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When it was getting dark, the sun put away his last smile, and a middle-aged man holding a cane and wearing a gray gown walked on a winding path.

Behind him is a village, an ordinary village, but this ordinary village is extraordinary because of the monument at the entrance of the village.

The middle-aged man has been coming here almost every day to check the stone tablets since he can remember. This is his job and his responsibility.

Everyone living in this world has responsibilities. People without responsibilities only live for themselves. As a man, you must shoulder some responsibilities, otherwise, you are not a real man.

The same goes for Ji Xue. His responsibility is to protect the Ji family clan. This is his responsibility as a descendant. He does not feel wronged or unfair. Because being a member of the Ji family is not something to be happy about. On the other hand, he was also thankful that although he lost a leg because of Ji Yan, it was no longer a serious problem after the prosthesis was installed.

As usual, he came to check the stone tablet at the entrance of the village, the stone tablet with the word "Sanskrit" engraved on it.

But today he saw that the stone tablet was cracked, cracked from the middle, and the crack penetrated the word "Sanskrit". Ji Xue was speechless, and his face instantly turned as dark as the black of night.

"What's supposed to come will eventually come." He sighed softly, slowly stepping back, and walked back.

The black fox never appeared again, and Xiu Xiang would naturally grow into a strong black fox along with his father. But I never knew what Heihu told Ji Yan that day, and why Heihu was actually afraid of Ji Yan.

Perhaps a good friend must also keep some secrets, some of his own secrets, so that it will not affect the friendship between us. Most people think that having secrets will make people curious. However, if people don’t have curiosity, there won’t be any secrets. But I know that if Ji Yan doesn't tell me something, it will be a little troublesome to prove it.

By the way, there is also the young man who has no pupils but got Li Zheng's body. What is he doing? Perhaps being with someone like Ji Yanli Zheng can always bring strange things to people.

It's great to have such a friend.

"You want to know why you backed away when you looked at me that day?" Ji Yan leaned on the red bookshelf, looked at me sideways, and blew out a smoke ring from her slightly open mouth. I was already at Ji Yan's home. The kid sitting next to me was Li Zheng. He was reading an old notebook and was looking at it intently. He didn't pay any attention to us. It seemed that he didn't really mind that he had become smaller. .

"Actually, I don't know, but I heard what Black Fox said." Ji Yan put out the cigarette butt, put his hands in his pants pockets, and walked up to me.

"I was also surprised. I didn't know that I could understand their language, but I clearly heard it telling me that a young man with silver hair often appeared in that mountain. The black fox could not smell the traces of living people on him. But I can't smell the smell of monsters either." I was confused after hearing this. What did this mean?

"Later I told Li Zheng, but I didn't expect him to say that descendants of the Li family have been able to understand fox language since ancient times. But this way I also know that that guy is actually hiding in the mountains." I rarely see Ji Yan wrinkled He frowned, but he always had a smile on his face no matter how dangerous or complicated things were. I suddenly looked at Li Zheng, but he was still looking at the notes, as if it had nothing to do with him. When he realized that I had been staring at him, Li Zheng finally put down the notes in his hand.

"What does it have to do with me? It's not like I have no obligation to help you since it's in my hands." He smiled broadly. Maybe I should have known earlier that there was no need to count on him unless Li Zheng's own interests were affected. caused damage.

"If you sit back and watch, you will only be a child in this life." I said coldly.

Li Zheng paused and looked at Ji Yan. There was an inexplicable smile on Ji Yan's face, but if you look closely, it didn't look like a smile.

"What you said makes sense. Indeed, if Ji Yan is gone, firstly, I will have one less opponent, and secondly, it will be more difficult to get my body back. However, we are in the open, and that guy can attack us at any time, and he We don't know the ultimate goal or identity. Fighting with this kind of opponent is equivalent to fighting with the air." I have to admit that what Li Zheng said makes sense.

But just because it makes sense doesn't mean it's useful.

"Well, let's set off today and go to the deep mountain where the black fox lives to see if there are any clues." Ji Yan decided, and Li Zheng nodded noncommittally.

Onmyoji red ghost _ Onmyoji red ghost _ Onmyoji red ghost _ Onmyoji red ghost _ Onmyoji red ghost _ Onmyoji red ghost _ Onmyoji red ghost _ Onmyoji red ghost _ Onmyoji red ghost _ Red ghost Onmyoji Master_Yin Yang makes ghost master

I went too. This was not Ji Yan’s original intention, but Li Zheng looked at me with a smile.

