Volume 1 The Old Ghost In The Forest Chapter 1 Dog Meets Head 1

It is said that there was a Golden Coffin Village back then. Why was it called that? Just because since ancient times, the emperor's coffin has been called "Zigong" and the coffin of a noble concubine has been called "golden coffin". Legend has it that a certain noble concubine was favored during her lifetime, but she offended the queen mother and was given a silver bell and gold hanging, which is a rope. She was strangled to death because the imperial concubine died unjustly. The queen mother and the emperor saw her in a red dress coming to claim her life as soon as they closed their eyes at night. In order to appease her soul, they built a tomb far away and buried the imperial concubine. The bones were buried inside.

Before the burial, the imperial concubine's golden coffin was stored in an ancient temple in this village. Later, even the village and the temple were renamed. The village was called Golden Coffin Village and the temple was called Golden Coffin Temple. But is there really such a thing? Even the eldest old man in the village couldn't explain what was going on. The dead imperial concubine had been buried underground for thousands of years. Qiulong had long since died. No one knew where this ancient tomb was anymore . Listen to the Yellow River Ghost Coffin. Song , only the name of the Golden Coffin Village and the dilapidated ruined temple in the village that may collapse at any time are the evidence. The ruined bricks and tiles seem to be silently telling: "There was indeed such a period in the past years." past."

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the Taipingtian Uprising broke out and swept most of the world. Because the leader of Taipingtian, Hong Xiuquan, was from Cantonese, this peasant uprising was also called the Cantonese Rebellion at the time. The war lasted for nearly twenty years. The people in the Coffin Village area suffered greatly. There were attacks and defenses between the government and the rebels , and the killings were heavy. After the war, corpses often appeared all over the fields. There was no way to bury them, there were too many dead people, and countless bodies of flesh and blood were just left in the wilderness, left to be eaten by crows and wild dogs.

Not only wild dogs and crows eat the dead, but also the domestic dogs and pigs raised by people in the village eat the dead bodies. In troubled times, even though people have nothing to eat, these animals are all eaten up. Pigs that often eat dead people are definitely different from ordinary pigs. Anyone with a discerning eye can see this at a glance. Pigs that have eaten dead people are frighteningly fat, with shiny fur and shiny skin. Even their eyes look fierce when they look at people. These things Although pigs are fat, people who know what's going on will never dare to eat pork again in their lives, and seeing others eating pork makes them want to vomit.

There is an orphan in Jincoffin Village. His surname is Zhang. He is the third child. Two of his sisters died early. He calls himself Zhang San. I don’t know what his nickname is. Because his hair is naturally thin and yellow, when he is fifteen or sixteen years old, Years old, he still couldn't keep his braid, so he had to use straw ropes to tie it into a dog-tail-like braid. Everyone who knew him referred to him as "a braid."

Zhang Xiaozhuan was so poor that he didn't even have half a house. He usually lived in a dilapidated temple called the Golden Coffin Temple. He knocked down the clay statues in the temple, spread some random grass and slept on the mud platform. During the day, he went to every house to help. Carrying a few buckets of water, doing some chores, etc., and begging for food after finishing the work. He also worked as an apprentice with the master of the coffin shop, and also became a master of fortune telling, but because of the bad years, the masters were all happy. If he couldn't go on, he wouldn't be able to support his apprentices, so he didn't learn all these things to make a living. Sometimes life was difficult, and he had nothing to eat for several days, so he had to eat chickens and dogs at night to satisfy his hunger. He knew that his family was lagging behind, and his ancestors He was once a high-ranking official in the capital, but deep down he still regarded himself as the master, and was deeply ashamed of stealing chickens. However, it was not easy to make ends meet in the turbulent years. When he was hungry, he no longer cared about his family background. .

In recent years, natural and man-made disasters have continued, and the food in the village is not as rich as in previous years. It is not easy to find food. That night, Zhang Xiaozhen was so hungry that he could not sleep. He lay on the altar with his legs crossed and looked at The moonlight was leaking from the broken roof, and he was thinking about how to get something to eat to satisfy his hunger, otherwise he would really not be able to survive. Over the years, his best thing was stealing chickens. There were many people raising chickens in the village, so he would steal them every now and then. One or two, so many times, he has never missed. It is not luck that he has never missed, just because he has developed a unique set of chicken-stealing skills.

Having made up his mind, Zhang Xiaobian took advantage of the dark moon and high wind to reach outside the courtyard of the village where the widow of the king and her daughter lived. There was no man or dog in this family, the door and wall were low, and Zhang Xiaobian had no control over the chicken coops of each house. Knowing the location very well, he climbed over the wall without any effort and found the old hen sleeping soundly in the chicken coop.

Zhang Xiaobin could see clearly, but he did not directly reach out to grab it. Instead, he quietly reached into the chicken coop and used his unique skill to gently scratch the belly of the old hen. No matter if someone stole the chicken or a weasel drilled the chicken The chickens in the nest will definitely flutter and crow, which will alarm the owner. But Zhang Xiaopian had his own way. He only scratched it a few times, and the old hen in the chicken coop not only did not flutter and crow, but exposed his eyes. He looked satisfied and enjoyed having someone pet him.

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