Relocation Of Hongdong County

People in this area say: We are from Yechiwo, Hongdong County, Shanxi. Hongdong County is located in an important traffic road. The Ming Dynasty government wanted to relocate people. Although it did not specifically relocate Hongdong people, it regarded Hongdong as the focus of relocation. So they set up bureaus in Guangji Temple and under the big locust tree to handle appropriate matters. At this time, the government of the Ming Dynasty posted notices to deceive the common people, saying: Those who do not want to migrate should gather under the big pagoda tree. On this day, a large group of officers and soldiers surrounded the people under the big locust tree, and an official announced loudly: The emperor of Ming ordered that anyone who came under the big locust tree be moved away. Therefore, the descendants of immigrants have the characteristics of small toenails with two petals. … Continue readingRelocation Of Hongdong County