The Female Ghost In The Middle Of The Night: The Terrifying Encounter Of A Weak Body, Full Text

After wandering for several years, Chen Ming returned to his hometown and found a job in the county town. Since I live far and wide, I naturally meet a lot of acquaintances. Among them, there was a man named Wang Cheng, who was in the same village as him and in the same workshop. Chen Ming asked to be assigned to the same class as him. This man has a habit of not walking at night. He said that as long as he worked the night shift, he would be able to get to the factory before dark. Sure enough, when it was time to start the night shift, he persuaded Chen Ming to come early. Although Chen Ming felt a little reluctant, he couldn't say anything. I can only follow him to the dormitory early to sleep. Who could have imagined that since then, extremely weird things have happened.

On that day, before it got dark, Wang Chengcheng came to see Chen Ming early. Afraid that he would be impatient while waiting, Chen Ming just ate casually, freshened up briefly, and followed him out. The two of them rode the wind and quickly arrived at the factory. Parked the car and went upstairs. The two of them climbed the stairs one after another. The situation in front of them made Chen Ming a little frightened. The lights dimmed and lit, and it was surprisingly quiet at this time. The only sound they could hear was the clatter of the two of them going up the stairs. When he reached the fourth floor, he felt even more chilled. There was actually no lighting in the entire corridor, and it was completely dark. Wang Cheng used the weak light of his mobile phone to find his way to a bedroom door and opened it. After entering, he fumbled to turn on the light. As if he was sleepy, he said directly, "Find a bunk and sleep quickly! I have to work tonight." After that, he took off his coat and shoes and got into his bed. Chen Ming looked around and found a cleaner place to lie down. Unexpectedly, just after a while, he suddenly felt the need to urinate. So, he asked Wang Cheng, "Where is the toilet?" At this time, no one answered, only his snoring was heard like thunder. Chen Ming thought, "Can I really sleep?" He had no choice but to find it by himself. Chen Ming put on his shoes and went out alone. In the dark corridor, he looked back and forth and found that only his bedroom had the light on. At this time , his scalp was numb, but fortunately he found the toilet in a short while. After solving the problem, he hurried back to the dormitory.

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I don't know how long I lay there, but Chen Ming was in a daze, feeling that his body was getting heavier and heavier, as if something was pressing on him. As time passed, this feeling of being oppressed became more and more intense, as if I was about to suffocate. Chen Ming struggled and wanted to get up, but he couldn't move no matter what. At this time, he could only look helplessly at Wang Cheng lying opposite, hoping that he would realize his situation. It doesn't matter if you don't see it, you will be shocked when you see it. A woman with disheveled hair sat in front of Wang Cheng's bed, chatting and laughing with Wang Cheng. Seeing how indifferent he was to him, Chen Ming was furious. But there was nothing I could do, so I had to resign myself to fate. I don't know how long it took until Wang Cheng called him up and said, "It's time." Chen Ming realized that it was just a dream, but he felt that it was so real. In class, Chen Ming told Wang Cheng about this, but he just kept laughing and jokingly said, "You must have watched too much Liao Zhai!" Chen Ming comforted himself and said, "Maybe!"

Chen Ming thought it was just a dream and didn't pay much attention. The next day, I followed Wang Cheng to the dormitory again. After sleeping for a while, what happened next was exactly the same as what happened last night. However, when Chen Ming looked helplessly at Wang Cheng, he did not see him. But it was the woman with disheveled hair who gently lifted her hair in front of her face with her hands, revealing an extremely ferocious face. He looked at himself with that lifeless and strange look. She asked coldly, "Am I beautiful?" After saying that, she actually stood up and walked towards him in a floating manner. At this time, Chen Ming suddenly broke away from the oppression with an invisible force that he didn't know where. He was frightened and said "Ah!" and stood up suddenly. Then he woke up. Look around, everything is as before, Wang Cheng is still roaring like thunder and snoring. As for the woman, she also disappeared.

