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torture diary

Who said that pounding light is infinitely better? What Chen Lei hates most is spring. It's rainy, windy, damp and dark, making it troublesome to even go out on the street.

So, tonight she could only stay in front of the computer and move the mouse in boredom, click on QQ, then click it, then click it, then click it… until she saw new data appeared on the Friends Network logo, she clicked it. Go in.

The Weibo account of her friend Huang Xiaojuan had been updated again, and Chen Lei clicked on it without hesitation.

Whoosh! A gust of wind blew in through the unclosed window, and the computer seemed to catch a cold, and the screen flickered. Chen Lei resentfully closed the window and door, sat back in front of the computer, and continued browsing the web page just now.

Strange, why doesn’t it seem to be Huang Xiaojuan’s Weibo diary? This is not only a stranger’s Weibo diary, but also a horrific abuse diary:

It's very cold here, dark and humid… They pressed me down on the cold ground and cut my back with a knife. My back was instantly covered with many bloody grooves like earthworms… I screamed I wailed one after another, and they laughed wildly… I wailed one after another, and they laughed wildly…

The last sentence in the diary kept looping, and Chen Lei's hand shaking the mouse was unable to drag it to the end of the diary.

It's really weird. It seems that this person is not only a horror writer, but also a good writer. He is also a computer expert with good skills.

Chen Lei praised a few words with "tsk, tsk", and her body felt inexplicably chilly. It was indeed a cold spring. Moreover, the chair was cold and hard, which made her butt hurt. So, she threw down the computer, climbed into bed, got under the quilt, and fell asleep.

It is said that people's memory is most deeply impressed by what they see before going to bed at night. As a result, this torture diary was directly brought into Chen Lei's dream.

She felt that the skin on her back was being cut open one by one, blood stained her whole body, and the tearing pain tortured her. She desperately tried to open her eyes, but her eyelids seemed to be stuck with super glue. He shouted desperately, but was rewarded with frightening laughter. That kind of laughter was the laughter of a perverted sadist…


When she woke up from the nightmare, it was already the next morning. It was still a rainy day, and there was no sunshine in the dormitory, which made it look gloomy. But Chen Lei's pajamas were soaked with cold sweat, and her whole body was filled with an unpleasant smell.

She had no choice but to get out of bed, take her clothes and go into the bathroom, planning to take a shower and then go back to sleep.

When she stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror, her mouth opened in an O shape, and her back was covered with raised blood marks. She reached around her back and touched it, and immediately felt a tear all over her body. Like pain.

what happened? It was cold in spring, so she spread a thicker blanket on the mat, so she would never get hit by the mat. Even if it was hit, the scar would not be so obvious, and it would still be painful to the touch.

She thought of the torture diary she read last night and the dream she had last night. Is it…impossible? She was an "atheist". When she touched it again, the scars were really there and the pain was really felt.

Got a skin disease? Humid weather is the season when mold is most likely to occur.

Chen Lei came to such a conclusion that she didn't even bother to take a shower, put on her clothes and ran towards the school doctor's office. only……

The school doctor examined her for a long time in the school doctor's office, frowning into a big "Sichuan" sign. Finally, he shook his head and said that he could not diagnose what kind of skin disease she had, so he had to suggest that she go to the hospital.

Chen Lei looked at the rainy sky and had no desire to go out, so she had to go back to the dormitory and find some tiger balm and apply it on herself. Then I was busy at school all day, and continued to stay in the dormitory and surf the Internet at night.

Thinking of the weird horror diary entry last night, she clicked on Huang Xiaojuan's Weibo again, and the page began to bounce automatically.

Friends Network

After a few seconds, the webpage gradually became clearer, and several dark block letters popped up: Yinyou.com.

On the right side of the three characters "Yinyou.com" is a gloomy skull, with several black holes all over its facial features. The row on the left is: Yin Home Page, Yin Friends, Yin Yong… There is a strange and sinister atmosphere spread throughout the page, with the faint smell of corpses floating.

