The Sacrifice Of Chinese Valentine's Day: The Mystery Of Zhang Chong's Resurrection

By the time we arrived at the outskirts of the city, almost an hour had passed.

I'm not sure if Xia Qiqi is still alive now.

I pulled Si Jiayu carefully to the front of the Qigang Formation and pointed forward: "This Qigang Formation has four entrances, east, west, north and south. Only one entrance is real, and the other three are fake. Once you enter the fake At the entrance, we will be treated as a spirit storage tank and the ghosts will suck away all the spiritual energy. Today, I will test you as a teacher. Wherever you say we should go, we will go there."

Si Jiayu rolled his eyes and said, "Come on, if you can't tell, just say it straight away and beat around the bush to make it look like you're awesome."

I knocked on his head: "I don't want to waste the opportunity of the Sky Eye. This is the only one left today, and I have to save it for the critical moment. Stop talking nonsense and hurry up!"

Si Jiayu took out the turtle armor and muttered to himself for a long time, but as he thought about it, his brows furrowed.

"Strange, why do I feel like something is wrong?"

I patted him on the shoulder: "Okay, I don't have time, just rely on your intuition to point you to a path!"

After hearing what I said, Si Jiayu gritted his teeth and pointed in front of him: "That's it! South!"

"That's the east side. Are you sure?"

Si Jiayu nodded: "I'm sure this direction feels best."


I pulled out the spirit-binding ruler and slowly approached the east gate, Si Jiayu followed me cautiously.

Walking to the middle of the two shady houses, I took a deep breath and stepped in first.

"Phew, you guessed it right, come in."

I turned around and said to Si Jiayu.

Unexpectedly, this kid stopped and started shaking all over.

"Hey, are you so excited after you guessed a door correctly? This hasn't even asked you to guess the door of the Bagua array. Then if you guess correctly, why don't you raise your tail to the sky?"

But Si Jiayu shook his head and pointed tremblingly behind me.

"No, Master, you, the back of you seems…"

As soon as I finished speaking, I suddenly threw the spirit-binding ruler in my hand behind me.

When I was talking to Si Jiayu just now, I could clearly see the situation behind me from the reflection in his eyes.

Formation spirit beast!

The moment I took action with the spirit-binding ruler, I heard a roar coming from behind me.

I rolled violently to one side and yelled at Si Jiayu, "You are so unreliable! You have taken the most dangerous road!"

Si Jiayu spread his hands and said, "I don't know either. I just said I don't feel good today, and you insist on making me guess."

"Okay, stop talking nonsense. If you stay outside, don't come in. The formation spirit beast cannot leave the formation."

After saying that, I turned around and faced the formation spirit beast in front of me.

I saw an anticlimactic monster with red wings and a turtle shell roaring at me.

I sneered: "Don't you know who my master is? My master is a monster, a big monster. How can I deal with a monster like you with a handful of hands?"

After saying that, I hit the spirit beast in the formation with the spirit-binding ruler in my hand.

The formation spirit beast instinctively dodged, I smiled slightly, and suddenly shot a fireball from my other hand.

The spirit-binding ruler is a feint move, while the fireball is a real move. This combination of virtual and real moves was learned from my senior brother Hu.

Sure enough, the formation spirit beast had no time to dodge and was hit hard by my fireball. It roared at the top of its lungs and then lay motionless on the ground.

I looked at the gradually transparent formation spirit beast and sneered: "Oh, is this all I can do? Sister, I haven't sweated yet. Get up? Are you going to fight?"

Before I could finish speaking, I suddenly felt a huge force on my back, and before I could react, I was violently thrown away.

Introduction: On the night of Chinese Valentine's Day, I sold talismans live online.

I accidentally connected with a popular actress in the entertainment industry.

The actress told me her boyfriend's birth date and asked me to help her calculate her marriage luck.

My expression changed instantly.

"The person you want to count died a month ago!"

I am Luo Wenxue, the 28th generation descendant of Qingpingguan. In order to improve my cultivation, I sell talismans live online.

