Haunted House

It's okay to be anxious, but you still have to think of a solution. According to Ma Zhenren's opinion, there are many tricks that can be tried, but they are either too risky or do not have the conditions. In the middle of the night, Ma Zhenren sat alone in the courtyard smoking a dry cigarette, carefully thinking about the various crooked methods passed down by his ancestors.

If it were placed in the old society, it would not be impossible to solve a tomb. All kinds of materials are easy to get, but in this era of smashing everything, some materials may have become extinct forever. Every time he thought of this, Ma Zhenren felt a burst of regret and helplessness.

At this time, Zhang Guozhong was not idle either. He took a pile of ancient books and kept looking for them. These books were originally written about ancient mythological stories, such as "Flowers in the Mirror" and "Sou Shen Ji". Zhang Guozhong was very interested in These books were of little interest at first, but at this time, they were considered sick and they sought medical treatment. Even if they could find some clues?

Facts have proved that it is better to seek medical treatment randomly than not to seek medical treatment at all. In a Yuan Dynasty novel "Ghost Questions", Zhang Guozhong found such a story, about a scholar named Qiao (called Qiao Sheng in the book), whose father was killed by Huang Xian He was confused, obsessed all day long, and became increasingly thin. Later, an ascetic told Qiao Sheng that he could subdue Huang Xian with a knife that had killed people, so Qiao Sheng committed suicide in front of his father. Before he died, Qiao Sheng saw a long growth on his father's buttocks. With a tail (the living person's Yang Qi is very strong, some things are invisible, but if it is before death and the Yang Qi is greatly weakened, many things that only animals can see can be seen), he slashed with a knife. He cut off his father's tail. Although he saved his father in the end, he died.

This story was originally intended to promote filial piety, but it gave Zhang Guozhong a big wake-up call. Knives are inherently evil, but the killing blade is full of resentment, which naturally adds to the evil. Ghosts and gods are also afraid of it and keep away from it (some families hang swords and other objects in the hall for the purpose of guarding the house, which is why), and descend. The theoretical core of the art is "using evil to control people", which is the same as the principle of evil spirits and animals hurting people. Those things that can only be seen by normal people when they are near death can also be seen by Maoshan art with open eyes, so , Theoretically speaking, if there is a killing blade full of evil spirit, it is not impossible to defeat the enemy.

Thinking of this, Zhang Guozhong tentatively told Ma Zhenren his thoughts.

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"Master, this life-killing blade was also used by the ancestors of the Maoshan Sect. Taoist Zhao Yaoliang of the Ming Dynasty used it. Do you think we can try it today?"

"Try your ass, who should I kill? Kill you?" Master Ma has actually thought of this, but at this moment, where can he find the killing blade? Even if there is a murder case among the people, the murder weapon is an important physical evidence. If it is kept in the public security bureau, can it be lent to you to engage in feudal superstition? Moreover, this killing blade is not always proven. It is said that the Taoist priest Zhao Yaoliang of the Ming Dynasty was the only one who used the killing blade. It is unknown what he was fighting with, but at that time, Zhao Yaoliang was using an unearthed ancient Warring States sword. The blade was borrowed from the residence of Zhu Zhengse, the right-hand imperial envoy of the Ming Dynasty at that time. Although the final result was that the resentment was cured, Zhao Yaoliang was also able to cut through the dead with the Ghost Sword from another world . Moreover, if the evil spirit of this killing blade was It's not enough, even if the blade kills people, it will be in vain. Therefore, this idea only flashed in Ma Zhenren's mind for a moment and was immediately discarded.

But Zhang Guozhong is a person who accepts death. At this moment, he and Ma Zhenren are like doing math problems. There are only a few formulas. Whether they can solve them depends on experience. Zhang Guozhong put aside all the methods in his head. In this era of scarcity of materials, after all, the killing knife is better than the "Huazhi" (a scale on the belly of a reptile. According to the description of Maoshan Shu, Huazhi is a kind of haunted animal). The reptiles found near the snow line in Kunlun Mountains are similar in shape to tropical monitor lizards. They live in plateau areas around 4,000 meters above sea level all year round. There have been no records of being discovered since the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty.)" Such ethereal things are a hundred times easier to find.

When doing this, Zhang Guozhong first thought of his younger brother. The next day, he went to Li Erdan's house and inquired and found out that Li Erdan showed no signs of pain. He was just suffering from yellow water flowing from his orifices and was blind and deaf. He drank water and slept without delay. After confirming with the doctor that Li Erdan's life was not in danger, Zhang Guozhong jogged all the way home (at this time, Zhang Guozhong's physical fitness was basically as good as that of an Olympic marathoner. Licun was about 25 kilometers away from the city. From left to right, Zhang Guozhong jogged all the way for an hour and arrived).

"Brother, it's too much nonsense for you to ask for this thing…" Zhang Guoyi didn't know why his brother was asking for this at this time, "Even if he is a murderer, it is not my turn to catch him."

"Don't you know someone from the Public Security Bureau?"