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On the third day, Chen Ming told Wang Cheng that he would not go to sleep in that dormitory. However, Wang Cheng persisted in pestering him, and even used himself as an example, saying, "I've been sleeping there for more than half a year, and I'm still fine!" Chen Ming thought, "That's right! I only slept for two nights, and every day This happened at night. Maybe it was because of me! As long as I sleep enough at home during the day, it will be a problem if I don't sleep there." So, after dark, he followed Wang Cheng again. Unexpectedly, I was full of energy just now, but as soon as I entered the dormitory, I felt very sleepy. His whole body felt like he was possessed by an evil spirit. He fell on the bed and fell asleep. It felt like I hadn't slept for a while when I vaguely felt someone crawling on my body. Chen Ming suddenly realized something was wrong and said "Destroy!" and suddenly sat up. I saw what looked like a human figure rolling and falling off the bed. Chen Ming opened his hazy eyes and looked down. ah! The most terrifying scene happened! The woman with disheveled hair slowly stood up from the ground. Two bloody hands were ready to grab someone, and they flew towards him fiercely. Chen Ming only heard an extremely frightened "ah" sound, and knew nothing else.

When he woke up, Wang Cheng was shaking him with his hands. And said, "You slept so hard! No matter how hard I called you, you didn't wake up. I shook you and you finally woke up, otherwise you would really be late!" Chen Ming wiped the sweat from his face while he was still in his daze, and asked, "Yes." "?" He hurriedly put on his shoes and clothes and went downstairs. Afterwards, Chen Ming never slept there again, and similar bed-breaking incidents did not happen anywhere else.

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Chen Ming still has lingering fears every time he thinks about what happened in these three nights. Not long after, he told his colleagues, but no one believed him, and jokingly said, "It's not that the female ghost has a crush on you. She won't come out when others go, so she will come when you go! You are still charming!" "As he said this, there was a burst of laughter. But one of them, looking at him with a serious face, was Lao Xu, who had been working for thirty years. He quietly said to Chen Ming, "Let's go! Talk somewhere else!" So, the two of them came outside one after another. Lao Xu first asked, "How is your health?" Chen Ming said without answering, "It's not bad, just a little exhausted!" Lao Xu said thoughtfully, "No wonder! That female ghost will crush you!" Chen Ming said I'm a little confused. Then, Lao Xu told him about the past of that dormitory building. Before the building was built, it was a cemetery. When they said they wanted to enclose the land to build a factory, every family moved their graves. Only one grave was left unattended, and there was no choice but to level it to the ground. In the early years, there were more people living in dormitories, so things like this happened from time to time. It's not that I'm physically weak, it's that I have a headache and a swollen brain. For example, if you are in good health and have strong yang energy, you will definitely not have trouble sleeping. What about now? There are only a few people staying in the hotel, and besides, they are in much better health! Hearing this, Chen Ming understood that it was probably because of his own body that the female ghost had an opportunity to take advantage of him!

In order to seek peace of mind, Chen Ming went to the famous fortune teller here to ask for a fortune. The gentleman took out a talisman and warned, "Buy some ghost coins, mix them with this talisman, and burn them in that bedroom. The female ghost will leave you and go to be reincarnated!" Chen Chen heard. If you are doubtful, you have no other choice but to give it a try. So, the next day, Chen Ming asked Wang Cheng for the key and went to the dormitory. According to what the fortune teller said, the prepared ghost coins and talismans were burned. At this time, the female ghost suddenly appeared in front of her eyes, bound by rays of light that resembled the patterns painted on the talisman, and slowly became smaller and smaller until she disappeared.

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The story blends rural legends with modern work environments to create a narrative full of suspense and horror. Chen Ming's experience makes people curious about supernatural phenomena, and it also reflects people's psychological state when facing unknown fears. The turning points and solutions in the story add to the mystery of the story, making readers feel both frightened and full of anticipation during the reading process. Overall, this is an engaging story that successfully combines traditional ghost story elements with a modern setting.

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