Ever since I connected with the prince and movie king in Beijing, my live broadcast room has become extremely popular.

But most of them come here to listen to stories and have fun, and not many people actually tell fortunes online.

Today is Chinese Valentine's Day, and everyone is busy dating.

I saw that no one was connected, so I prepared to download and have a good sleep.

Unexpectedly, someone suddenly initiated a connection at this time.

I cursed in my mind, why do I always connect when I’m getting ready to sleep?

But I had to pretend to be enthusiastic on the surface and passed the application.

"It's the middle of the night, let me see which single guy hasn't been asked out yet? Xia Qiqi, the two ghosts knocking on the door , Xia Qiqi?"

I just made a joke, but after seeing the man's face clearly, I was stunned for a moment.

It turned out to be the popular actress Xia Qiqi!

And my live broadcast room exploded instantly.

"I, Master Luo, have really consecrated it, I prove it!"

"Xia Qiqi! Wow! I like you so much! Look here, look here!"

"Tell me, is this true? I actually saw Xia Qiqi live broadcast!"

"Today is Chinese Valentine's Day, and Xiao Qiqi didn't go on a date?"

Looking at a series of barrages claiming to be from little chess pieces, I couldn't help but feel a sigh of relief.

A few days ago, I was connected to actor Huang Paopao. Why didn't anyone scream for him at that time?

I cleared my throat: "Ahem, what about that? Xia, Ms. Xia, what do you want to count?"

Xia Qiqi smiled brightly: "Today is the night of the Chinese Valentine's Day, so of course it must be considered a marriage."

The barrage instantly became exciting again.

"Oh my god, we just announced our love during the day, and it's about to be considered a marriage at night!"

"I actually got the first hand. Come on, come on, come on, Master Luo, do the math and see if my Qiqi can get married this year!"

"Yes, yes, I am more excited to see Qiqi get married than I am to have a baby!"

Xia Qiqi blushed and smiled: "What are you talking about? I just said it was about marriage, but I didn't say who would be counted."

As soon as Xia Qiqi finished speaking, I received a private message.

Just as I sent it, Xia Qiqi transferred another 50,000 yuan.

"Master Luo, please help me figure it out. I have been busy with my career before and have never been in love. Nowadays, it is rare to meet someone who truly loves each other. I really want to know if I can get together with him. ."

I swallowed.

"Well, that's not to say that it can't be calculated. The key is that fortune telling is about spying on the secrets of heaven, which will harm my moral character. I am now at a critical moment in improving my cultivation. If this damages my moral character, it will be very detrimental to my cultivation. I am also in a dilemma…"

The third transfer of 50,000 yuan was made.

"Master Luo, this 150,000 is considered an advance payment. If you are really accurate, I will increase it to one million. To tell you the truth, I have been feeling that something is not normal about him recently, but I can't explain it. What's the problem? That's why I want to ask for your help."

"Send me your birthdays and horoscopes."

I reluctantly said this.

Tsk tsk, one million. My annual salary in Qingpingguan is less than 100,000, and one lump sum will allow me to work for ten years!

Of course, I'm definitely not doing it for money. The main reason is that something happened to Xia Qiqi. I want to help her out of trouble. This doesn't violate my bottom line, does it?

Xia Qiqi quickly sent their birthdays and horoscopes.

I didn't even look at it, so I handed it to my chief disciple Si Jiayu.

"Damn turtle, I will give you a question today. Calculate the marriage relationship between these two people. Their horoscopes are a bit strange and difficult to calculate, so you have to be careful."

After finishing it, I crossed my legs leisurely and ate melon seeds.

Half an hour later, there was a sudden knock on my door.

I opened the door and it was Si Jiayu.

"What are you doing in the middle of the night?"

Si Jiayu was sweating profusely: "Master, whose birthdays and horoscopes do these two belong to?"

I called him in: "You don't care who he belongs to, I just want you to do the math. Why is there all this nonsense?"

Si Jiayu waved his hands anxiously: "No, Master, I've been calculating for a long time, and there seems to be something wrong with these two horoscopes. I don't know if I made a mistake. You can help me check again."

