The Fifth Part Of The Green Bag Shroud: The Insect Master

Gang Bing took off his underwear and rubbed his withered scrotum with his hand. He felt very sad in his heart. Being castrated is the most painful thing in life for a man. Thinking back to six hundred years ago, how many young people were proud to be clean and enter the palace. They no longer had to worry about being drafted into the army or dying in foreign battlefields, and their families could no longer worry about food and clothing.

He said silently in his heart, "Mom, please don't worry, I, Gang Bing, will guarantee with my life that Little Master will grow up healthily and happily. No one in the world will dare to bully her."

Thinking of this, he reached out and showed his long, sharp nails, gently opened the scrotal skin, smeared the history into it, and then taped it with medical tape.

Gang Bing shook the blue and white porcelain bottle. There were still about two drops of history in it, so he capped the bottle tightly, and then thrust it into his anus with his buttocks raised. Grandma once said that the porcelain bottle containing history needs to be placed in the rectum and preserved at the corresponding temperature of the human body, so that it will not deteriorate for a long time.

Alas, when I meet Youliang in the future, I will give it to him, and I will admit that I stole some of them as a last resort.

At this moment, there was a cool feeling under his crotch, and he felt extremely comfortable and comfortable. He yawned contentedly, and fell asleep with the little workman in his arms.

The Hakka grandmother was right, Quan Fushi's physical body was the best quality rarely seen in the world. Generally, the purity of the history secreted by sweat corpses is limited, of which only 40 to 50% is histamine, and the rest is mixed with sweat and water. But Quanfu Shi's is different. Not only is it extremely pure, but it is also directly sucked out from the breasts using the "bardo corpse-sucking method". Almost all of it is historical pigments, without any impurities, and its effectiveness is even higher. More than twice that.

When Gang Bing woke up, it was almost dusk, and he had slept for seven or eight hours. At this moment, not only did I feel refreshed, but I also felt that my originally empty crotch was slightly swollen, as if it was much fuller.

The little artist was sitting on the bed, playing alone, babbling.

Looking down, Gang Bing was pleasantly surprised to find that the originally dry scrotum had swollen slightly. He gently probed and found two hard cores inside, about the size of red dates, and the balls began to grow…

His eyes were already filled with tears, "Mom, you are truly a unique talent throughout the ages."

Taoist martial arts novel_Martial arts ghost Taoist_Novel martial arts ghost Taoist

"Hahaha…" Steel let out a long laugh and said, "Let's go, little craftsman, let's go have a big meal."

He walked out of the hotel with the little boy in his arms and walked southwest for a while, arriving at the famous Qiaoxiangyuan restaurant near the zoo. After walking into the lobby, I chose a seat by the window and sat down.

At the next table, there are three Taoist priests eating cross-bridge rice noodles. Behind the old Taoist priest, leaning against the wall, was a tightly tied rectangular baggage. These three people were Xian Shengzi and his two apprentice nephews, Xuan Jizi and Xuan Zhenzi.

Gang Bing saw at a glance that there was a heavy sword wrapped in the baggage. As a senior police officer, his professional sensitivity makes him feel quite strange. What age is this? He still carries a weapon with him. It is a controlled knife of the public security department.

"Uncle Master, we have been exploring the world for several days, but we still have no news about Master Wuyu. He has not returned to Taihua Temple in Xishan. Could something have happened?" Xuan Jizi said doubtfully.

"And Fairy Chang'e is also missing…" Xuan Zhenzi's eyes were blurred and he was mumbling to himself.

The Immortal Saint chuckled and said: "Master Nephew, don't worry too much. Master Wuyu is highly respected and highly respected in martial arts. His unique skill of the Buddhist 'Thousand-Hand Avalokitesvara' alone has few rivals in the world. How could something happen?"

When Gang Bing heard this, his heart moved. Wasn't the old monk in front of the abandoned mine in Babao Mountain the one who used the "Thousand-Hand Guanyin"? Where did this person come from? Since he was a threat to the disciples of Grandma Gushu, he had to pay attention. .


At this time, a waitress came up and asked: "Sir, what would you like to eat? Our Qiaoxiangyuan's Mengzi Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles are very famous."

"Well, I've heard for a long time that Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles is a specialty in Southwest China, so I'll give it a try." Gang Bing blurted out.

