The Terrifying Resurgence Of The Ghost-hand Sword Of The Tomb King

() Yang Jian stood in front of the open door of the ancient house and kept thinking.

What I encountered today was very strange and special. The opening of the door of the ancient house, the white lantern on the door, and the rapid knock on the door…

These details are enough to prove that everything in the ancient house is undergoing some terrible changes.

Although the danger has not yet appeared, on the first day, there are signs that something is very wrong.

"Using a hatchet can trigger the medium and see part of the truth just now." Yang Jian held the cracked spear tightly in his hand.

He stared at the dense palm prints on the door.

This scene reminded him of the bloody handprints in the Caesar Hotel.

But after experiencing all this, Yang Jian is no longer so reckless. He knows that some of the media left by ghosts cannot be triggered casually, and certain media will cause serious consequences after being triggered.

Therefore, Yang Jian was judging and hesitating.

At this moment, it is time to risk triggering the medium to find the source of the knocking on the door, or to pretend that nothing happened, turn around and return to the room to continue wasting time.

It wasn't that he was very indecisive.

But in the face of terrible supernatural events, any decision may affect the entire situation.

This is not a game, there is no chance to start over, one wrong move will ruin everything.

Even though Yang Jian is now an outlier and can be restarted, he doesn't dare to try and make mistakes randomly.

"I should take a risk and stay in the room doing nothing. I'm afraid I won't survive the first seven days smoothly." Yang Jian's character gained the upper hand.

He wants to try and seize the opportunity, and doesn't like to sit still and wait for death.

"However, the handprints left on it may be a trap for me by the evil ghost. The ghost did not come in and did not kill anyone. It just left countless palm prints. This is equivalent to sending the medium in front of my eyes."

do not know why.

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Tomb King City Ghost Envoy_Tomb King Sword and Guan Dao_Tomb King Ghost Hand Sword’/>

Yang Jian consciously suspected that this might be a trap.

Once the medium is triggered by oneself, it will cause some kind of terrible chain reaction.

Xiong Wenwen, who could predict the future, was not with him. If he were, Yang Jian could let Xiong Wenwen predict the future and judge the pros and cons of this matter.

It's not that he doesn't want to take Xiong Wenwen with him, but he's afraid that Xiong Wenwen won't survive the danger of the supernatural bus.

"Yang Jian, what are you thinking about? A person like you is still hesitating at the moment. It seems that you have thought of something terrible. Why don't you say it for reference." Zhou Deng saw Yang Jian's hesitation and couldn't help asking.

"It's nothing, I just have my own plans." Yang Jian said.

Naturally, he would not reveal how to use the hatchet.

Although the way to trigger the medium is simple, it is very difficult for a ghost controller to find the trick without breaking it.

"Close the door, don't move the lantern for the time being, and continue to observe the subsequent situation before making a decision. If you want to survive in this place, you have to be cautious. I have a hunch that the reason why we are still alive and have not been attacked by ghosts is because there is a certain balance. will be broken, but this balance will gradually collapse over time, but we cannot let this balance fail earlier."

Yang Jian then made a choice, and he temporarily decided to observe it all night.

If this kind of situation still occurs, he will not hesitate to use a hatchet to trigger the medium.

Fan Xing and the other ghost controller didn't speak, but immediately closed the door of the ancient house without objecting to Yang Jian's decision.

After the heavy wooden door was closed, nothing strange happened inside the ancient house, and no movement was heard outside.

It seemed that everything just now was just a false alarm , and now everything has returned to calm.

Although no one said much.

But I already knew very well in my heart that the evil ghost was wandering outside this ancient house and might come in at any time.

It's no longer safe outside.

Tomb King City Ghost Envoy_Tomb King Ghost Sword_Tomb King Sword and Guan Dao

"Go back." Yang Jian said nothing but turned around and went back.

There were more people gathered in the lobby than before. Except for Li Yang and the messenger from the fourth floor who did not come, almost all the ghost masters who had got off the car and entered the ancient house were here.

"It's okay, it's just a small abnormality. Just do what you need to do." Zhou Deng waved his hand and said, "But what I want to find out is who moved this body?"

