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Some people say: "The fine wine of Luyi will be fragrant for three days after drinking it." This is not an exaggeration. Luyi wine is not only like fine wine, mellow and delicious, but also has a rich, sweet and pure aroma. As long as you take a sip, the fragrance will linger around your throat and linger for three days. However, people only know that Luyi wine is particularly delicious, but they don’t know the mystery behind it. There is also a legendary story about it.

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According to legend, a long time ago, there lived a member of the Zhao family, Guijiu Shiyu , in Zaoji Town, north of Luyi City. His family had hundreds of hectares of fertile land, millions of dollars of property, and many children and grandchildren. He was considered a blessed person in Zaoji Town. Although he is over seventy years old, he still has fair hair and a rosy face, his eyes are not blurred, and his ears are not deaf. He speaks in a loud voice and walks as fast as flying. He looks like a Taoist priest from a fairy mountain. Someone asked him for advice on the secret recipe for longevity. He stroked his beard and said cheerfully: "There is no secret recipe. I just like to drink a few cups of wine." In fact, he is indeed a drinker by nature. He regards wine as his life and keeps his hands on the pot and mouth all day long. He can't live without a cup, and can't do without wine for three meals a day, so his family members often go to the hotel to get him wine. And this little family member is a slanderer. Every time on his way back from drinking, he couldn't help but want to try it. As time went by, I slowly became addicted. However, his family was so poor that he had no money to buy wine. Onishu Shigure had no choice but to grab a wine gourd and enjoy himself secretly on the way back from fetching wine for his master. Once, he couldn't hold back the energy and drank too much. There was only half the wine in the gourd. How should I explain to the master when I get back? Xiao Zhaoxiang got into trouble on the road. At this moment, he suddenly found a puddle on the side of the road. Although there was not much water, it was crystal clear. Zhao Xiang's eyes lit up, and he quickly ran to the pit and poured wine into the gourd without any effort. It was full, and he took it back nervously and handed it to Yuanwai Zhao. After the member drank the wine, he not only did not blame Zhao Xiang, but also praised the wine as delicious. He also said that the wine he drank today was more delicious than the wine he drank in the past. From then on, Xiao Zhaoxiang began to drink boldly. The more wine he drank, the more water he added, and member Zhao kept praising the aroma of the wine. Xiao Zhaoxiang was also puzzled. He thought to himself that he had obviously added so much water, so how could he say that the more he drank, the better it would taste?

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