Couplet Female Ghost

Gui Qingting, a gifted scholar in southern Qiannan, is romantic by nature, full of talent, and possesses unique skills. This day was full of leisure, and I rode a small boat to the north alone. The breeze on the river was blowing, and the flowers and kingfishers on both sides of the river were singing. Gui Qingting loves it so much that he can’t help but write a poem: “The wind sends a light boat to ride the waves alone, and my heart is full of fragrance in the courtyard. The sound of green leaves on the riverside surrounds it, which is suspected to be the mysterious sound of the nine heavens.”

Just at the top of his head, he suddenly heard a faint cry in the depths of the forest, Gui Qingting frowned, and the voice said softly: “It was originally to express the heart, but the cry is bad temper.” Unexpectedly, he just After reading, the crying became louder.

He gently docked the boat, tightened his belt, and floated down. Looking for the sound, he stepped into the depths of the forest. That crying sound was resentful and sad, like a cold and lingering cold that penetrated into the hearts of the people.

It was clearly a woman’s cry, Gui Qingting took a deep breath and quickened his pace. The branches and leaves in front of him retreated quickly around him like the wind, and the front seemed to open up slowly.

He also heard the sound of rushing water from a clear spring, bypassing the barrier of branches and leaves, a fantasy-like scenery fell into his eyes, with white mist shrouding everywhere, green pines and green bamboos revealing a faint sense of fascination, a small stream flowing from the mountain stream It flew down briskly, breaking up bursts of water mist. Gui Qingting only felt his heart shake, and a sense of spring sprouted in his chest.

It wasn’t another burst of crying from the woman, he might still be immersed in his thoughts, the sound seemed to have come by his side, but he didn’t see where the crying person was.

Only intermittent voices could be heard in the wind: “Young Master…Young Master…will you save the little girl? Young Master…”

Gui Qingting’s scalp tightened, and he thought to himself: “This voice is sad and sad, if it’s not a fairy descending to earth, it must be a lonely soul in the mountains!”

There is a saying that people with high skills are bold, Gui Qingting calmed down, and asked loudly: “May I ask who is the sacred one, why don’t you show up and see.”

After all, I saw leaves flying in the forest and the faint sound of wind. Even though Gui Qingting was highly skilled and knowledgeable, she couldn’t help but shudder. The fallen leaves kept spinning with the breeze, and slowly slowed down. A woman with long white hair appeared in the swirl of the wind and leaves. With the wind that gradually stopped, the long hair spread out in all directions, covering the sky of the woman in white densely like a boundless net.

The woman’s face was so white, it was as white as ice, and her eyes were shining with a gloomy light as if they had been frozen.

Even Gui Qingting, who was naturally romantic, didn’t dare to think of frivolity when he saw this frosty woman. Because her eyes were fixed on Gui Qingting, as if she could see through his thoughts, so that he could not have any distracting thoughts.

Gui Qingting took a deep breath, and asked softly: “Who is the girl, what can I tell Xiaosheng?”

The woman still looked straight at him and whispered: “Mr… son… I am a miserable woman, I have something to ask, I hope you can help me.” After saying that, she began to cry.

“I was originally the daughter of Chen Yuanwai, a wealthy businessman in the south of the Yangtze River. I learned piano, chess, calligraphy and painting since I was a child, and I also like poetry and poetry. I especially love matching matches. When my parents saw that I was old enough to leave the court, they wanted to match me. But I was young and angry. Sheng, I will marry someone who can match the pair I made. My parents have no choice but to follow me, so they will make a list of the pair, and hope that the talented person who is destined will marry me for a hundred years…”

Gui Qingting asked curiously when he heard it: “May I ask you, what is the upper couplet you wrote?”

The woman said quietly: “Actually, my Shanglian is a portrayal of my mood of looking for a bosom friend, ‘I look for it everywhere in the ups and downs, warm and cold’.”

After hearing this, Gui Qingting applauded secretly, this couplet is an exquisite double-character couplet! Then he asked: “Then is there anyone who can match up?”

The woman began to cry quietly after hearing the question: “This pair has been linked for more than two months, but no one can match it. I thought to myself that this pairing is not absolute, but no one can take the next couplet. I only hate that I was born at the wrong time. I can’t get a wishful gentleman. Unexpectedly, on the day when I was disheartened and prepared to accept it, the servants found a couplet at the crack of the door, “Yingyingyanyanhuahuayeqingqing evening evening Chaochao”. Seeing this second couplet, I like it, and looking at the words are strong and powerful, I think I finally hope for someone who is destined to come. There is a paragraph in the goodbye letter, “If Miss Meng does not give up, please hang your handkerchief on the gate. I will bring silk to visit tonight.’ The prodigal son of Wushan left a message.”

“At that time, I was already in a rage, and without thinking about it, I hung my handkerchief on the door, washed and dressed, and waited for the night to come. Unexpectedly, it was past three o’clock, and I hadn’t seen the visit of this prodigal son from Wushan. Parents Seeing that it was too late, I was asked to go back to the room to rest first, so I had no choice but to go back to the room unhappily. Just as I was falling asleep, I heard a gust of wind blowing in the room, and there was a faint person standing in front of my bed. I was shocked I hurriedly sat up, but saw a dwarf who was black all over, with a hairless head and shrunk head, staring at me.

