Long Hair Woman

The long-haired woman got up and down, and suddenly the wind blew, and the curtains blew higher. Just where the curtains came out, he saw a figure hanging upside down on the window, half of his body exposed, and the shadow had long hair. They all fell down, which frightened him so much that he shouted out, "There's a ghost, there's a ghost, daddy, there's a ghost!" … Continue readingLong Hair Woman

Build A Building For The Dead

Building a building for the dead A householder who runs a family hotel often has beautiful clothes hanging out at home. Everyone is very surprised how they can afford those good clothes from an ordinary family? What is more chilling is the way they deal with the corpses. They dug a big pit in the yard, collected a certain number of corpses, and placed them side by side in the pit, then put cement on them, killed people, and hid them again. Make up the number of corpses, and when you have enough, put them in place and put cement on them. In this way, when the corpses were lifted, those people seemed to be built into "buildings of corpses". There are more than 40 corpses in total, living in the "building" with several floors underground… … Continue readingBuild A Building For The Dead