With that said, Si Jiayu took out the fortune-telling turtle armor from his bag.

"Master, look, this woman's horoscope is pretty normal, but this man's fate, no matter how I calculate it, I can't see clearly. What's going on?"

When Si Jiayu said this, I noticed that this man's horoscope was indeed not normal.

I gently carved the man's horoscope on the turtle's armor and recited the formula of the Suanzimen, but the turtle's armor didn't react at all.

Even Turtle Armor can't calculate that person's destiny. There are only two possibilities. One is that the person is a master and can hide his own destiny; the other is that the person has changed his destiny.

If so, then things get interesting.

I looked at Xia Qiqi's Weibo and learned that the person's name was Zhang Chong, and he was Xia Qiqi's agent.

I sent a private message to Xia Qiqi again and asked for a photo of Zhang Chong that had not been photoshopped with beauty photos.

I stared at Zhang Chong's photo for a long time, but still didn't see anything.

There is no other way, we have to make bigger moves.

I rolled my eyes, opened my eyes, and saw everything about Zhang Chong in an instant.

But it didn't matter when I saw it, I suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.

Zhang Chong really changed his destiny!

His current destiny is almost exactly the same as Xia Qiqi's!

But that's not the key. The most important thing is that Zhang Chong's body exudes masses of deathly energy!

This also means that Zhang Chong is probably dead.

I thought it was a small job, but it turned out to be more and more complicated.

I couldn't care much at this time, so I hurriedly dialed Xia Qiqi's phone number.

When the call was answered, Xia Qiqi was still a little confused.

"Hello, Master Luo? What's wrong?"

I lowered my tone and said eagerly: "Is there anyone else with you now?"

"No, it's just me. What happened?"

I breathed a sigh of relief: "Xia Qiqi, you must tell me truthfully what I ask you. Has Zhang Chong done anything unusual recently?"

Xia Qiqi was a little confused: "Abnormal behavior? I don't quite understand what it means."

I thought for a while and asked, "Does he disappear for a while for no apparent reason? Or does he have a poor appetite and hardly eat anything?"

Xia Qiqi thought for a long time and replied: "No, I ate with him today. He ate a whole steak."

"How cooked is his food?"

"Hmm… medium rare. Any questions?"

Medium rare is not considered raw meat, so it doesn't seem to be a big problem.

I thought about it for a long time, then suddenly slapped my head: "By the way, where is the water? Have you noticed that he drinks a lot of water recently?"


Xia Qiqi was obviously stunned for a moment, and then answered after a long while: "You said that, I seem to have remembered that he really didn't drink much water today. When I clinked glasses with him, he just took a sip, and barely touched the half glass of red wine."

"Then has he been very weak recently and can't even walk steadily?"

Xia Qiqi hurriedly replied: "Yes, yes, this is what I said was strange. He was in good health before, and everything was fine during the physical examination. But suddenly he became extremely weak, and he gasped for breath when he moved even a little bit."

"now it's right!"

I suddenly became excited.

It seems that Zhang Chong did not become a zombie, but used magic to return to life.

This is an extremely terrifying forbidden technique. It requires setting up a formation before death, sealing all passages to the underworld, and then using talismanic silver needles to seal the seven orifices of the body to prevent the corpse from emitting death energy after death. In this way, the appearance of the corpse after death will be the same as before death and will not decay.

When the soul leaves the body, the formation is activated to block the yin and yang. The soul cannot find a way to be reincarnated, and the ghosts who seduced people in the underworld cannot find the whereabouts of the soul. There is no way, the soul can only re-attach to the dead body.

Although the body looks the same on the outside as it was before death, in fact, the inside has long been turned into a pile of mud.

Therefore, people who are reborn using this method must not drink water. If the water enters the body and mixes with the corrupted internal organs, it is very likely that the internal organs will become edematous and swollen. At worst, the silver needle will be pushed out and the body will rot. At worst, the body might explode on the spot.

