?"

I almost spit out a mouthful of old blood! !

Zhou Xiaoshe is a mountain-moving Taoist. Damn it, this guy has hidden deep enough.

Li En couldn't help but asked me in a low voice: "What is a mountain-moving Taoist?"

I gritted my teeth and glared at Zhou Xiaoshe across from me: "You don't even know Taoist Taoist mountain mover? This guy is not vigilant. There are many sects in the tomb-hunting and fighting, just like the gold rush who travels thousands of miles without leaving any holes. There are also Taoist mountain movers who move alone among thousands of graves without leaving a coffin, but they are very good at fighting upside down, especially in the field of explosives…"

As soon as I said these words, Zhou Xiaoshe's expression became even weirder. He knew very well that just half a day ago, when he was entangled by the black-headed snake mother, I was the one who gave him the last pack of black powder and saved him. I wanted to kill him, and as a mountain-moving Taoist, he was obviously much better at things like gunpowder than I was, but he deliberately wanted me to use up all the gunpowder. This fact made me particularly unhappy.

"Zhou Xiaoshe, you are so fucking talented. It would be a shame not to act." I laughed.

"Old man, are you praising me or hurting me?"

"I don't praise or damage you. I just want to bury you now."

Zhou Xiaoshe looked embarrassed. He turned to the group of tomb robbers and said, "One-eyed dragon, the matter is almost over. Let them go."

"Oh? Are you sure you want to let them go now?" the one-eyed man said with a half-smile.

"I'm sure, Xiaodao and them have been tomb rats for a time. It would be unkind to kill people and silence them again. This is not Xiaodao's style. Let them go. The whereabouts of the tomb passage is in the hands of the professor. We can directly find the tomb passage and enter To the tomb.”

The one-eyed dragon squinted his only right eye, looked around, then waved his hand and said to me: "Put down the gun, you can go."

I am heartbroken, the situation is very bad now, I am the only one holding a gun, Li Wenhai and Li En have no attack power, and the opponent has seven or eight guns, no matter how accurate my marksmanship is Literature , but the difference in strength is still too great.

I have no choice but to admit defeat. After all, life is more important than entering the tomb.

But before dropping the gun, I let Li En retreat safely to the upper stone house. Then, I dropped the gun on the ground, but at this moment, the one-eyed man suddenly glanced at his partner next to me.

Soon, Dahuang and I were pushed into the upper stone room, and Li Wenhai behind us had no time to follow before he was held by a one-eyed man with a pistol on his head.

The one-eyed man said coldly to me: "You two can get out, this professor has to stay."

When Zhou Xiaoshe saw it, he suddenly became anxious.

"One-eyed dragon, are you crazy? Do you want to touch the people on the trail?"

"Shut up, if you keep talking nonsense, I will destroy both of them. Ah Qiang and A Feng, block the door for me." After the one-eyed dragon ordered, he immediately made a request to Li Wenhai who looked frightened with a smile. posture.

"Professor, take us to the tomb passage."

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