Short Ghost Story

The crew always travels to various places across the country for filming, and encounters a lot of strange things. I also encountered strange things while filming, but the strangest things were told by my friends.

(1) This story was also told by Brother Li. Last spring, he accepted a TV series about police and criminals. Before filming started, Brother Li and several cameramen went to the field to select the location. The scene they wanted to choose this time was in a mountain, and they planned to find a suitable place to build a fake tomb for use during filming. They searched many places but could not find a suitable place. As a result, they walked to a mountain at the junction of Hebei and Henan that day. Brother Li found that there was no human habitation here, but it did not look like a barren mountain. The plants and other things were very dense and very dense. It suited the needs of the play, so we decided to set up the scene here.

As a result, as soon as they took the props and other things used for the set out of the car, everything changed. First, a strong wind blew, making the whole forest roar. The originally clear sky gradually darkened, as if a large dark cloud came from nowhere and covered the entire sun. Brother Li directed several workers to work quickly, saying that it was probably going to rain. While they were working, a cameraman said he wanted to go for a while and went to the woods behind alone. In less than two minutes, the cameraman ran back in a hurry and said to Brother Li: Brother Li, go and look at the back! Brother Li saw that he was in a panic and could hardly speak clearly, so he followed him to the woods behind him.

When they arrived less than 200 meters away from the scene, they saw countless graves. Brother Li said that there are at least a hundred graves. Moreover, these graves have no tombstones, just small bags of soil piled one after another, densely packed one next to the other. There was still a strong wind blowing less than 200 meters away from where they set up the scene, but there was not a trace of wind blowing here, and it was eerily quiet. It was as if everything was still. Brother Li was shocked when he saw this situation. He didn't expect that they randomly chose a place to set up the scene, and it was actually next to such a large tomb. He quickly backed out with the cameraman. There was still strong wind outside the woods, and the sky was getting darker and darker. At 3:30 in the afternoon, it was as dark as 7 or 8 pm. Seeing this situation, Brother Li and the others did not dare to stay any longer, for fear that they would offend the owners of this tomb. So he and the workers packed up their things and hurried down the mountain.

They drove a total of two cars, a Jetta in which Brother Li and several cameramen rode, followed by a pickup truck to hold props. Just halfway through the drive, Brother Li saw many people walking up the mountain. This group of people included men and women, old and young, in groups of three and two. They looked like local farmers and were dressed in ordinary clothes. Brother Li stopped the car, grabbed an old man, and asked if there were any mountains like this one nearby. Unexpectedly, the old man looked at Brother Li intently without saying a word. At this time, they discovered this The group of people all stopped and turned to look at them. Brother Li suddenly felt cold all over. This group of people was really strange. When they came, they had basically seen the entire mountain and found no houses or farmland at all. Where were these people going? why do not you speak? He suddenly thought of the large tomb in the woods! This time, they didn't dare to stay anymore. They were so frightened that they drove down the mountain in a hurry. Until they were very far away, Brother Li still saw the group of people standing there looking back at them.

(2) In the winter of 2005, while filming, I met a little girl who was an editor. The little girl's surname is Li, everyone calls her Yanyan . She is from Tangshan. She is two years younger than me, but has a bold personality, which suits me very well. The little girl is not very young, but she has been on the crew for more than four years.

We were living in the same room at that time, and when she had nothing to do at night, she would talk to me about some interesting things about the crew, and one day we started talking about this topic. Yanyan told me something that happened to her last year.

Yanyan has a cheerful personality and gets along well with her colleagues on the crew. In the winter of 2004, she followed a crew to film a TV series in Tianjin. The TV series is about a drama that took place during the Republic of China. At that time, a scene was filmed at the Cantonese Guild Hall in Tianjin. Because Yanyan works as an editor, she usually doesn't go to the scene. After the cameraman gets the tape back in the evening, they edit the film in the computer room.

The scene in the advertising club was actually near the end of the entire film. There was a scene that was filmed in a theater courtyard of the Cantonese Guild Hall, and it was about the heroine singing. It was an ordinary scene with not many actors on stage, but there were more than a hundred extras off stage. Because they were all dubbed in post-production, the scene was quite noisy. It wasn't too late to finish filming that day, and the work ended at around 8 p.m. Yanyan and the other editors took the day's film and started working.

I don’t know much about editing, but I heard from Yanyan that they would do some editing for every scene. The tape lasted for an hour and a half. When it reached 44 minutes, Yanyan suddenly discovered that something was not right. . The film was very clear on the computer monitor. The heroine was wearing a costume, singing on the stage, and dancing with a water sleeve. At this time, on the screen, the shadow of a woman appeared in the direction of the heroine dancing with the water sleeve. It is indeed a shadow, a black shadow, but under the light, it is obvious that it is a woman with long hair. Judging from the shadow, the woman's posture is also very strange. The shadow was in a half-crouched position, as if looking at something on the ground, with its long hair hanging down. At that time, Yanyan and the others did not pay attention, thinking that it was the shadow of a staff member who accidentally exposed it. So the scene was cut.

When the director came to watch the film, he suddenly asked: Whose shadow is this? Yanyan ran over and took a look. It was obvious that the shot that had been cut out appeared again at this time, and the posture of the shadow also changed, becoming a standing position, but the head was still lowered. Yanyan still didn't take it to heart, thinking it had been cut off just now.