"Let him go, even a piece of toilet paper will have its purpose." Li Zheng smiled again.

This is not a good metaphor, but since Ji Yan agreed to let me go, it is still acceptable.

We did not tell Luo Lei and Li Duo, especially Li Duo. Neither Ji Yan nor Li Zheng wanted her to get involved in this matter.

They have only one wish, that Li Duo can live as an ordinary girl.

We have all seen that kind of power, and they even know it better than me. That power will not only destroy others, but it is also more likely to destroy herself.

It took us two hours to reach the foot of the mountain where we visited last time. It was no different from the previous few days. It was still very beautiful, but there were far fewer tourists.

But we didn't expect that someone would greet us.

Wearing white clothes, silver hair, and sunglasses, he stood in the sunshine and smiled happily.

"I said, if I am not sure, I will not be enemies with both of you at the same time." He smiled, and sure enough, this guy did have Li Zheng's body, and even his tone of voice was very similar.

"Oh? So you mean you have this ability now?" Before Ji Yan could speak, Li Zheng spoke first.

"Come with me, I will tell you everything." He took off his sunglasses, and I took a closer look. Sure enough, he had gray eyes with no pupils.

Let's call him Wu Tong.

He seemed confident, keeping his back to us, and knew we would follow him up. The mountains are very quiet, and the occasional mountain breeze makes people feel very comfortable, but it is still a little damp and cool.

The group of people were suddenly speechless. Halfway up the mountain, Wu Tong in front of them suddenly stopped. He looked back at the three of us with a smile.

"Do you know why people have pupils?" Wu Tong asked with a smile. We were silent for a long time, and Ji Yan slowly answered him.

"In ancient times, Nuwa created humans and molded their bodies out of clay. However, their souls could not rest at ease. Nuwa created pupils to restrain them. So when a person's pupils dilate, it is the time when the soul leaves the body." Ji Yandun After a pause, "But this is just a legend."

"A person without pupils, of course, has no soul." Wu Tong stood at a high place, his body covering the sun behind him. I couldn't see his face clearly, but I could feel that he had something to say.

"What am I? Even I don't know myself. I am neither human nor demon, nor ghost nor god. Because these things are all made of soul.

In fact, I am just the remaining fragments after the explosion of Resentment Cliff, but they entered this body for no reason. So I retained the consciousness of Yuanya, the consciousness of countless people who died unjustly. One of the voices told me that if I want to truly obtain the soul, I must collect the fragments after the explosion of Resentment Cliff and Soul-Returning Incense.

Red ghost Yin Yang master_Yin Yang master red ghost_Yin Yang makes ghost master

The power of the soul-returning incense from that explosion has been integrated into the fragments of Resentment Cliff, and every fragment of Resentment Cliff has amazing power. I use these fragments to deceive those mortals and use their *, so that the greedy and ugly human nature can maximize the ability of Resentment Cliff, and then I can hope to obtain a real soul, whether it is a human or a god, in short I need a conclusion. "He finally finished.

"But you indirectly killed many people." I suddenly asked sharply, and Ji Yan also looked back at me. The sky gradually began to darken. It was said that there was a partial solar eclipse today, and the sunlight behind Wu Tong began to slowly lose its luster. Still smiling, he took out a box from his pocket, which was about two inches long and the color of black iron. When he took the box out, there was a thick layer of black fog around it.

Wutong opened the box, and a long hexagonal crystal floated out, like a black crystal. However, there seems to be a crack on it.

"When my consciousness was incomplete, the voice also told me that if we want to fuse the real Resentment Cliff and the Soul-Returning Incense, two conditions are needed." Wutong threw up the crystal, and the strange thing was that the black The crystal-like thing did not fall to the ground, but was suspended in mid-air.

"First, we need the blood-soaked fragments of the Ji clan members who were murdered. Second, we need the bodies of the Li clan people. We are so lucky to have both." After saying that, Wutong rushed to us quickly, as fast as It was so fast that everyone was so shocked that they couldn't move.

He only stretched out one hand, but Ji Yan couldn't move and stood there stiffly. Li Zheng next to him was even more restrained in place, as if there was an invisible rope tied to his body.