I was so frightened that I hid under the quilt and didn’t dare to come out, but I heard the man say: “Miss, why don’t you come out and see, the prodigal son of Wushan is here to pay a visit. When I heard that this person called himself the prodigal son of Wushan, he secretly poked his head out to have a look. I saw that he was holding my handkerchief in his hand. I calmed down a little and asked in a trembling voice: “Are you the one from the couplet? “

“Exactly, Miss Meng fell in love with me wrongly, so I will bring Miss Meng a handkerchief to meet you tonight.” Although the visitor looks ugly, he speaks in a gentle manner.

When I saw him so ugly, and with his small mung bean eyes, I felt disgusted in my heart, and said anxiously: “You are so ugly, how can I entrust you to my life, little girl, please go back!”

Unexpectedly, the man heard this, and cried out in distress: “Although I am ugly, I am full of poetry and prose talent. Why can’t you even match the handsome man you said? You don’t want to marry me, I will write a couplet.” The upper line asks you to come to the right. If you are right, I will never bother you again. If you have not made the second line when I come tomorrow at this time, I will take it away in the future. After finishing speaking, a gust of wind blows, That person disappeared.”

“I got up quietly, but saw a couplet on the table, ‘Water truck, truck water, water follows the truck, and the water stops when the truck stops.’ This couplet seemed simple, but I was ashamed and surprised at the same time. , I thought that this person matched up with the right pair, but I would break my promise to him, and people would laugh at me for not keeping my word, and I couldn’t match up with the couplet he made for a while, thinking about his appointment tomorrow night In a fit of anger, he committed suicide.”

“I never thought that I was a ghost, and he would not let me go, haunting me all day long, and not allowing me to enter the underworld and reincarnate. If I have to match up with this pair, otherwise I will be a lonely ghost for the rest of my life , stay with him forever. He said that if I can match up, I will never bother each other again. But I still haven’t matched up now.” The woman began to cry again after she finished speaking.

After hearing the woman’s words, Gui Qingting was very surprised. He didn’t expect such a strange thing to happen in the world, so he hurriedly asked, “Where is this person from?”

The woman in white said quietly: “He only said that his home is at the foot of Wushan Mountain, next to the waterwheel. He told me that if I got the right match, he would never come to look for me again in this life, and I would be reincarnated in the underworld.”

“I’ve heard that you are extremely talented, and I never met you. Today, I heard that you came here on a boat. My daughter specially invites you to help me. I hope you can save my little girl.” After finishing speaking, the woman in white bowed deeply.

Gui Qingting looked at this lonely female ghost, feeling pity in his heart, looking at her resentful and beautiful eyes, unknowingly swayed again, gently took out the folding fan from his sleeve, and shook it slowly. Fanning, he thought he must help this poor female ghost fulfill her wish.

The breeze is flying around with fallen leaves, the stream seems to be beating the rhythm for these flying leaves, and the fan of Gui Qingting seems to be infected, turning up and down in keeping with the rhythm. There was a sudden movement in his heart, and he blurted out: “Yes, ‘Fan, fan, wind out of fan, fan out of wind.'”

Only bursts of faint laughter came from the air: “I finally have a couplet, I’m on the same page, heh, I can be reincarnated as a human again, thank you son for saving me, the little girl can escape the sea of ​​suffering, I’m going …” After speaking, a breeze blew up, confusing Gui Qingting’s eyes.

When he woke up and opened his eyes, he had returned to the boat, Gui Qingting sighed in his heart, not seeing the fan in his hand, he still suspected that everything just now was just an illusion.

When I returned to the town, my heart became more at ease, and I was walking towards the house, but I saw the people in the town rushing to tell each other with strange expressions: “What a strange event! What a strange event! Beside the waterwheel at the foot of Wushan, floating up Here comes the corpse of a big tortoise.” “I have lived for dozens of years and have never seen a tortoise as big as a table! It’s amazing!” “I heard that the tortoise hit the waterwheel by itself. It was all broken, and the river was stained red with blood!” “I heard that before the big tortoise was killed, someone saw a woman in white chanting something to it. The woman seemed to cry when she saw it died, and then disappeared together with the big tortoise’s body… What a strange thing!…”

Listening to the conversations of the townspeople, Gui Qingting’s heart fluctuated endlessly. He never thought that the prodigal son of Wushan was actually a turtle spirit, let alone that this turtle spirit would be so infatuated.

When he got home, he felt his whole body sore and limp, and fell asleep. Deep in his sleep, he suddenly saw the female ghost he saw in the woods come to his bed. I didn’t expect it!… He was so infatuated with me… He heard that I met the first and second couplets, and knew that I was going to leave her. I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t judge people by their looks, and I’ve hurt myself and him too…”

Gui Qingting heard these words in a dream, and couldn’t help sighing softly. Suddenly, a black-body, hairless, mung bean-eyed dwarf stood out from behind the female ghost, and the dwarf bowed to him: “Thank you, sir, for helping us, I wouldn’t have bumped into her if it wasn’t for your help.” Died in front of the waterwheel, it wasn’t me who crashed and died in front of the waterwheel, my wife would not be moved by it, she gave up the chance of reincarnation, and would like to form a ghost couple with me, and live freely between yin and yang. I don’t regret it at all , I am even happier than when I have cultivated a thousand years of Taoism, we will leave now, young master take care!” After saying that, both of them walked away in the quiet wind.

Gui Qingting suddenly woke up from the dream, only to see a wet spot of water on the head of the bed, and a pair of couples looming in the water: “Mountains, rivers and rivers, everywhere are faint and strange. Spirits and spirits are strange, gathering faintly from time to time. “

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