The Brother Who Lost His Eyes: The Secret Of A Strange Family

No, no, the swollen half of my cheeks clearly told me that they were all lying.

I seemed to have thought of something, and without saying a word I rushed to the room where my brother's body was placed last night, and saw a scene that I will never forget.

The younger brother was half lying on the bed. His face was still a little pale, but he was much better than last night. The wound on his chest and the raised ribs seemed to be a nightmare. Now they have all recovered, and not even the slightest wound can be seen.

What surprised me even more was that the eyes that scared me the most in the past, the square pupils that always stared at me, actually returned to their normal appearance.

The younger brother in front of me looked at me with some confusion and confusion in his eyes, and at the same time asked: "Nan Nan?"

His voice was a little hoarse. This was the first time I heard my brother speak normally.

"…Xiaoyang? Are you Xiaoyang?" I asked nervously.

"No, I'm not, I'm your brother, Wei Wen." He smiled softly and explained.

I thought I was stimulated too much by the weird family ghost , so I swallowed my saliva and asked again: "Aren't you Xiaoyang?"

"Xiaoyang, no, to be precise, the monster evil god died last night. He was like this when I woke up. Nannan, I am your brother."

My head was buzzing. Thinking about it carefully, I never had a deep impression of my brother Wei Wen.

Or maybe it’s because this past experience hasn’t been mentioned in our family for so long.

There is a 5-year age difference between me and him, but when I was ten years old, when my mother was just pregnant with my brother, my brother drowned in the river.

What is even more devastating is that not long after his brother died, his father was killed by a machine due to improper operation while working on the construction site.

Although I received some compensation, I lost two relatives in a short period of time. My grandmother fainted several times, and my mother stayed at home all day and even went on a hunger strike.

If it weren’t for my younger brother, it’s certain that our family would have broken up by then.

Thinking about it again, for me when I was young, my brother and I were not too close, but he often took care of my younger sister. He would always bring me a lot of delicious food and fun things. When the older children in the village bullied me, Will step forward to help me teach them a lesson.

In short, most of my impressions of my brother are good.

Now my dead brother is standing in front of me. I can't believe it. After all, I have never seen a person resurrected from the dead.

"Nannan, I know it's hard for you to believe this. I'm not entirely sure, but I think it has something to do with mom and grandma."

What my brother said made me fall into deep thought. Indeed, I clearly saw my brother not breathing with my own eyes, but it was just last night and nothing happened.

Thinking about their performance just now, it further supports my guess.

I decided to ask them.

Before turning around and leaving, I asked my brother hesitantly, "Brother, are you really gone?"

My brother was stunned for a moment, then nodded towards me.

At this moment, my mother suddenly walked in and saw my brother half-sitting on the bed, and she was so excited that she cried.

"Is that you? Xiaowen?" Mom said cautiously.

"Mom, it's me." My brother responded.

"You're finally back, you're finally back, it's been ten years. Do you know how hard my mom has been in these ten years?" After hearing my brother's accurate answer, my mom couldn't help crying and said.

It's understandable that any mother would be unable to control herself when her dead son comes back to life.

I wisely stood aside and said nothing, watching the heartwarming scene of their mother and son reuniting.

The mother was constantly expressing her longing for her son, but there was absolutely no grief for her little son who had just died. This was really wrong.

Just when I couldn't help but ask questions, my brother stopped talking and said sternly to my mother:

"Mom, I want to go for a walk."

My mother was stunned for a moment, and then responded continuously: "Okay, let's go for a walk. Mom will take you out to see. A lot of changes have taken place in the village in the past ten years."

Seeing that my mother was about to take my brother away, I wanted to stop my mother and ask for details. However, the next second, I saw my brother who wanted to stand up fell heavily to the ground. He tried to get up but fell to the ground again.

I watched his face turn blue and yellow, and his eyes were full of disbelief.

The mother seemed very panicked and tried to pull her brother up over and over again, but in the end they all ended in failure.

A cruel fact faced us and we had to face it: my brother was paralyzed.

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Haunted house


Monster Fuji December 29, 2023 [Long Ghost Story] Font:

The introductory story tells the story of a woman named Wei Nan and her weird brother. Because the younger brother was born with a vision, he was considered to be the incarnation of Yin Tongzi. The family used a ritual called "Goat Baby Care" to allow him to grow up safely. But before his tenth birthday, he was found dead at his brother's grave, his chest hollowed out. Grandma hinted that this was his fate, and then a series of strange changes occurred in the family. Wei Nan eventually discovered that all this was a conspiracy planned by her family. She was forced to marry the village chief in order to give birth to a "goat son" to save her brother. . The story ends with Wei Nan escaping and eventually being found by his brother.

Introduction: Have you ever heard of goat nanny?