Novel martial arts ghost Taoist_Martial arts ghost Taoist_Taoist martial arts novel

"Old man?" The waitress chuckled, "Sir, you are so young, why do you call yourself 'old man'? It seems like something from a Hong Kong martial arts movie…"

Hearing this, the Immortal Saint raised his head and looked directly at him suspiciously.

Gang Bing knew he was lying, so he smiled slightly and changed the subject: "I heard that 'Mengzi Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles' has historical allusions, can you tell me about it?"

The waitress immediately began to introduce, which is a working phrase that must be repeated many times every day: "It is said that in ancient times, there was a scholar in Mengzi County. He was very smart, but he was unwilling to work hard to study. His wife was deeply impressed by this. Worry. One day, she said to the scholar, "You spend all your time having fun instead of making progress. Don't you want to help your wife and children?" The scholar was deeply ashamed when he heard this, so he built a study in Nanhu, lived alone and studied hard, and his wife studied hard every day. Three meals a day were provided. As time went by, the scholar made great progress in his studies, but he also became thinner and thinner, which made his wife very distressed. So on this day, she slaughtered chickens and simmered soup, cut meat slices, prepared rice noodles, and prepared to send breakfast to the study. Her son was young, The play put the pieces of meat in the soup, and the wife angrily scolded her. She quickly picked up the pieces of meat and saw that it was cooked. She tasted it and found it delicious. She was overjoyed. Then she took the pot and basket to the study. She fainted on the Nanhu Bridge due to overwork. The scholar After hearing the news, I came over and saw that my wife had woken up. The soup and rice noodles were in good condition. The soup noodles were covered with floating oil and there was no trace of heat. I suspected that the soup had cooled down. But when I put my hand over the soup pot, it was hot and scalding. I felt strange, so I asked my wife in detail. My wife told me everything about the preparation. After a long time, the scholar said that this meal can be called "Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles". Soon, the scholar passed the examination and became a local legend. From then on, "Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles" spread like wildfire and became a famous dish. Yunnan’s famous food.”

"Haha, it's interesting. It's a great blessing in life for a wife to act like this." Gang Bing laughed, his balls grew again, and he was in a particularly good mood.

The Immortal Holy Son on the table next to him disagreed, and took over the conversation and said: "This is just a false legend among the people. In fact, 'Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles' was invented by Li Jingchun, the magistrate of Jishan County in Shanxi Province and a Jinshi from Jianshui, Yunnan during the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty. Create.”

"I'd like to hear the details." Steel deliberately approached him.

Xian Shengzi talked about it: "During the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, there was a chef named Liu Jiaqing in Taishi Lane outside the east city of Jianshui. He opened a rice noodle restaurant called 'Baoxinglou' on the street of Jishi, but the business was very little. Xianfeng Jiayin Early one morning in the New Year, an elegant and well-dressed man came to the restaurant to eat rice noodles. He specifically asked the store to make soup according to his method to go with the rice noodles. First, cut the raw pork loin into thin slices, knead it with small pink water and serve it. In a large bowl, pour a spoonful of cooked lard and cover with a few banana leaves, then pour a large spoonful of hot grass sprout broth into the bowl, and take another bowl of rice noodles. The owner of the shop After cooking as described, the customer first stirred the rice noodles in the bowl with chopsticks for a while, then picked the rice noodles into the soup bowl and ate it. This person's name was Li Jingchun, a native of Xinqiao Street, Jianshui, and a Jinshi in the second year of Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty. After returning to his hometown Eating rice noodles follows the Beijing people's method of "shabu-shabu mutton", and it tastes exceptionally delicious.

The store owner was very curious, so he asked what this way of eating was called. Li Jingchun replied, "I came from the east of Qiaodong to the west of Qiao to eat rice noodles. When people cross the bridge, the rice noodles also cross the bridge. I eat "rice noodles that cross the bridge." 'Since then, 'Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles' has gradually become popular, and Baoxinglou's business has become more and more prosperous. "

"Oh, that's it. I didn't expect monks to be so knowledgeable about food," Gang Bing clicked his tongue, "I don't know what to call him?"

"My name is Fengshan Taihe Palace, the Immortal Holy Son. I have a great surname, and my accent doesn't sound like a local." The Immortal Holy Son just heard Gang Bing call himself "Old Man", so he named him "Brother" to show respect. .

Martial arts ghost Taoist_Taoist martial arts novel_Novel martial arts ghost Taoist

Gang Bing chuckled: "I am Gang Bing from the capital city, and people in the world call him 'Babao Mountain Man'." He thought that since he wanted to trick this old Taoist priest, he had to brag a lot.