"Remember that person who can make people run infinitely? I gave him the fragments and had no intention of taking them back at that time, because I was in the dark at that time, or in other words, I was always there when you were dealing with everything. When you killed him angrily, I didn't take back the fragments, because I understand the temper of your people. When you picked up the fragments, I let it enter your body, just like the prepared food. , when I need it, I will take out the last and most important piece from your body." I watched helplessly as Wu Tong sucked out a black mist from Ji Yan's body with a smile.

It's like the "run" time, except this time it's coming out of the body. The black mist quickly merged into a thin and slender surface in Wutong's hands, and finally entered the cracked black crystal. The crystal is truly intact.

Wutong's face showed uncontrollable joy.

"I didn't expect it would go so smoothly." He was overjoyed and held the crystal in his hand.

"Next, haven't you fulfilled all the conditions, but you still have no pupils." Li Zheng suddenly sneered in a low voice. Wu Tong ignored him and turned around and walked over. Ji Yan, on the other hand, fell to his knees on the ground as if he was exhausted.

"I said, although I couldn't compete with you in that manor, but now I have this overwhelming power, even if you don't come to me, I will come to you soon." Wutong raised the crystal. Above the head, facing the sun that has begun to eclipse.

His eyes were staring directly at the sun.

The crystal in his hand, the sun, and Pupil's eyes formed a straight line, and the blocked sunlight penetrated through the black crystal and entered Pupil's eyeballs, as if performing a ritual.

Without saying a word, Li Zheng took out a nail from his waist and threw it directly towards the crystal. I could barely see the path of the nails and only discovered where they were going by the sound.

Half of the nails hit Wutong's back, and the other half shot towards the crystal.

Although the objects were different, the result was the same. All the nails fell to the ground for no reason, as if they hit a wall of air.

Before I could react, Li Zheng's hands were filled with nails again and he rushed towards Wu Tong.

But the ritual is complete, because the sun has regained its full body again, and this time the partial eclipse is short.

Wutong didn't turn his head, but still turned his back to Li Zheng who was rushing over.

Li Zheng did not throw the nail in his hand, but directly held it in his hand and stabbed it out.

But Wu Tong turned around, grabbed Li Zheng's hands with both hands, and lifted Li Zheng up. Li Zheng, who was in the air, flew out to kick Wu Tong's face, but was easily dodged.

"This is your body, I don't care if it's broken." Wutong smiled. Because he was fighting, I couldn't see his eyes clearly, so I had to help Ji Yan up. His complexion was much better than before. , but still very weak.

As soon as Wutong's voice fell, Li Zheng suddenly spit out something from his mouth.

It was actually nails, and there were two of them, flying directly into Wu Tong's eyes at such a close distance.

When Li Zheng spit out the nails, I saw a victorious smile on his face, but the smile soon solidified.

Because something happened that he couldn't imagine.

The nail did hit Wutong's eye, but it was like shooting into a deep pool of water and sank directly into it.

This time I saw that the pupilless eyes finally had pupils. Has he succeeded? But who is he now?

The nail actually flew out of Wu Tong's mouth again, this time hitting Li Zheng's legs and ankles directly. Both nails were shot straight in. When Wu Tong threw Li Zheng to the ground, Li Zheng's head was covered with sweat, but he bit his lips tightly and remained silent.

"Ordinary nails are of no use to me. Don't talk about you. Even if you are the leader of the two clans, I will not be afraid." Wu Tong looked at the two people on the ground and started to laugh.

"What are you now?" Li Zheng asked. Wutong suddenly stopped laughing.

"I don't know, even I don't know it myself, but I already have a soul and have the value of living. However, before I start enjoying my life, I must get rid of you so that I can feel at ease." Wutong Walked over slowly.

"Do you have any other tricks?" Ji Yan asked Li Zheng.

"There are no dead bodies here." Li Zheng replied.

"Then, just control me. I can use the technique of suspended animation to stop all body functions, just like a corpse. But it can only last for a few minutes. After time passes, I may turn into a real corpse." Ji Yan struggled to stand up.

"If we don't use it, we will die soon." A bug appeared vaguely on Li Zheng's shoulder. I recognized it. It was a corpse-controlling bug.

Wutong stopped and looked at Ji Yan in surprise.