On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, my younger brother was found dead in the cemetery in the back mountain. His whole body was naked, his chest was cut open, and all his internal organs were missing.

His eyelids were cut off, and his square pupils shrank into a horizontal line, staring in the direction of the grave.

Grandma said that this is the fate of the goat babysitter.

My brother is a monster, that's what I always thought.

Not only because of the square pupils and the long white hair.

Also because he is so weird.

The first words he spoke since he was born were a hoarse sheep cry.

Until the age of 2, he still couldn't walk and could only crawl on the ground.

What made me more convinced of this idea was that one night when I got up late at night, I saw my mother sitting outside the door with her back to me, breastfeeding my brother.

I never saw my mother breastfeeding my brother.

But the moonlight was bright, and I could clearly see the dark red viscous liquid in the bottle flowing down the corner of my brother's mouth.

The cool breeze blew through the hall, and I concluded that my brother was not a human being.

Most of the time, my brother looks like an ordinary kid.

The family also loves this late-arriving boy very much. On weekdays, he almost always puts out his hands for clothes and opens his mouth for food.

But I was very afraid of him. His naturally square pupils were narrowed into a vertical line, still bright in the dark night, emitting a faint red light.

Like the eyes of wild animals before hunting.

I originally thought that I could live like this until I was 18 years old and be able to leave home and leave my monster brother.

My brother had a problem at this time.


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But my brother and I spend more and more time together.

The family is busy with farming, and the adults are very busy and cannot take care of my brother at the same time, so the task of taking care of him falls on me.

I try to take care of his daily life like a mother, cooking and washing, day after day.

But taking care of a normal child is difficult, let alone a monster like my brother?

Finally one day, he spilled the milk in front of him again.

I was completely beside myself.

When grandma arrived, she only saw blood flowing from the corner of my brother's mouth and bruises on his body. I threw him to the ground hard.

She rushed up and slapped me so hard that it almost knocked out my teeth.

She lowered her voice and shouted at me angrily: "Wei Nan! This is your brother! Why did you hit him!"

I covered half of my swollen cheek and looked at grandma in disbelief.

She suddenly sighed deeply, was silent for a while, and then said in a hoarse voice: "I have never told you, but today, Nannan, I want to tell you something."

I saw her serious look on her face and said, "Your brother is the goat's nanny."

Goat babysitter? Listening to what she said, a chill penetrated my body.

"When your brother was born, your mother didn't give birth to him for three days and three nights. She was about to die of one and two, so she had no choice but to find a midwife from the village."

"Who knew that the mother-in-law said that your brother was born with the fate of a yin boy? One body and two lives are not counted. The yin boy will bring endless disasters to the family."

At this point, grandma's voice became harsh, and she then breathed a sigh of relief and said:

"Fortunately, there is a way to solve it, which is the goat babysitter."

"What is a goat sitter?" I asked.

"Invite the goat god to live in Yin Tongzi, and Yin Tongzi will be safe and sound." Grandma narrowed her eyes slightly and looked at her brother.

"Goat God… how long will you stay?" My voice was trembling and awkward.

"ten years."

And my younger brother will be ten years old this year.

"Is the younger brother still a younger brother? We have raised an evil god!" I said hoarsely, looking at my grandma.

"What do you know?" she continued, giving me a sidelong glance.

"After the Goat God ascends, the yin boy's destiny will become auspicious, which will bring endless blessings to our family."

No wonder, no wonder that although our family is constantly ailing, it has been getting better and better, and windfalls of fortune often come from the sky. It turns out that it is like this…

I turned my head and looked at my brother who was sitting quietly aside, and I couldn't help but take a half step back in fear.

Everything in the past has been explained.

"Now that you are older, it is time to know this. Grandma knows that you have suffered a lot in these years. Don't worry, we will compensate you well after your brother's tenth birthday this time."

Grandma patted my shoulder and comforted me softly.

I feel relieved for the time being. As soon as my brother's tenth birthday passes, everything will return to how it was before.

For now, just bear with it for now.

This is how the accident came.

The night before my tenth birthday, I couldn't find my brother.

After only ten minutes of absence, my brother completely disappeared.

I didn't have time to tell my family, and I ran towards the back mountain in a hurry.

I know he must be there.

But I didn't expect that seeing him would be like this.

The chest was cut open, and the broken ribs were stuck straight into the ground. His bloodshot eyes were staring at the grave in front of him.

"The Tomb of Wei Wen".

It is the grave of my brother Wei Wen.

Seeing this scene, my legs trembled and I could hardly stand still.

The younger brother died, still in front of his elder brother's grave.

However, the elder brother's grave is extremely hidden. How did the younger brother know about it?

There was a faint light on behind me. I turned around and saw that my grandma and mother were here.

The flashlight light shone on their brother's body. Their faces were pale, and the scene was so quiet that only the chirping of birds was heard.