Chen Lei couldn't help but shudder, and glanced at the Weibo she saw yesterday, which was updated again today. Even though she was a little scared, she couldn't resist her curiosity and continued to click on a new Weibo diary:

Today, they tied me to a bench, spread out my hands, and started hammering nails into my ten fingers. Click, click, click, the nails penetrated my fingers little by little… Who can understand the heart-wrenching pain of ten fingers connected to the heart… Who can understand the heart-wrenching pain of ten fingers connected to the heart…

As she looked at it, Chen Lei felt that her fingers were sore and she quickly closed the page. Who is so perverted as to create such a scary website to scare people, or is this person really captured by some perverted torture group?

At this time, Su Dongmei, who happened to be in the same dormitory, came back from outside. Chen Lei immediately told her about the incident and opened the webpage for her to see.

Su Dongmei's face suddenly became solemn, and she told Chen Leixin what she had heard. She heard that a Yinyou network has recently emerged on the Internet. As the name suggests, it is a network in the underworld, just like the QQ Friends network used by humans. However, all the people in Yinyou.net are dead people, that is, ghosts.

"What will be the consequences of encountering such a website?" Chen Lei asked nervously, her atheism beginning to waver.

"No one has encountered it specifically." Su Dongmei paused, "However, being haunted by ghosts is always a bad thing."

Yes, life and death are two opposite words. If you treat people according to the rules of ghosts, the consequences… Chen Lei didn't dare to think about it anymore. She would rather believe that the world is ghost-free, so she fiercely He said: "It's so funny. How can there be ghosts in this world?" Then he climbed into bed and went to get some beauty sleep.

Thinking of last night's dream and the dull pain on her back, Chen Lei hid in the quilt with her eyes wide open like bells. She subconsciously looked at her ten fingers. There won't be tonight…

What was she afraid of? It was a long night, and she was hiding in a comfortable bed. How could she not fall asleep?

In the dream, she experienced the same situation as in Weibo. What is said in the diary is correct. The pain of having nails pierced through your fingers is something that even a great writer cannot describe in words.

When Chen Lei woke up, it was a new day. She spread her hands under her eyes, and ten blood spots suddenly appeared on her ten fingers, which looked like holes left by nails. She tried to move her fingers, but it still hurt. The pain made her heart twitch.

She really met the legendary Yinyou.com!

Chen Ying ran over in panic, shook Su Dongmei awake with all his strength, and told her these things in a loud voice. Not caring about any shame, he pulled off his clothes and showed Su Dongmei the scars on his back and fingers.

"Dongmei, what should I do?" She is really in trouble. I heard that it is easier to invite a ghost than to send one away. Will she die because of this?

"Oh, being haunted by a ghost, then…" Su Dongmei looked at Chen Lei with eyes full of sympathy and sadness.

"I won't go to that Yinyou.com in the future, nor will I read the Weibo there, okay?" Chen Lei flashed a glimmer of hope.

"If it's so easy to get rid of ghosts, then what's the point of being haunted?" Su Dongmei secretly scolded Chen Lei for being mentally retarded. Probably only such mentally retarded people are most likely to be haunted by ghosts!

"That, that, that…" Chen Lei wanted to say something, but in the end she burst into tears.

"What's the use of crying?" Su Dongmei interrupted her impatiently, and asked her why she clicked into this Yinyou.com website. Chen Lei told Su Dongmei that she wanted to see Xiaojuan's updated Weibo, but somehow clicked on it.

When Su Dongmei heard this, she trembled all over and said, "Ghosts generally don't haunt people for no reason?"

Looking at Su Dongmei's burning eyes, Chen Lei thought for a while, then an idea flashed in her mind, and she blurted out: "Could it be…"

Ghost recruiting game

Su Dongmei nodded. Why did she click on Xiaojuan's Weibo and click on Yinyou.com? It was because Huang Xiaojuan was troubled by ghosts. This matter starts from the night before yesterday:

Although it didn't rain that night, the sky was still overcast.

"Damn weather, my clothes are all moldy!" Chen Lei loudly cursed Lao Yao, who couldn't open his eyes.

"It's not just clothes that get moldy, people get moldy too!" Deng Zhiying said and fell straight on the bed.