At the same time, a person who uses this technique to resurrect his soul can only last for a month at most. If it exceeds a month, the rotting internal organs in the body will completely burst the body, and the entire body will be completely useless.

And because the soul missed the time of reincarnation, it was expelled from the underworld. Therefore, after the body is destroyed, the soul can only leave the body completely and has nowhere to go. At the same time, because of the extra few days of false positive life, a large amount of spiritual energy was consumed, and the soul could not even form a ghost, and it quickly disappeared after leaving the body.

Unless this soul can find another suitable body.

I suddenly understood Zhang Chong’s purpose.

He probably knew that he was going to die early, so he changed his destiny to one similar to Xia Qiqi's, and then used this method to revive his soul. After the soul completely left the body, he mistakenly thought that Xia Qiqi's body was His own body, thus occupying Xia Qiqi's body.

As for why he didn't just extend his life, or turn into a ghost and find a substitute, I guess it's probably because Zhang Chong is not a Taoist, but he just accidentally saw such a forbidden technique, which gave him a bold idea.

But no one who practices Taoism would use such a risky method to extend their lifespan.

Because if something goes wrong, it will end in a state of complete disarray, and there will be no chance of reincarnation.

Thinking of this, I quickly asked Xia Qiqi: "When did Zhang Chong not like drinking water? Do you still remember it?"

Xia Qiqi thought for a long time: "Let me think about it, it seems to be when I went on a business trip a month ago. I remember that we each bought a bottle of water. I drank it all and he still didn't move. I also asked him I drank that bottle of water. If you didn’t tell me, I really didn’t pay attention to this. Master Luo, is there any problem with this?”

"Are you sure it was a month ago?"

"Huh? That should be it."

"No, please look at the calendar quickly, right?"

Xia Qiqi was confused by my question, and it took her a while to answer: "I just checked, and I'm sure, it's been a whole month. What's going on? Hey, wait a minute, I think I heard someone knocking on the door. Zhang Chong? It's midnight What are you doing? Stop knocking, I'm coming."

As soon as I heard Zhang Chong's name, I was sweating profusely and hurriedly shouted at the phone: "Don't open the door! Hurry up and take all your gold and silver jewelry, hide in the bathroom, and give me your home address." Send it over. Don’t ask why yet, just listen to me and do as I say! By the way, your house doesn’t have eight bathrooms, right?”

I dragged Si Jiayu and jumped into his Lamborghini skillfully. Five minutes later, Xia Qiqi sent her home address.

I reported the address to Si Jiayu, who was a little confused: "Xia Qiqi is a smart person, how come she lives in such a shabby place?"

I knocked on his head: "Do you think everything is like your home? The community she lives in is only 150,000 square meters. Isn't this considered shabby?"

Si Jiayu curled his lips and said, "I'm not saying that. That community is really not good. There is no separation of people and vehicles. Water accumulates when it rains. There is not even a gym downstairs. I won't live in it for free."

I rolled my eyes: "Tch, you know it so clearly, why? Does your ex-girlfriend live there?"

Si Jiayu's face was full of black lines: "That community was developed by my family."

I turned my head to the car window expressionlessly and hummed softly.

"I should be under the car, not in the car…"

After parking the car, Si Jiayu and I quickly arrived at the door of Xia Qiqi's house.

Xia Qiqi lives on the first floor and has her own small yard.

I walked around the yard, but I didn't see Zhang Chong.

I sniffed my nose hard again, but I didn't feel any trace of death.

I couldn't help but frown, something was wrong. Even if Zhang Chong entered the room, the death aura on his body could not be covered. Why couldn't I feel it?

Is it possible that there is a formation here?

I walked into the yard and bent down to look at the soil on the ground.

The soil was clean and there were no traces of being disturbed. It was obvious that no formation had been set up here.


I turned to look at Si Jiayu: "Did you find anything?"

Si Jiayu's expression was a little unnatural: "I didn't find anything, but I always feel flustered and want to leave here quickly."

I cursed: "There is a dead ghost in there, can you not panic?"

With that said, I took out the ghost bag and prepared to open the door of Xia Qiqi's house.

