A Series Of Ghost Stories: Baby Crying

"Master, slow down, don't knock…my bed cost more than 10,000 yuan," Wan Liang, who was moving, told the furniture mover.

Wan Liang is a writer. He used to be unknown and lived in a rental house of only ten square meters. After five years, he finally became famous with a full-length horror novel "The Haunted House". What followed was "free money." With the money, Wanliang immediately thought of buying a house. Now he was preparing new furniture to move into the new house he bought.

However, what Wan Liang bought was not a completely new house. It was the kind of house that had been renovated but had only been lived in for a few days. Wan Liang was very happy because it saved him the trouble of decoration.

After climbing eight floors, Wan Liang finally arrived. Wan Liang was a little out of breath, but the movers were neither blushing nor out of breath. He sighed secretly: "These movers are still in good physical condition. Starting tomorrow morning, I also need to start exercising." . After the furniture was put away, it was almost dark. "Slow down, master! Thank you for your hard work." Wan Liang went out and politely sent the movers out.

Just when he was about to return to the room, the door of the neighbor opposite suddenly opened, and a middle-aged woman with a haggard face came out, her hair disheveled, as if she was ill.

"Hello, I just moved here. My name is Wan Liang." Wan Liang greeted her politely.

But the woman didn't answer the question: "Go quickly, don't stay here, this house is not clean." She looked very anxious.

Wan Liang, who was smiling at first, suddenly stiffened, wondering what was wrong with this man! Just as he was thinking, the woman suddenly rushed over to him and shouted with a ferocious face: "Get out of here quickly." , this house is not clean… Wan Liang was startled, walked backwards into the room, and quickly closed the door.

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"What kind of person is this? He just moved across the street and turned out to be a lunatic." Wan Liang was a little scared. Fortunately, she didn't do anything. As for the strange words she just said, Wan Liang didn't listen at all.

Time flies so fast, it’s night in a blink of an eye, and it’s time to write again. Wan Liang always feels that the quieter the night, the easier it is to inspire inspiration, so he always writes at this time.

In order to facilitate his rest, his computer was in the bedroom. Wan Liang sat in front of the computer, imagining textures in his mind and tapping the keyboard quickly. The whole bedroom was filled with the sound of tapping the keyboard.

Just when Wanliang Code was halfway through, a baby's cry suddenly came, "Wow…wow…". This voice immediately disrupted Wan Liang's thoughts, and he couldn't continue writing. In desperation, he had to stop.

"Whose baby is this? It's crying in the middle of the night," Wan Liang said to himself. He could only wait for the sound to stop.

About twenty minutes passed, and the crying continued. Wan Liang frowned, why is it not over yet! Did his parents just ignore it? Suddenly, the crying stopped suddenly, and Wan Liang sat in front of the computer with peace of mind. Continue coding. But just after writing a few words, suddenly the crying sound of "Wow…wow…" came again, and Wan Liang suddenly became a little angry.

He immediately wanted to find the family member to reason with, so he followed the sound and listened carefully, but found that the sound seemed to come from his bedroom. However, why did the sound sound like it was coming from a distance? Wan Liang walked to find the sound, only to find that the sound came from the closet.

Wan Liang's heart tightened for no reason, and he suddenly felt that something was strange. "Woo wow…wow wow…" The baby's cry suddenly changed. The sound was a little weird, getting sharper and shriller, and it sounded a little miserable. Wan Liang felt a "buzzing" sound in his head, and he suddenly froze on the spot, his heart in his throat, cold sweat broke out from his forehead, and he did not dare to move forward.

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After an unknown amount of time, the baby's cries gradually weakened, and until there was no sound, Wan Liang dared to move his body. However, something strange happened at this time, and the door of the closet in front of him opened on its own, revealing a bloody baby like a bloody gourd. He suddenly opened his bloodshot eyes, "Wow…wow wow…" The baby suddenly opened his mouth and let out an unpleasant and harsh scream, with thick blood overflowing from his mouth. He rushed towards Wan Liang…

A ray of sunlight refracted in the room in the early morning. Wan Liang, who was sleeping in front of the computer desk, slowly opened his eyes. Wan Liang sat up. Just as he was about to stand up, he lost his balance and almost fell. Only then did he realize that he had grown up. When I was lying down at the table, the soles of my feet were already numb.

The sleepy Wan Liang rubbed his eyes and suddenly remembered what happened last night. Could it be that he was dreaming? It felt very real. Turning his head and looking at the closet, which was still closed and intact, Wan Liang hesitated for a moment, walked over and opened the closet, but there was nothing in the closet except his few clothes. For some reason, Wan Liang suddenly felt relieved. It was obviously a dream, so how could I be so nervous.

"Perhaps it's because I have been depressed from writing horror novels for a long time, that's why I had such a nightmare," Wan Guangxin thought to himself to comfort himself.

Gululu, my stomach made a sound, I was a little hungry, so I went out to buy some things. Wanliang walked out of the room as he said that. As soon as he walked out of the room, Wanliang bumped into the middle-aged woman. Wanliang instinctively wanted to avoid her. But the woman blocked the entrance to the stairs and said, "Did you meet that thing? Get out of here quickly!" Wan Liang looked a little bad: "What is it? I don't know what you are talking about." Then he had to go downstairs bypassing her.

But the woman looked reluctant and kept saying: "Get out of here quickly…get out of here…"

"Go away, I want to go downstairs." Wan Liang was a little annoyed. The woman might have been really frightened. She stopped talking and stepped aside. Wan Liang gave her a disgusted look and walked down the stairs.