"They say that when spring flowers turn yellow, people go crazy. Spring is the season when depression often occurs, so be careful." Su Dongmei complained with a bitter face.

"According to me, it's easiest to encounter ghosts in this kind of weather…" Huang Xiaojuan was suddenly interrupted by Su Dongmei mid-sentence.

"Xiaojuan's words reminded me of a recently popular post about attracting ghosts. Are you interested in playing it?" Everyone was surprised, and their brains immediately tensed up with excitement like clockwork. Only Huang Xiaojuan looked hesitant.

Chen Lei and Deng Zhiying urged Su Dongmei to tell them the method of attracting ghosts: put on black clothes at night, go to the darkest and dampest intersection to play with ghosts , light three sticks of incense, kneel down and worship sincerely, and you will see them.

The method is simple and easy to operate, and it is very boring at the moment. The four girls just had fun and started discussing who should be the heroine who attracts ghosts. After some bickering, I decided to play rock-paper-scissors.

Huang Xiaojuan is the most timid in the dormitory. Although she is also an atheist, she wears dark clothes and goes to the dark intersection to burn incense to attract ghosts at dark nights. She feels rash just by talking about it.

But the sisters were not willing to let her go. Not only did they force her to join in, but she also lost in the rock-paper-scissors game. The sisters dressed up Huang Xiaojuan in a hurry, and then came to the crossroads where the Yin Qi was said to be the strongest. They lit three sticks of incense, pushed Huang Xiaojuan down to her knees, and then hid in the distance to observe the movement.

It's a pity that even after all three sticks of incense were burned, they didn't attract any ghosts. The sisters dispersed noisily. Internet worm Chen Lei went back to the dormitory to play online, and bookworm Deng Zhiying went to the library to read. When Huang Xiaojuan was kneeling, her skin was accidentally cut by a stone, but she was timid, so she asked Su Dongmei to accompany her to buy a hemostatic patch.

This is how a ridiculous game of recruiting ghosts came to an end.

"Is it possible that Xiaojuan really attracted a ghost that night?" Chen Lei's memory came back to reality, as if she was asking Su Dongmei, and seemed to be talking to herself, "But why didn't the ghost bother Xiaojuan? Come to pester me?"

Su Dongmei looked stunned, then lowered her voice and told Chen Lei something unknown: after Chen Lei and Deng Zhiying left that day, she and Xiaojuan were leaving. At this time, suddenly a car rushed over, knocked Xiaojuan down and ran away. At that time, she was petrified, thinking that Xiaojuan was just gone. Unexpectedly, just when she took out her phone and was about to call 120, Xiaojuan suddenly stood up, patted the dust on her body and told her to leave quickly. She asked with concern if Xiaojuan was injured, if she felt uncomfortable, and if she wanted to go to the hospital for a check-up, but Xiaojuan smiled and said she was fine.

"How is this possible? I saw with my own eyes that the car rushed over very fast and knocked Xiaojuan out. Even if she doesn't die, she will be slightly injured, right?" Su Dongmei said confidently, "I heard that some Ghosts can possess people's bodies, so it is not difficult to explain why Xiaojuan was not injured at all."

"So, in fact, the current Xiaojuan is not her original self at all?" Chen Lei's tongue couldn't help but tie up when she thought of spending time with a ghost these days.

Since Huang Xiaojuan became a ghost but did not leave, the only explanation is that she wanted to stay and harm them because she wanted revenge. In fact, there is another unknown detail about the ghost-drawing game…

murderous intent

In fact, the three of them had already discussed the ghost-drawing game proposed by Su Dongmei that day. On the day Su Dongmei saw the post, they teamed up to play a trick on Huang Xiaojuan. Therefore, what is a fair decision in rock, paper, scissors, it is all a matter of spectacle. The three of them have already reached a tacit understanding and cheated. Because Huang Xiaojuan is the most timid in their dormitory, even though she believes there are no ghosts, she is very afraid of the dark. It's most interesting to frighten the most timid people.