Si Jiayu suddenly said: "Master, I think there is something strange behind this door, so why don't you go in?"

Hearing what Si Jiayu said, I couldn't help but frown.

Although this kid is not very capable, he has excellent luck and can always save the day from danger.

Something he had a bad feeling about might actually be a problem.

But Xia Qiqi is still inside, so there is no way I can just ignore her.

What's more, based on my ethics, Si Jiayu had a premonition that there was something dangerous, so it shouldn't be a big problem for me.

I hesitated for a moment, then stabbed Guimao into the keyhole.

There was just a click, and the key changed by Gui Mao opened the door lock.

I looked at the dark room, hesitated for a moment, gritted my teeth, and walked in anyway.

The whole room was quiet and there was no sound.

I cultivated my celestial eye, and although there was no light in the house, it still looked like daytime to me.

I looked around but didn't see anyone.

I didn't even feel a trace of anyone.

Something's wrong. Could it be that there's no one in the room?

I tiptoed around the house and found no one.

Not only that, I always felt that something was wrong in the house.

I turned around carefully again, but still found nothing.

Just when I was about to call Xia Qiqi to inquire about the situation, I suddenly realized something was wrong.

There were no cosmetics on the dressing table in the master bedroom. There were only a few T-shirts hanging scattered in the large wardrobe, and there were only a few sneakers on the shoe cabinet by the door.

There is no trace of a woman’s life in this house!

I broke into a cold sweat for a moment.

I realized that this was not Xia Qiqi's house at all.

There are only two explanations. If Xia Qiqi hadn't set a trap for me and deliberately tricked us into coming here. Otherwise, the person who sent me the address was not Xia Qiqi at all!

It is unlikely that Xia Qiqi set a trap for me. There are no sinister traps in the house. At the same time, I don't feel that Xia Qiqi has a monastic atmosphere. There is no reason for her to do this.

And if it is the latter, it means that Xia Qiqi was probably controlled by Zhang Chong at that time!

Thinking of this, I hurriedly walked out.

But when I reached the door of the room, I stopped.

Forbidden array!

My heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

After watching the two ghosts slamming the door , I really fell for it this time!

The house was actually locked down!

I am very familiar with this forbidden formation, it is exactly the one I will set up before every move.

This kind of forbidden formation is the exclusive secret formation of Qingpingguan. Once you step into the formation, no matter whether you are a human, a ghost or a demon, you cannot leave this place.

Moreover, this formation must use talismans nourished by one's own essence and blood, which means that no one else can break it except the person who set up the formation.

I hurriedly bent down to check, and sure enough, I found the burnt talisman ashes under the shoe cabinet.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

Fortunately, Si Jiayu didn't follow me in just now.

I shouted to Si Jiayu: "Disciple, my master is trapped in the house today. You should quickly go find your uncle and ask him to help save Xia Qiqi."

Si Jiayu looked surprised: "Ah? Master, what are you talking about?"

I pointed at the door: "I was careless just now. Someone has placed a forbidden formation here. I can't get out if I go in. Listen to me and go find your uncle for help."

Si Jiayu hesitated for a moment and said to me, "Then what should you do?"

I waved my hand: "Don't worry about me. This forbidden formation will only trap me for one night at most. I'll sleep here. Just remember to pick me up tomorrow morning."

Si Jiayu nodded, turned around and ran outside.

I just lay down on the sofa to take a rest when I unexpectedly heard Si Jiayu's voice again.

"Master, my uncle has gone to Australia."

Oh shit.

I cursed silently.

Bai Yao’s true grandson must have gone to complain to my master.

This was a terrible time. With Si Jiayu's ability, it would be in vain if he went.

It seems that Xia Qiqi is in trouble tonight.

I walked around the room to see if there were any flaws in this formation.

But the key to this kind of forbidden formation is concealment. Unless you step inside, you will not notice the existence of the forbidden formation at all. So, I still got nothing from this lap.

I gradually became a little irritable, Si Jiayu looked at my state and kept comforting me.