Wan Liang had just descended a few stairs when the woman's voice sounded again, still mumbling: "Leave quickly, leave quickly…" Wan Liang shook his head helplessly and ignored it. He felt that it was a lunatic that he couldn't deal with.


Time passed by in a hurry, and it was late at night in a blink of an eye. This night was a little different from the previous nights. In the past, you could still hear some dogs barking, but tonight it was especially quiet and mysterious.

Wan Liang is still "writing" his works in front of the computer, but for some reason tonight he has paused many times. Unlike in the past, he can write down smoothly once he has clarified his thoughts. Wan Liang himself feels a little strange. .

Just when Wan Liang was still thinking about what to say, the cry of a baby suddenly sounded, "Wow…wow…" and his thoughts were interrupted.

"Am I dreaming again?" Wan Liang pinched his thigh and said, "Hissing." It hurts. I'm not dreaming. Suddenly the baby's cry suddenly became sharp and high-pitched, "Wow…wow wow…" The light in the bedroom also flickered on and off with the sound. Wan Liang's heart suddenly rose to his throat, and there was a little water on his forehead. Cold sweat, is this the cry of a baby?

"Wow…wow wow…" The baby's cry not only got louder, it was a bit miserable. It made Wan Liang's scalp numb, and the sweat from his forehead flowed down his cheeks without him noticing.

He really heard the sound coming from the closet. Although he had written horror novels, this was the first time he had truly experienced such a terrifying scene. Wan Liang stood frozen in his seat, not daring to move his body. Looking back, he was afraid that if he turned around, the scene in his dream last night would come true again.

But things are counterproductive, there are some things you don’t want to do but you can’t help it. Suddenly, Wan Liang was horrified to see red blood flowing from top to bottom on the computer screen, all the way to the desktop. Wan Liang couldn't believe what was happening in front of him. He stretched out his hand tremblingly to touch the blood, and his hand was immediately stained red by the blood.

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Ah! This is all true. Wan Liang suddenly stood up from his seat. His only thought now was to escape from this place. Turning around suddenly, Wan Liang was horrified to find blood overflowing from the closet, flowing to the ground and all the way to his feet.

But then, something even more shocking happened to Wan Liang. The closet opened on its own, and a baby crawled out of it, a red baby to be exact. The dream last night turned out to be true. The blood baby cried sharply, with bloody saliva flowing from its mouth. The most frightening thing was that he actually opened his eyes. Those two eyes were blood red and filled with hatred. How could such hatred come from a baby?

However, Wan Liang couldn't care less about being frightened, because the blood baby was crawling toward him quickly. He ran out of the bedroom in panic, with the blood baby chasing after him, and everywhere he passed was blood on the ground.

"Wow…wow wow…" The cries became louder and sharper, making Wan Liang's ears buzz. Wan Liang covered his ears with his hands and stumbled towards the door. Finally, Wan Liang ran to the door, but it couldn't be opened. He was so anxious that he was sweating profusely. It turned out that he had locked the door with the inner buckle. He turned around and saw that the blood baby was close at hand and immediately came to him. He quickly opened the inner buckle with his hand, opened the door and ran out quickly, flicking his hand and slamming the door with a "bang".

Wan Liang was leaning against the door and breathing heavily. Looking through the door, he saw a blood-red eye. He was so frightened that his legs weakened and he collapsed on the ground along the front. He could never get up again.

He spent that night outside the door. He didn't dare to sleep. He thought of reminding his neighbor, that is, the woman. He wanted to ask, but he was too embarrassed to go again. He was so rude to others before, and he didn't know how to speak. He spent the whole night thinking about how to say it…

In the early morning, the woman opposite opened the door. Wan Liang stood up nervously, his eyes a little evasive. He did not dare to look directly at the woman, but the woman walked up to him and said directly: "You encountered that thing." &rdquo.

Wan Liang was obviously taken aback, but he was relieved immediately. She was the one who reminded me, so it was natural for her to know. After a pause, Wan Liang said apologetically: "I was too reckless before, I'm really sorry."

The woman said nonchalantly: "It's okay. I have always been misunderstood as a psychopath. This is normal."

Wan Liang didn't expect this woman to be very generous, and she didn't embarrass him at all, "I want to ask you a question, I wonder if you…" Wan Liang thought about it briefly and decided to ask.

The woman interjected: "You are talking about the unclean things! Come in and I will tell you in detail!" Then she walked to her room.


Wan Liang then learned from the woman that there had been a single woman living here before. The woman was very unruly and often brought unscrupulous men here. As time went on, the woman actually became pregnant, and her biological father But I don’t know who it is. But during that time, she fell in love with a wealthy man, so she wanted to give birth to a child to extort more money. The child was born, but the wealthy man knew her character and refused to admit it. She tried to make trouble but was beaten by his wife in vain.

In desperation, she could only raise a child by herself, but she was not qualified to raise a child. In order to make money, she often went out to find men and often stayed up at night. The child was kept at home and often cried. Later, the woman disappeared directly, but the baby was locked inside. The little baby cried from hunger and died soon after.

The woman never showed up again, and the baby was found only skin and bones. After a period of time, the developer took back the ownership of the house through some unknown means and sold the house again. But everyone who bought this house moved out immediately after living in it for a few days. The reason was that they often heard the sharp cries of babies, but no one said anything dirty in order to get rid of the house.

Until now Wan Liang bought this house again, "No wonder the landlord had to bargain with me when I bought the house. He agreed so simply. I must move out immediately," Wan Liang thought.

When he finally left, Wan Liang hesitated and called the agency, "Hey! I want to sell the building."

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