"What should we do? None of us can survive?" Chen Lei is really trouble-loving and afraid of trouble. She was already crying in tears at this moment.

Su Dongmei is usually relatively rational and calm. She meditated for a while with a sullen face, and said coldly: "You are right, since she can harm you, she can also harm us. I heard that any curse can only be eliminated at its source. It will be fine!"

"You mean you want me to kill Huang Xiaojuan? I don't want it, I don't want it!" Chen Lei shook her head desperately.

"Then see if she shows mercy to you!" Su Dongmei dragged her to the computer and opened Yinyou.com, where another diary entry was updated on Weibo:

Today, they still tortured my fingers, but this time they used hammers instead. They spread my fingers on the ground, and then hammered on my nails again and again, until the nails popped out completely, and the ten fingers became bloody, and the ten fingers became bloody…

"No, it can't be true!" Chen Lei shouted frantically. She would never sleep tonight, and she couldn't sleep no matter what. Su Dongmei couldn't persuade her, but at the same time she also had a trace of luck in her heart. Maybe there really were no ghosts in the world… After all, killing someone requires a life, and that's no joke.

Chen Lei tried her best to stay up all night and play games online, but the school would lose power at a certain time, so she continued to use her mobile phone to surf the Internet. In the end, even her mobile phone ran out of battery. She even sang and danced in the dormitory, with Su Dongmei accompanying her. She went crazy because Deng Zhiying and Huang Xiaojuan were not here tonight.

Somehow, they knocked over the monitor on the table. Chen Lei stretched out her hands to catch it distressedly, but her hands were suppressed by the monitor.


She let out a heartbreaking scream, and saw that her hands were bloody and bloody in the weak flashlight light. Ten of her fingernails were smashed off by the monitor.

"Is the bad omen becoming more and more real? If we don't take action, we might not even be able to save our lives!" Su Dongmei's eyes flashed with a certain cruelty. Chen Lei was so painful that she couldn't faint, and kept nodding her head. , indicating that she completely believed it, indicating that she wanted to strike first.

Tonight, Deng Zhiying and Huang Xiaojuan went to her boyfriend's house to spend the night. She would sneak back to the dormitory before dawn, as long as they hid in the darkest corner of the school. Just wait for Huang Xiaojuan to pass by, and then push her onto the road…

The two acted according to their plan. On a rainy spring morning, they couldn't recognize the faces on the other side. But they recognized Xiaojuan's bag. It was fiery red and decorated with some crystal stones on the outside. It was especially conspicuous in the dark. When she came closer, they gritted their teeth and rushed out…

The best effect of rain is to wash away all traces of sin. Seeing Huang Xiaojuan being crushed to pieces by a car, Su Dongmei disappeared into the rain and mist with a sound.

Chen Lei ran back to the dormitory like a frightened kitten. She closed the door and was about to take off her disguise when a familiar figure ran into her eyes. She was stunned for a moment.

twists and turns

Huang Xiaojuan stood in front of her intact!

"Ghost, ghost!" Chen Lei's spirit finally collapsed. She knelt down in front of Huang Xiaojuan and said everything without saying a word. She grabbed Huang Xiaojuan's trouser legs with both hands and begged her to let her go.

"You mean, you suspected that I was possessed by a ghost, and then you wanted to kill me but unexpectedly killed someone else by mistake?" Huang Xiaojuan stared at Chen Lei in surprise, and told her that they killed someone else by mistake, the same person in the early morning. Deng Zhiying rushed back. She went out with Zhiying last night. Zhiying felt that she was not conspicuous enough in a black skirt and her bag was still black, so she asked Xiaojuan if she could exchange bags with her so that she would be highlighted.

Huang Xiaojuan happened to be wearing a red skirt, and the red bag was too dazzling, so the two exchanged bags. Unexpectedly, he saved his life.

"Chen Lei, you are so stupid, how can you trust others so easily?" Huang Xiaojuan was really angry and hateful. She had the best relationship with Chen Lei in the dormitory, but she didn't expect that she didn't believe in herself. "Actually, the person who was hit by the car that night was not me at all, but Su Dongmei!"