Who would have known that the next day, in another venue of the Guangdong Guild Hall, in a courtyard, there was a scene where the male and female protagonists were rivaling each other. During the editing, Yanyan discovered this shadow again. This time it was not a shadow, but a clear woman, wearing a white costume, standing in the corner. Her face could not be seen clearly, but from the direction she was standing, it seemed as if she was watching the male and female protagonists acting. This time, Yanyan kept an eye out, and when the director came, she asked about the situation. As a result, the director said that it was impossible for anyone else to appear in the camera at that time. Indeed, if it is a big scene, there may be extras accidentally exposed, but this scene is a scene where the male and female protagonists compete alone, and it is impossible for anyone else to show up, not to mention the director and cameramen are in front of the camera. Watching. Yanyan also discovered that this person appeared again at the 44th minute of the tape. Yanyan felt very scared at the time, so she called many people to see her, and everyone saw this woman. But no one could tell what was going on.

In the following days, this woman continued to appear in the film. Sometimes it's a shadow, sometimes it's a whole person, but they're all dressed in white costumes. I don't know why, but in some shots, I'm very close to the woman, but her face is blurry. Yanyan and the others had no choice but to delete all the scenes in which women appeared.

(3) Last fall, I accepted advertisements one after another. This advertisement is a public service advertisement, mainly about caring for the elderly and children.

The commercial was filmed in a welfare home in Fangshan District, Beijing. It's about two hours' drive from Beijing. The orphanage is very simple. There is a building on the right where the elderly live. To be honest, the environment is not very good. The lighting in the whole building is poor and it looks dirty. It's the kind of tube building with many rooms on one floor and the corridors are very dark. When we went there, the whole building was very quiet. The administrator said it was nap time for the elderly, so there was no one there. There were only two or three old people sitting on the benches in the corridor. Their expressions were dull and numb. Seeing this, I felt sour in my heart.

The row of bungalows on the left is a children's welfare home. It is very clean, with 7 or 8 rooms. There are not many children living there, only about ten or so. Most are children with cerebral palsy. I heard from my aunt that they were all abandoned by their parents. The crew bought a lot of toys and some food, and asked me to give them to the children, as a token of our gratitude. In fact, those children are very cute, but they cannot speak, and some even have no consciousness at all, but their eyes are very pure. One of the children, lying in the crib, had a big head and big eyes. When he saw me coming to see him, he kept smiling at me. But the aunt said that although he was smiling, he actually didn’t know who you were, and he didn’t know anything. When I was about to leave, this child suddenly held my hand with his little hand. At that moment, I suddenly felt that he actually understood everything. After I came out from there, I felt sad for a long time.

After the daytime shooting, the crew was originally going to return to Beijing, but there were a few shots that needed to be shot in the morning sunshine, so everyone stayed here temporarily. Part of the crew stayed in a nearby hotel, while several girls from the crew and I stayed in the orphanage. In the evening, I went to see those children again, and I felt very distressed.

It was around nine o'clock in the evening when Xiao Lin, a girl who lived in the same room as me, asked me to accompany her to the canteen outside to buy some food. The two of us were walking in the orphanage at night. The surroundings were very quiet, and the faint cry of children could be heard. I thought about those poor children again. When we walked to a pavilion in the welfare home for the elderly to rest, we suddenly saw a child squatting on the ground and crying. I felt aggrieved while crying. He was a little boy, who looked about five years old. He was wearing white clothes, the same clothes that the children in the orphanage wore. We both walked over quickly, and I asked him: "Little darling, why are you crying?" The child didn't speak or raise his head, and just kept crying. There was nothing we could do, so we decided to go find the aunt who usually looked after them.

When we went to find the aunt, the aunt had just finished coaxing several children and they were all ready to go to bed. Surprised to see us. We told her about the little child crying in the pavilion. The aunt was also very anxious, asking if a child had run out? We followed her to check out several rooms where children lived, but the aunt said there were no shortage of children! We were also anxious and asked our aunt to take another look, because the little boy was clearly wearing the clothes from the orphanage! So I said, I'll go and have a look.

Running all the way, I ran to the pavilion. From a distance, I saw the little boy still squatting there. I walked over and was about to reach out to pull him up when I heard my aunt calling me. I turned around, and my aunt and Xiao Lin came with me. I said, "Auntie, look, it's this child." As I said that, I turned around, but I was stunned. The little boy just now was gone. Xiao Lin and I looked at each other and we were speechless at that time. Especially for me, when I think of my previous experiences, I think I may have encountered it again. Auntie didn't say anything and asked us to go back and take a break to watch old movies about ghost husbands . We didn't buy anything and went straight back to the room to sleep.

The next day, I went to find my aunt and asked her about the little boy. The aunt said that she had not been in this orphanage for a long time, but she had seen this little boy several times, but she didn't know what was going on.

I didn't feel any fear at all. Thinking of the lonely little boy crying, I just felt sorry for him. Including the children in the orphanage, they were so young and helpless. This was the first time I encountered this kind of thing and I didn’t feel scared. I just thought about what they would be like now if they had not been abandoned by their parents. ? But I know that most children with cerebral palsy were abandoned by their parents, or were killed during their lifetime.

To this day, I can’t forget those pure eyes I saw and the little boy’s low cry.

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