Chapter 165 Corpse Slough

Xiaoyue nodded: "Yes, Nika said that her master knew that this disease was called 'corpse slough', but he lived in seclusion in the Blue Moon Valley." "Corpse slough? "Daoist Xufeng was taken aback when he heard this, and said slowly, "In the "Supreme Secret Essentials" written by Yu Wenyong, Emperor Wu of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, there was a record of 'corpse solution', which is called 'husband's corpse solution, the transformation of form. The real practice of sloughing off, the escaping and changing of the body, is like a cicada leaving skin and changing its bones. Those who lose their bones or only leave bones or clothes are all called cadaveric solutions. I don't know if this "corpse sloughing" is the same. … Continue readingChapter 165 Corpse Slough