"Zhou Deng, as I said just now, you can't be so boring as to move the old man's body to scare people." Someone saw that nothing was going on outside, and he breathed a sigh of relief, and then immediately explained.

"If it wasn't moved by humans, there is only one possibility. The corpse moved on its own. I have long seen that this corpse is very dangerous. If I don't find a way to limit it, everyone may die after the evil ghost wakes up. I think it is necessary to use coffin nails. "

After saying that, he looked at Yang Jian again.

Everyone in the circle knew that Yang Jian had coffin nails in his hands. This was almost semi-public information.

Because he had a fight with Ye Zhen in Dahai City, a lot of information was leaked, and many people knew about his situation.

So the coffin nail in Yang Jian's hand was feared by some and coveted by others.

At the moment, the covetousness will naturally not show up in this situation, so the best way is to make Yang Jian lose this nail in the coffin.

Yang Jian glanced at the man and then at Fan Xing with a cold look: "It seems that I was too talkative before. All kinds of cats and dogs dared to point fingers in front of me. Stop talking nonsense and do it. Fight." Damn it, this thing is yours, I'll count to three, if you don't do it, I will."

"I'm just making a suggestion, just a suggestion." The ghost controller's expression changed and he hurriedly changed his words.

The others' eyes flickered, not knowing what they were thinking.

It's not difficult to tell from the expressions of these people that they had discussed it before.

"Two…" Yang Jian said coldly.

Do you really want to take action?

Zhou Deng looked at the situation and then took a few steps back.

Knife_Tomb King City Ghost Envoy

Words and names are not enough to scare these lunatics. Without action, they will never remember.


After the third sound.

The ghost controller who looked apologetic just now suddenly showed a ferocious look, like a resurrected ghost, wanting to kill someone.

Obviously, he was also ready to take action, but everything was well hidden, making people lose guard.

But the next moment.

A cold, blackened hand had already pinched his neck.

Move quickly.

Even before this person uses his ghost ability.

In other words, Yang Jian took action at the second count.

The ghost hands came into contact, and a place to suppress a fierce ghost was formed. The ghost controller was immediately lifted up by Yang Jian, and with a series of bone-breaking sounds, he was strangled to death.

"What a waste. I didn't expect you to be so capable. So what if you control a ghost and it's on the verge of resuscitation? It's easy to kill you." Yang Jian carried the body as if he was carrying garbage and walked to the courtyard of the ancient house.

Just flick it.

With astonishing strength, the corpse was thrown out of the ancient house.

"This Yang Jian didn't use coffin nails…" The others' eyes shrank, and they were all horrified.

They thought that Yang Jian was so vicious because he relied on coffin nails and ghost eyes to break out. They never expected that an inconspicuous ghost hand could easily strangle a ghost controller to death.

That seemingly casual pinch is actually a confrontation between the supernatural and the supernatural. If you can't suppress the ghost in the other person's body, then you will never be able to strangle others to death.

<img src='' alt='Tomb King King Ghost Hand Sword_Tomb King City Ghost Envoy_Tomb King Sword and Guandao


It’s just that ghost hand. Why wasn’t the Tomb King’s Ghost Hand Sword so powerful when he fought with Ye Zhen?


Everyone woke up with a start.

It's not that Yang Jian's ghost hands are not powerful, but that he and Ye Zhen are at too high a level. Any amount of supernatural power can be fatal, but it just doesn't have the effect in front of people of the same level.

Therefore, dealing with Ye Zhen's ghost hands makes people feel hopeless.

"Is there anyone else who wants to take action? Killing one is killing, I don't mind if we join together." Yang Jian glanced at them and said.


The rest cowered.

Fan Xing also felt a sense of horror.

He felt that even his status as the person in charge could not protect his life.

At present, the danger of the ancient house is unknown, Yang Jian is just restraining himself, but his restraint is very limited…

"Since you don't dare to take action, then restrain yourself. I don't want to stare at you people all day." Yang Jian glanced at him and then left.

He returned to the room and continued to wait for a certain moment to arrive.

The farce subsided at this moment.

The restless people were temporarily restrained.

But the wind outside the ancient house gradually became stronger.

White lanterns swayed.

There seemed to be countless figures moving nearby.

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