Suddenly, I heard grandma sigh deeply and say softly: "This is the fate of the goat babysitter."

For some reason, I actually heard a bit of relief in that voice.

"Fate? Grandma, what do you mean?" I asked very puzzled.

"This is your brother's fate, Nannan, take Xiaoyang home first."

He must be brought home before anyone else discovers his body.

However, I was enveloped in huge panic at that time, and I did not realize the other layer of meaning in my grandma’s words.

So I didn't say anything more, I just stood still in front of my brother's body and carried my brother on my back with trembling hands.

His body was cold, and his head rested feebly on my shoulder. Thinking of his eyes staring at something, cold sweat broke out on my head.

Although I don't like him normally, his death for no reason always makes me feel a little flustered and a little sad.

I don't know if it was my imagination, but I always felt a wind blowing behind my ears. Looking sideways at my brother's drooped head, a terrible thought came to my mind.

Could a monster like my brother really die in such an unexplained way?

I shook my head and got rid of this crazy idea. Behind me, my grandma and mother were walking silently.

The moonlight was like snow, falling on the ground. I carried my brother on my back and hurried back home, silent all the way.

The lights in the room were a little dim, making everyone's faces look a little gloomy.

I placed my brother's body on the small bed and stood still, not knowing what to do.

My mother's low sobbing voice broke the silence. I looked back and saw her lying on her brother's body with tears streaming down her face.

"Mom, Xiaoyang…"

Mom wanted to speak, but grandma interrupted:

"Guixiang, don't be too sad. This is the fate of Xiaoyang. You don't know it. Besides…" Grandma suddenly stopped talking and did not continue.

Fate, that's the word again.

"I know, Mom, but how did Xiaoyang know about his brother's grave? Only a few of us know about that place." Mom wiped her tears and asked.

I knew in my heart that I was the last person to look at my brother. My brother would run away, and I was to blame.

"I, I was busy heating water at that time, so I asked my brother to wait there for me. When I came to my senses, my brother was gone…" I lowered my head and hesitated.

A sharp palm wind hit me, followed by a burst of burning pain.

I covered half of my swollen face and looked at my mother in disbelief, raising her hand that had not yet been put down.

"You clearly know that your brother will not stay there obediently. Are you trying to kill your brother on purpose?" My mother's sharp voice sounded in my ears, which made me feel even more dizzy.

"I didn't…I didn't want to kill my brother!" I explained while shaking my head.

Even though my brother was a monster, I never wanted to kill him.

Besides… I seemed to have thought of something, raised my head and asked, "Besides, that's not a real brother at all, that's obviously an evil god!"

Grandma rushed over and covered my mouth, scolding me bitterly: "How dare you say such things! Gods cannot be offended, you know!"

Then she continued with a heartbroken look: "Besides, there is only one day left for your brother to come back, only one day left!"

Yes, it was only one day away, and my anger immediately subsided. The weird family ghost , I haven't met my real brother yet.

Seeing my dejected look, grandma didn't say anything more. She just sighed and said, "Forget it, let's not talk about it. Nannan, you go back first. Your mother and I will stay with Xiaoyang for a while."

I responded in a low voice, covering half of my painful face, and slowly exited the room.

Before leaving, I turned my head and glanced at my brother. He was lying quietly on the bed. His blood seemed to have dried up, and his body was so pale that it was almost transparent.

Sorry, Xiaoyang.

It was early summer, and cicadas were already chirping in the countryside all night long. Maybe it was the cicadas, or maybe it was because I was too frightened.

I barely slept that night. I squinted for more than ten minutes until it was almost dawn, but I dreamed that my brother was covered in blood, and those goat eyes looked closely at every place I passed. An inescapable nightmare.

I saw him slowly opening his mouth and saying, "Sister, I'm here to find you."

I woke up screaming, covered in cold sweat, and it took me a long time to recover.

I got up and wanted to drink a glass of water to calm down, but I always felt like someone was staring at me. I looked around and I was the only one in the room.

It was already bright. I shook my head. I guess it was an hallucination caused by being too tired last night.

However, the moment I opened the door and went out, I felt like I had fallen into an ice cave.

There were a few strands of long white hair outside the door, exactly the same as those seen countless times before, but the younger brother was clearly dead!

I rushed out in a hurry and saw my mother waving to me: "Nan Nan, come here and help, why are you up so late? Today is your brother's tenth birthday!"

younger brother? Tenth birthday?

I ran over to *** and asked, "Mom, brother, isn't he already dead?"

But she looked at me as if she had seen a ghost, touched my head and said, "This child doesn't even have a fever. He is talking nonsense in broad daylight."

At this time, I heard my grandma shouting to me in front of the hall: "Wei Nan! What are you doing here? You don't know how to help adults!"

I'm completely confused. Could it be that everything last night was just my imagination?

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