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I have many friends, and there are indeed a few close friends among whom I can talk about anything, but until today there is one thing that I don't want to mention, maybe because I still have lingering fears.

I had just graduated from school and started working, and I longed for a sense of accomplishment. So I started planning to buy a mobile phone, not so much for business, but more for the pursuit of fashion, or more blatantly, to show off, or to seek a sense of superiority.

After saving up my salary for several months, I waited until the weekend to rush to a nearby communications company. Although the weather was very bad that day and it was gray when I woke up in the morning, like a sandstorm in the north, I was in a pretty good mood. After much careful selection and bargaining, I finally got a mobile phone. But it was late when I got home and it started to rain again.

My house is almost in the city center, so the building is old. Maybe it is like this in all cities. The closer to the city center, the older the houses are. Is it true that I have a two-bedroom apartment on the first floor? The landlord took great care of me. Not only did he have a bed, he also left his landline phone for me to use. However, the only flaw of this room is that it is too dim. Even during the sunny day, I have to turn on the light to read.

When I got home late that night, the whole building was quiet and dark. As usual, I unlock the door, enter the door, and turn on the lights. Every time I turn on the lights, and only when I turn on the lights, do I think of replacing the still dim and worn-out incandescent light bulbs. Of course, I didn't want to have dinner, so I just lay on the bed and played with my phone.

It was still raining outside, and the wind made the curtains crackle. The light bulb hung on the ceiling and swayed left and right. Being alone in the room, in such a quiet old house, I started to feel a little scared. This was something I had never felt before, but was it just a momentary strange feeling?

Suddenly it occurred to me that I should try the effect on my phone.

But who to call so late? By the way, let me try calling my own landline first, so I used my mobile phone to dial the landline number on the bedside table. After a few ticks, the call was connected, and my landline phone also started to ring next to my pillow. To be honest, the first feeling was very exciting. But in an instant it happened. A voice connected to my cell phone, a hoarse voice:

"Hey, your phone call is okay…"

At that moment, I was petrified when I looked at the landline phone on the bedside table that was still shouting "Ring Ring".

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