Couplet Female Ghost

After hearing this, Gui Qingting applauded secretly, this couplet is an exquisite double-character couplet! Unexpectedly, on the day when I was disheartened and ready to close it, the servants found a couplet at the crack of the door, “Yingyingyanyanhuahuayeqingqing evening evening Chaochao”. As soon as I saw this second couplet, I fell in love with it, and when I saw the strong and powerful characters, I thought that I finally hoped for someone who was destined to come. Gui Qingting looked at this lonely female ghost, feeling pity in his heart, looking at her resentful and beautiful eyes, unknowingly swayed again, gently took out the folding fan from his sleeve, and shook it slowly. Fanning, he thought he must help this poor female ghost fulfill her wish. … Continue readingCouplet Female Ghost