Ghost sword from another world_Ghost sword from other world full-timer_Ghost sword from another world

"It's useless to know each other. There is no murderer, and the Public Security Bureau doesn't have anything like that… But wait, let me think about it…"

After pondering for a moment, Zhang Guoyi took Zhang Guozhong to an old residential building. At the beginning, living in the building was for high-ranking officials, but now it seems that the family where Zhang Guozhong came has obviously been raided countless times.

"This is my brother." Zhang Guoyi's face was expressionless, but an aunt beside him showed a stiff smile, "Comrade Zhang, thank you for last time…"

"Aunt Chen, I am here this time to ask you for a favor. If you agree, I will take care of Lao Liu's affairs."

"You…can you release Lao Liu…?"

"I can't guarantee that he will be released, but at least I guarantee that he will not suffer any punishment inside."

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After Zhang Guozhong's description, Aunt Chen couldn't understand it at all, but since Zhang Guoyi guaranteed the old man's safety in prison, she couldn't control that much. "Okay, let's go see him now and I'll persuade him!…"

Along the way, Zhang Guozhong learned that this old Liu Tou was once the secretary of the Tianjin Calligraphy Association and loved collecting antiques. The father of Old Liu Tou was Liu Ziwei, the famous comprador leader of Tianjin Wei in the late Qing Dynasty. Zhang Guozhong knew this man. In the early years of the Republic of China, Liu Ziwei's reputation in Tianjin Wei is not much smaller than that of Yuan Shikai, and most of the current Liu Tou's property was left by the old man.

In the early years of the Cultural Revolution, people like Old Liu Tou could not live in peace. In the second year of the Cultural Revolution, his home was raided. In subsequent major movements, his home was also listed as a key target of attack, but regardless of the red The guards rummaged through the boxes and cabinets, but found nothing except a few calligraphy and paintings and a few tattered books. This old man Liu was also a sycophant. No matter how hard he was beaten, he never mentioned the whereabouts of his antiques until he was accused of reselling cultural relics. Even though he was imprisoned on various charges, he still kept his mouth shut.

After hearing that Zhang Guozhong said that someone used ancient swords from the Warring States Period in ancient times, Zhang Guoyi also wanted to ask Lao Liutou if he had any ancient swords, so he made this trip to the prison.

Zhang Guoyi had already arranged the internal relations in the prison. He didn't know where he got the letter of introduction from the District Revolutionary Committee. After arriving at the prison, he got the green light and met Lao Liutou smoothly.

"I don't have any ancient swords or swords. You can find someone else." Old Liu Tou was still nonchalant as he smoked a cigarette.

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"Master Liu, I really want to save people now. I hope you can help me…" Zhang Guozhong had nothing to say, so he could only tell Old Liu about Li Erdan's story.

"Do you know the Maoshan Technique?" Old Liu Tou didn't care about Li Erdan or the descent to the tomb, but focused on the Maoshan Technique mentioned by Zhang Guozhong, "Then let me ask you, the energy of heaven and earth, the evil of earth, Sitting here, how can I solve my confusion?" This sentence means that after the animals absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and the yin energy of earth veins, they cause trouble in the human world. How to solve it?

How can this elementary question stump Zhang Guozhong? "The throat of Luo Lingzi is covered, and the veins of the nine arts are blazing," Zhang Guozhong thought for a while, and then added: "If there is a collision, it will probably be a ghost sword separated by a withered willow. If it is dead , it will be a real fire." "One burn." This means that when rushing to the ninth level, sprinkle conch silk silk on the patient's body (wound). If the animal spirit wants to break through, cover the wound with dry willow sticks and wait for one stick of incense. , and then burn it (withered wicker sticks) with real fire.

At this point, Old Liu Tou's eyes suddenly lit up, "The Qi of the seven meridians comes out: Xinyang, Huiding, Dantian, Zuyang, Yanshou, Tumen, and Dingtong." (This is the formula for the central meridians of Maoshan Shu. A person has seven qi, which must move from the above seven organs.)

Zhang Guozhong said: "The heart yang is in Qin, Huiting is in Yiyuan, Dantian is rushing, foot yang is covering, Yanshou is avoiding, Tumen is surging, Dingtong Buji" What Zhang Guozhong said is exactly what the old Liu Tou said. The second half of that paragraph.

"Who taught you this?" Old Liu Tou had a strange look in his eyes.

Ghost sword from another world_Ghost sword from other world full-timer_Ghost sword from another world

"Ma Chunyi (Ma Chunyi's real name is Ma Chunyi)"

"Junior brother, do you really want to get me out?" Old Liu showed a playful smile that was exactly like Ma Zhenren's, with pleats extending from the corners of his mouth to his cheeks.

As soon as Old Liu Tou said these words, even Zhang Guozhong felt depressed for a while. Why did another senior brother appear out of thin air? At this time, Zhang Guozhong remembered that when Master Ma was training him to open his eyes, he once said that there was a senior brother who was not enlightened. He opened his eyes in an hour, but this precious brother actually took a month. Could it be him?

Thinking of this, Zhang Guozhong looked at Old Liu Tou carefully. He was worthy of being Ma Zhenren's apprentice. His beard and hair were equally messy…


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