The Immortal Holy Son pondered for a moment, he had never heard of such a famous person in the world.

"Is this the 'Eight Treasure Porridge'? It's delicious." Xuan Zhenzi was still not quite clear.

Gang Bing chuckled, looked at the Holy Son of Immortals, and decided to test his reaction, so he said: "Taoist Priest, I just heard you talking about the 'Thousand-Hand Guanyin'. I have met an old monk in the capital. What he said The performance of the 'Thousand-Hand Guanyin' is simply superb and breathtaking."

Hearing this, the Immortal Saint immediately became alert and asked doubtfully, "I wonder what this old monk looks like?"

"Bald and skinny…" Gang Bing recalled the old monk's appearance and said slowly.

"Of course a monk has no hair." Xuan Zhenzi was quite sober now.

"This is the first time I have seen the Buddhist 'Thousand-Armed Avalokitesvara' secret skill. This old monk can actually transform dozens of arms all over his body. They are flexible and can be stretched and contracted at will. It is quite Zen-like." Gang Bing clicked his tongue.

"Uncle Master, that should be Master Wuyu." Xuanjizi blurted out.

The Immortal Saint smiled and said nothing, nodding slightly.

Taoist martial arts novel_Novel martial arts ghost Taoist_Martial arts ghost Taoist

"What a pity…" Gang Bing hesitated.

"What's a pity?" The Immortal Saint looked at him in surprise.

"It's a pity that those arms are as fat and tender as babies, and there are as many as six or seven deformed fingers. The 'Thousand-Hand Guanyin' is actually disabled…" Gang Bing sneered.

"Does Master Wuyu have a child?" Xuan Zhenzi was confused again.

The Immortal Saint looked at Gang Bing with a sinister gaze and said, "Master Wuyu's 'Thousand-Hand Avalokitesvara' is the highest martial art in Buddhism. How could it be a disability or deformity? Where did you see him?"

"Babao Mountain in the capital." Gang Bing replied.

"What are Master Wuyu doing there?" The Immortal Saint raised his eyebrows as if he didn't believe it.

"Fighting with two women."

"Woman? Why?" Xian Shengzi looked suspiciously.

"Jealous." Gang Bing replied.

The Immortal Saint laughed loudly when he heard this: "Master Wuyu is a famous eminent monk in Yunnan. He has never been close to women in his life, but he would be jealous of them? It is simply nonsense."

Taoist martial arts novel_Martial arts ghost Taoist_Novel martial arts ghost Taoist

Gang Bing snorted: "I am also quite puzzled. Why does this old monk insist on abducting a little girl even though he is already quite old?"

At this time, the waiter brought the bridge rice noodles, and they were placed on the table in plates, including pork loin slices, chicken breast slices, mullet slices, pork loin and belly slices, as well as pea tips, leeks, coriander, Vegetarian ingredients such as shredded green onions, shredded grass sprouts, magnolia slices and tofu skin, plus rice noodles and a large bowl of thick soup full of oil.

Gang Bingwu immersed himself in eating and ignored the old Taoist priest for the time being, knowing that he would take the initiative to talk to him.

"Did Xiongtai say that he saw it with his own eyes?" Xian Shengzi was eager to find out the whereabouts of the old monk Wuyu. After holding back for a while, he couldn't help but ask.

"Forget it if you don't believe it. I was there at the time. How can I be false if I saw it with my own eyes?" Gang Bing greedily chewed the meat slices in his mouth while blowing hot air on the Yunnan Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles . It was indeed extremely delicious.

The aroma was overflowing, and the little worker sniffed it, secretly grabbed a piece of raw pork and stuffed it into his mouth.

"Then why did Master want to 'abduct' this little girl?" Xian Shengzi insisted on getting to the bottom of it.

"Maybe it's because that girl is so beautiful. I've only seen her in my life," Gang Bing said.

"She's so beautiful?" Upon hearing this, the Immortal Saint's heart was moved by the martial arts ghost Taoist priest , and he hurriedly asked, "Do you know the name of that girl?"

"I heard the old monk call her…Xiao Jian." Gang Bing threw out the bait.

"Xiao Jian!" The Immortal Saint was immediately startled.

"Fairy Chang'e…" Xuan Zhenzi murmured.

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