Because Ji Yan had fallen down, like a piece of wood that had been chopped off, with her eyes closed and her face pale. At the same time, the corpse-controlling insect on Li Zheng's shoulder split and crawled into Ji Yan's body.

"Living dead." Wutong snorted from his nostrils.

But before the second sound came out, Ji Yan had already pulled out the blood sword from his hand. His speed is indeed beyond imagination.

Ji Yan is now actually under the control of Li Zheng, as if Li Zheng is controlling a puppet to attack Wutong.

Wutong struggled to dodge Ji Yan's attack. But he didn't notice a nail slowly moving on the ground.

The nail jumped up from the ground and shot out.

Wutong didn't dodge. It wasn't because he couldn't dodge, because he didn't need to dodge.

The nail was shot at Ji Yan.

I almost shouted.

The nail entered Ji Yan's right hand holding the blood sword at a very fast speed. I seemed to see the nail going through Ji Yan's arm.

Wu Tong was stunned by all this.

The blood sword stabbed Wutong's right eye, and he stepped back with all his strength, but the moment he landed, the nail was also shot out.

But Wutong no longer has the ability to retreat.

The nail shot through his eye. That was no ordinary nail, there was Ji Yan's blood on the nail.

He needs the fragments soaked in Ji Yan's murderous blood to complete the ritual, but now Ji Yan's blood is indeed a deadly weapon for him.

I saw the pupils in my pupilless eyes slowly fading away. It was as if he couldn't believe this fact.

"You told me that if the ceremony is successful, I will have a soul, and it will be an immortal soul." He shouted to the sky with all his strength.

Who exactly he was talking to I didn't know, but I knew he was screwed.

Wutong's body quickly disappeared and turned into dust.

This also means that Li Zheng can no longer take back his body. I saw his eyes blink, but there was no other excessive expression on his face.

Ji Yan also lifted the suspended animation technique, but his entire arm could no longer move. The only thing left where Wu Tong stood was the crystal as black as ink. I walked over and wanted to pick it up.

There are four more knives on the ground.

It's actually a knife made of paper. The white paper is like the paper money scattered at funerals.

I looked up and saw a young man wearing a tall, narrow hat, half-kneeling on a paper crane and looking at us with a smile on his face.

It was indeed a paper crane, and the young man also held a paper knife in his hand.

His attire resembles an Onmyoji from Japan's Heian period.

He has a handsome face and very cold and profound eyes, but there is a smile on his mouth, but it is a smile without any emotion.

The crystals on the ground mixed with the Soul-Returning Incense floated up and fell into the hands of the young man.

Ji Yan and Li Zheng had no extra strength. Although I was not injured, I knew that if I took one more step, the paper knife would pierce my heart.

The young man stood up in a large white robe and waved his sleeves gracefully.

"I can finally come out." He actually spoke. I was still worried that my Japanese was not good enough.

"If Wutong hadn't believed me, I'd probably still be locked up in the Resentment Cliff. But it doesn't matter. If more than a thousand years of freedom can be exchanged for the soul-returning incense, it's very worth it." After saying that, he took a picture of the paper crane. Clapping his hands, the paper crane quickly flew up.

"Take care of yourself, Onmyoji Red Ghost , I'm very grateful to you." Although the voice is still there, the person has disappeared.

Neither Li Zheng nor Ji Yan knew him, and had never even heard of him.

Although I know that there is only one Onmyoji who can use paper, I really find it confusing.

How could he appear in this place.

But there is no time to think about his identity now. The top priority is to send these two people to the hospital.

I walked to the bottom of the mountain and called the mountain guard to come up. It took a lot of effort to transport the two of them down the mountain.

Fortunately, both of them suffered from skin trauma. Although the nail penetrated Ji Yan's hand , it miraculously avoided important nerves and bones. It seems that Li Zheng was very careful in controlling the nail.

It's just that one of them wrapped his hands and the other wrapped his feet, looking at each other without speaking.

It seems that the two of them will stay here for a while.

What I was thinking about was how to make up an excuse to deal with Li Duo's inquiry.

Suddenly I thought of Wutong. It seemed that he should not have appeared in the first place. In the end, he just became a flag for others. Perhaps like some people, he wanted to prove his worth all his life, but in the end he found out that he was still being used by others. Take advantage of.

This is the saddest thing.

—Time Ghost—

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