Haunted House

() "You said Zhang Wei took away the file information you showed me before?"

At noon, while eating, Yang Jian got such strange news from Liu Xiaoyu.

"Why did he steal your file information? That thing is worthless, and it doesn't have much use. Could it be that there was suddenly no paper when I went to the toilet, and you happened to be passing by?"

"Zhang Wei said he was going to handle this case. Are you going to take care of it? Get the files back." Liu Xiaoyu was furious and immersed himself in his work.

She was like this on her first day at work, and no one was in a good mood.

Yang Jian said: "No need, let him go. He has no logistical support and no supernatural power. He can't even find anyone with a file. He will naturally come back after wandering around without any results."

"But he affected my work." Liu Xiaoyu said.

Yang Jian corrected her: "You are wrong. Here, all the work revolves around me and satisfying me is your job. Nothing else matters."

"You are too crazy to do this." Liu Xiaoyu said.

"That's how I handle things. If you feel something is wrong, you can ask the headquarters to remove me from my position at any time." Yang Jian said casually.

Liu Xiaoyu had nothing to say and could only continue to work hard.

at the same time.

After Zhang Wei studied the archives and combined them with Yang Jian's analysis that he had just overheard, he drove straight to Chengbei District with a sense of confidence.

"Hey, Brother Afei, bring your people over quickly. It's time to get started. I've already sent the location."

"Awei? Okay, no problem. How many people will you take?"

"Everyone counts, bring them all over. It's not like I won't pay you wages. Hurry up."

Ghost brother mv_Gui brother Gui brother_Gui brother I am a male Qianqian

After putting down the phone, Zhang Wei nodded with satisfaction.

Sure enough, people still have to rely on themselves.

Fortunately, I am capable of doing things and can be independent. Otherwise, how could I protect the safety of Dachang City?


On the street of a pedestrian street in Chengbei District, Zhang Wei and other people came to see Brother Afei.

They were a dozen idle young men, not even gangsters. These people were all survivors after the starving ghost incident. Because they had no family members or relatives, and they were not too old or too young, they were both Since we can't study and can't find a job, we can only get together to eat, drink and have fun all day long.

Fortunately, they met Zhang Wei, a second-generation rich man who took advantage of them, and paid them monthly wages to support them.

Of course, Zhang Wei didn't think so. He thought this was recruiting troops and doing business.

"Just a few people? Where are the others? Are they in the Internet cafe again?" Zhang Wei said a little unhappy.

"So many people are not enough? Ah Wei, your call is so urgent. It's already great to find so many people for you, but the requirements are so high." Brother Ah Fei, who took the lead, complained.

Zhang Wei said: "This is a special mission and it is very important. Don't blame me for not reminding you that this matter may involve supernatural events. If you want to withdraw now before it is too late, I, Wei, will never stop you."

"I quit." Someone immediately backed down.

"Okay, your mother is gone." Zhang Wei nodded.


The man immediately rolled up his sleeves and walked over angrily: "I'll beat you to death."

Gui brother I am a male Qianqian_Gui brother Gui brother_Gui brother mv

Afei Ge on the side stopped his friend: "Calm down, calm down, he is our boss, beat him stupid, who will pay us in the future, we have to go online at night."

"Then let him go." The man immediately lost half of his anger.

"Awei, stop being scary. We almost died in the last supernatural incident. Why are you still here? Speaking of Brother Leg, why don't you call Brother Leg for such an important matter? I haven't seen Brother Leg for a long time. I'm a little bit. I miss him." Brother Afei said, recalling the scene when he first met Yang Jian.

At that time, he also wanted to extort Brother Leg's money, but the result was really disastrous.

"Brother Leg is busy traveling all day, so he doesn't have time. I can just take care of this little thing. Why, you can't trust me?" Zhang Wei said.

"I can't believe it." Brother Afei said bluntly.

Zhang Wei said: "It's okay, I just need to trust myself. This mission is very simple. Contact my friends who live in Chengbei District to see if any suspicious people or places have been found recently. If there is any situation, please notify me immediately. , you must know that my dual-wielding golden gun man is not a wasted reputation."

"No problem." Brother Afei agreed.

These idle young men really want to search for some suspicious phenomena and suspicious people in this area.