Huang Xiaojuan told Chen Lei that the real version of the ghost notice is this: at night, wear black clothes and go to the darkest intersection, burn three sticks of incense and kneel down. At this time, a car will drive towards you…

That night, they really succeeded in attracting ghosts. Just when Huang Xiaojuan was about to leave with Su Dongmei, she saw a ferocious face rushing toward her. She subconsciously avoided it, and when she turned around, she realized that Su Dongmei had been hit by a car… …

"Why did she use her own Weibo to connect to Yinyou.com? Of course she used mine." Huang Xiaojuan said seriously, and Chen Lei, who was confused and confused, felt like she was enlightened. It turned out that she had been tricked like a monkey.

At this time, there was a noise outside the door. Huang Xiaojuan looked stunned and quickly walked into the toilet. Chen Lei opened the door and saw that it was Su Dongmei. She couldn't help but feel angry. He went up and grabbed her neck and asked her loudly why he tortured her and made her a murderer.

"I, I, I…" Su Dongmei's face turned red, her pupils dilated, and she couldn't say a complete sentence. Chen Lei, on the other hand, completely lost her mind and pinched Su Dongmei and twisted her to the balcony. The balcony railing was already very short. Su Dongmei slipped and fell from the seventh floor…

Behind them, a pair of eyes were watching all this coldly, with a mocking arc on the corner of their mouth.

Idiots are easy to deceive! Huang Xiaojuan laughed in her heart.

Seeing another roommate lying bloody and bloody in front of her eyes, Chen Lei's endurance was completely exhausted. This scene seemed to be engraved in her brain, and it was played out like a movie scene. She finally couldn't bear it anymore and kept banging her head against the wall of the dormitory, once, twice, three times…

Her head was smashed, and the sound of broken bones filled the air…

Huang Xiaojuan was always watching all this with a cold expression, as if she was waiting for death to come.

recruitment game

That night, their ghost-drawing game was indeed successful!

A new ghost named Hua Jinxiu met a perverted ghost torture group. He had just come out from torture when he heard someone recruiting ghosts. She really didn't know what was going on. She was full of resentment and had nowhere to go. So a car was called and the unlucky person was knocked away, and then he took over her body to avoid being captured by those perverted ghosts.

Su Dongmei was right, the person hit by the car was indeed Huang Xiaojuan.

After Hua Jinxiu took over Huang Xiaojuan's body, she discovered that human beings love to surf the Internet (voiceover, after death, people will drink Meng Po soup, and they will not remember things in the world, ha!). Just one QQ program has rich and colorful content. For example, games, Weibo, and friends network. So, she also used the Internet to build a Yinyou.com, locking Huang Xiaojuan's soul in it and enriching the website.

Huang Xiaojuan became her first vaginal friend on the vaginal friend network. She thought it was really interesting and of course she wanted to continue recruiting vagina friends. So I stayed in dormitory 704 to look for opportunities to recruit these people one by one.

Unexpectedly, after Huang Xiaojuan died in vain, her resentment persisted and she wanted to seek revenge from Chen Lei and the others. This played into her heart, so she added fuel to the flames, fearing that the world would not be in chaos.

For example, she helped me exchange bags with Deng Zhiying.

Since people can play the game of recruiting ghosts, why can’t she play the game of recruiting people? Ha, now that there are these vain ghosts, she, the founder of Yinyou.com, does not need to come forward. Naturally, there will be ghosts to help recruit more people. She will become a powerful CEO of Yinyou.com, and she will no longer be afraid of being… The ghost torture group has been arrested!

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Rating: This story combines Internet culture with supernatural horror elements to create a tense and terrifying atmosphere. Through Chen Lei's perspective, readers are brought into a world full of unknowns and fears. The Yinyou network and torture diary are the core elements in the story, which makes people worry about the fate of the protagonist while reading. The advancement and reversal of the plot increase the appeal of the story, while also exploring the issues of fear and trust in human nature. Overall, this is a story with a compact structure, twists and turns, and full of suspense and horror. It can effectively grab the reader's attention and make people experience fear and tension during the reading process.

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