Mei Niang Of Liaozhai

Call me Mei Niang, that’s how he called me back then. I remembered that Mei Niang said that the son was buried in the bamboo forest in the backyard. Mei Niang whispered, every word seemed to be sighing. Could it really be related to Mei Niang? Mei Niang gave up a thousand years of Taoism for a dead person, and Xue Yuanchen forgot his responsibility as a Taoist priest for a goblin. Xue Yuanchen and Mei Niang were together as a demon, but they couldn’t find his soul. Was he reincarnated? Mei Niang murmured. Xue Yuanchen was a little sad, Mei Niang would never forget that young master, so every year on his memorial day, she would bring a scholar to his grave. A demon, Xue Yuanchen and Mei Niang closed their eyes with a smile. … Continue readingMei Niang Of Liaozhai