"Master, don't worry, there must be a way. If you spin a few more times, it will turn into a small colorful flag. How about you climb out the window and try?"

I glared at him: "Please, brother, is this the forbidden formation, or my Qingpingguan's forbidden formation, don't I know? I'm still climbing through the window, I can't get out even if I dig a hole in the ground."

Si Jiayu curled his lips: "Are you just going to give it a try? How will you know if it doesn't work if you don't try?"

I was helpless: "Okay, okay, I'm annoyed when I hear you nagging. Today I'm going to let you open your eyes and see how powerful our Qingpingguan Forbidden Formation is. If I can get out of the window today, I'll… Hey ?What's going on?"

Before I finished speaking, I didn’t expect it to actually come out of the window!

Damn it, this is actually a fake ban formation!

The person who set up the forbidden formation was not very knowledgeable and could only seal the door, but it made me mistakenly think that this was a real forbidden formation.

Si Jiayu smiled at me: "I feel like the window can be flipped out. Look, it's true, right? What did you just say? Just like that?"

I patted his head: "I'll show you my bank card balance. Okay, okay, it's important to save people, let's go!"

I opened my eyes while running, looking for Xia Qiqi's true location.

But when I saw Xia Qiqi's real location, I suddenly braked and stopped.

Seven Gang Formation!

When I saw clearly where Xia Qiqi was, these three words suddenly came to my mind.

Xia Qiqi was currently in a private house in the suburbs, and the layout of several nearby private houses was obviously unreasonable.

I recognized at a glance that it was built according to the layout of the Qigang Formation.

This is a big game!

I immediately understood Zhang Chong's intention, pulled Si Jiayu and quickly rushed to the outskirts of the city.

On the way, I explained the purpose of the Qigang Formation to Si Jiayu.

This formation is also an evil formation. Seven yin houses must be built on excellent Feng Shui treasure land to support the seven star positions of Tianshu, Tianxuan, Tianji, Tianquan, Yuheng, Kaiyang and Yaoguang respectively. The soul of the person is raised for ninety-nine and eighty-one days, and then the soul of a person with excellent luck is placed in the eye of the formation, and the formation is activated so that the soul in the eye of the formation can absorb the spiritual energy of Qigang, thus becoming a house-suppressing ghost. .

The house-suppressing ghost created through this method can change the Feng Shui pattern and improve luck. Even people who have been having bad luck can have smooth sailing and good luck under the influence of the house-suppressing ghost. Therefore, the house-killing ghost is also called the luck ghost.

In ancient times, many wealthy families wanted to keep such a lucky ghost.

However, it is actually extremely difficult to collect the souls of the seven stars.

Not only does the person's birth date and horoscopes need to correspond to the corresponding star positions, but also the person's fate, spiritual power, and luck must all correspond to the star positions, so that the Seven Gang Formation can be formed.

Therefore, although there are many people who want to raise lucky ghosts, there are only a few who can actually do it. Most of them have been deceived of their money by half-hearted Taoist priests, and ultimately gained nothing.

Moreover, this formation would kill eight people and would not leave any traces at the scene. It can be said to be extremely cruel. Therefore, it has long been classified as a forbidden technique and cannot be used.

I also accidentally learned about this formation from the ancient books collected by my master.

Looking at it now, Xia Qiqi should be the one who is regarded as the eye of the formation, and will be turned into a lucky ghost tonight.

But what I don't understand is that Zhang Chong is a dead man, what else does he need this luck ghost for?

Si Jiayu saw my brows furrowed and whistled: "If you don't understand, then forget about it. You will naturally know what he wants to do when we get there."

I rolled my eyes at him: "You think everyone is as heartless as you."

Si Jiayu curled his lips and said, "I'm just being naive. Besides, how can I be as good as you in these mysterious things? If you tell me how to behave in the world, I can tell you about it for three days and three nights!" "

"Tch, I haven't seen how clever you are. Drive quickly! Ouch, what are you doing? Why didn't you tell me in advance when you brake suddenly? Why? I can't tell you?"

"red light!"

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