Meeting A Spinning Girl At Night

Xu Sanbao was in the fish selling business, and it was already dark after selling the fish every day, so he had to pass through a huge forest on his way home. Passing through the woods on his way home that night, he accidentally glanced into the woods, and saw lights like beans in the depths of the woods, accompanied by the “squeak” of the hand spinning wheel. Xu Sanbao was quite puzzled, and thought to himself: “It’s so quiet in the middle of the night, in such a wilderness, where do people come from?”

Curiosity prompted him to go around the woods to explore lightly. In the depths of the woods, there are many barren mounds and weeds, and there are no houses. He thought that he had misread and heard the wrong sound, so he didn’t take it seriously.

Strangely, the next night, when he passed the woods, the lights and the sound of the spinning wheel still appeared, and the sounds were clear and distinct. His heart tightened: “Could it be that this place is haunted!” He simply let go of the fish load and walked lightly towards the light. After walking not far, he stopped under a big tree, and he could see clearly: under an oil lamp, a young woman was spinning, her hands were moving lightly and skillfully, without looking aside… She Is it a ghost? How can a ghost be so beautiful and alive? If not a ghost, then who? Xu Sanbao thought so in his heart, and he didn’t dare to ask boldly. Afraid of alarming her, he still quietly moved out of the woods.

Xu Sanbao is from Shipailou, Yangzi Street, Hangzhou. His parents died when he was young, and he made a living by herding cattle. After growing up, he lived independently. Fortunately, after the death of his parents, he left him two buildings and a place to live, so he made a living as a fish seller. His courage has been cultivated since he was a child, he is not afraid of the sky, he is not afraid of the earth, just because such a delicate weaving girl appeared out of nowhere in the woods, from then on, when the fishmonger passed by here every day, he simply took a break and hid there silently Behind a big tree, quietly watching this beautiful and beautiful young woman, listening to her skillful “squeak” weaving sound, I feel very beautiful in my heart.

Time flies, half a year has passed, and he has never mentioned the matter of the woman in the woods to anyone. One day, when he was returning home after selling fish, he met an old man with white hair walking with him. When approaching the woods, Xu Sanbao quickened his pace. The white-haired old man said: “Young man, why are you walking so fast?” Xu Sanbao was embarrassed and remained silent. Unexpectedly, the white-haired old man said again: “You like the weaving girl in the forest, right?” Xu Sanbao heard this, and blurted out: “How do you know?”

“Since I admire this girl, do you want to marry her? If so, I can help you figure it out!” The white-haired old man said with a smile. Xu Sanbao was silent again. He is 28 years old and has long wanted to have a wife, but it is difficult to speak out because of his shyness. The white-haired old man seemed to know his heart well, and said to him: “When you go to fish sales tomorrow, you can bring a rice ball with you to lure her to speak, then you put the rice ball in her mouth and return with it, but Don’t let her see the sun. In this way, she will be your wife!”

Xu Sanbao listened silently with his head down, liking it very much. He wanted to ask more details, but when he raised his head, the white-haired old man had already left. Xu Sanbao quickened his pace and wanted to catch up, but he saw a figure flashing in front of him, and the white-haired old man disappeared in an instant.

When he got home, Xu Sanbao couldn’t eat any more, and his mind was full of thoughts: Should we do what the old man said? Still not going? In the end, he decided, anyway, no one knows in the middle of the night, so let’s try it! In the middle of the night, Xu Sanbao got up to cook, and drank some wine to strengthen his courage. He stuffed the rice balls into his pocket, and went straight to the woods. In the distance, the lights in the woods came out again, approaching the woods, the sound of the spinning wheel still creaked. Xu Sanbao became excited all of a sudden, quickened his pace, and quickly came to the back of the woman. After standing there for a long time, he mustered up his courage and said, “You’re spinning this early?” Alright rice balls, wait for her to speak. However, the woman only cared about spinning and didn’t answer. After a while, Xu Sanbao struck up a conversation and said, “You are alone, late at night, aren’t you afraid?”

“Little girl is used to being lonely, don’t be afraid…” The girl was finally lured to speak. Xu Sanbao was overjoyed, he bent down abruptly, and quickly stuffed the rice ball in his hand into her mouth, immediately the woman was speechless for the rest of the sentence. Immediately afterwards, Xu Sanbao gently picked her up and carried her on his back, got out of the woods, and rushed home, carrying her all the way upstairs and putting her on his bed. Then, Xu Sanbao knelt down in front of the woman and begged, “You are too lonely in the woods by yourself, and I am too lonely. You can be my wife!”

At this time, the moonlight penetrated into the window, shedding a clear glow, and the room was like daytime. Although the woman did not speak, there was no anger on her face. “Why didn’t she speak? Did she get angry and ignore me?” Xu Sanbao blamed himself deeply for his reckless behavior, feeling a little flustered. After a while, the woman finally said: “Okay, I would like to be your wife, but I can’t see the sun, and I can’t go downstairs to wash and cook for you. It will be a burden to you.”

It turned out that she didn’t speak just now because there was a rice ball stuffed in her mouth, and she swallowed the rice ball before she could speak. Seeing that she agreed, Xu Sanbao was so happy that he jumped up and hugged her, and said: “I don’t want you to wash and cook, as long as you can be my wife. I am satisfied. I will treat you well!” The woman rolled her eyes With tears in his eyes, he nodded.

Since then, Xu Sanbao has a wife, and the two of them respect each other and love each other very much, and their life is as sweet as honey. Gradually, she can also drink porridge, and sometimes she can go downstairs to sit and chat with neighbors on cloudy and rainy days. She was very polite and polite to people. Seeing that Xu Sanbao married such a virtuous and beautiful wife, the neighbors all said that he was lucky.

Time flies by, and twenty years passed in a flash. Xu Sanbao had a son and a daughter. Due to the heavy burden of life, Xu Sanbao slightly remodeled the house and opened a tea room downstairs, which was taken care of by his daughter. , I still work as a fish trader. The son went to a foreign country to do business for a few years, and the family slowly saved some money, and life improved, and the son married a wife, and the whole family lived in a decent way, and Xu Sanbao gradually forgot about this old incident. up.

This summer, the sun was like fire and the heat was very sultry, and my daughter-in-law was about to give birth at this time. On this day, Xu Sanbao did not return from selling fish, and his son was far away. His daughter shouted: “Mother, come quickly, my sister-in-law is about to give birth!” Living.

Finally, she made up her mind, and there was a sound of “clacking” going down the stairs, but after a while, the sound of the stairs stopped, and her daughter called “Mother”, and ran over to have a look, only to see that she fell in the middle of the stairs up.

The daughter rushed to help her up, but she couldn’t get up anymore. A beam of sunlight from the small window was projecting on her body, and there was a big pool of blood beside her. She was still calling out in a low voice, murmuring: “Three treasures! Three treasures!”

When Xu Sanbao came back from selling fish, she had died for a long time. Xu Sanbao was heartbroken, and there was nothing he could do about it. He thought that her home was in the woods, so he built a grave for her in that woods.

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