However, with detailed file information and Yang Jian's analysis, the area they searched was not wrong.

The anomaly is indeed in this area.

Dachang City, in a slightly old community in Chengbei District.

There are only a handful of residents living here. After the last starving ghost incident, this place was the hardest hit area. After the incident, the originally lively community instantly became deserted. Those who survived either left the city or Moved out of this neighborhood.

So much so that most of the buildings in Nuoda's community were empty, and some people left in such a hurry that they didn't even lock the doors, and didn't even need clothes or furniture.

But there are always some people who cannot leave here due to the pressure of survival or some personal reasons.

Gui brother mv_Gui brother I am a male Qianqian_gui Brother Gui Ge

Every night, there are always a few bright lights in this community.

The nineteenth building of the community.

There is only one household left in this building, which is Room 602 on the sixth floor.

The room was dark and oppressive, but the curtains on all the windows were closed. Even in broad daylight, not much light came in. There was a rotten smell in the turbid air.

This smell is easily identifiable as corpse odor.

But the smell of corpses is not strong. Once you leave the room, it is difficult to smell it outside.

Not to mention that the entire building here is uninhabited.

There was a yellowing desk lamp in the room, which added some light to the originally dark place.

The strange thing is that there is a broken corpse that seems to have been dissected on the bed in this room. The skin of the corpse is a little white, the blood in it has drained out, and every part of the corpse is rotten. It's different. Some parts of the body have already begun to seep out corpse water.

And some parts still have a bit of blood, which seems to be very fresh.

Legs, feet, Brother Gui, I am a male Qianqian , the torso, eyes, nose… every part seems to have been adjusted and put together in an almost perfect way. .

There are still wounds on the corpse, but you can already see it. This strange corpse lying on the bed has a male and female appearance, perfect facial features, and an indescribable weird feeling.

If Zhang Hua was still alive, he would have been able to tell that every part of the body was taken from the body of a victim.

And the parts are perfect.

Some people had long legs, so their legs disappeared after being killed. Some people had beautiful eyes, so their entire eye sockets were gouged out after being killed. Some people had beautiful hands, so their hands were chopped off.

Brother Gui, Brother Gui_Brother Gui mv_Brother Gui, I am a man’s Qianqian

In a sense, this is a perfect body.

It wasn't just a day or two that the body was placed on the bed, and as time passed, something incredible was quietly happening.

That is, the traces of wounds patched together on the corpse are disappearing.


Not disappearing, but healing.

It was as if the pieced-together corpse was already alive and growing.

From the looks of it, as long as it doesn't take long, the corpse will be completely healed and may even wake up from its deep sleep.

But if you really wake up, what kind of thing will it be?

A new existence pieced together from several living human body parts, a person who does not belong to this world.

This is a heresy created out of thin air.

In the large city of Dachang, the small changes in this room are not noticeable at all, and no one will even notice or notice, because there are no real supernatural events in this community, nor are there any examples of people being killed by evil spirits. , even if Yang Jian drove around this area, he didn't find it.

Because in the eyes of the ghost, this is a "living person" sleeping on the bed, not a weird corpse put together.

However, all this peace seemed to be broken by someone.

With the sound of a car braking, a strange vehicle arrived at the door of this community .

"Is this the place you're talking about? I don't read much, so don't lie to me." Zhang Wei was brought here in a daze by a spirited young man.

Brother Gui, I am a man’s Qianqian_Brother Gui, mv_Brother Gui, Brother Gui

"It's absolutely unmistakable. There must be dead people in the community here. I heard this from an old man who lives in this community. He said that when he was cleaning up the garbage in the corridor, he smelled the smell of corpses in one of the buildings, and it lasted for a while. Done." A young man in his early twenties vowed.

He lives near this community, and there are not many people coming and going in this area. Once he saw a group of old people gathering together to chat, and he went over to hear the gossip.

"Where's that old man?" Zhang Wei asked.

"How do I know this? I'm not familiar with others, and the community isn't big anyway. Just ask someone and ask around to find out."

At this moment, I don’t know whether I should say that Zhang Wei is lucky or unlucky.

In such a large area of ​​​​Chengbei District, he actually found this community with problems.

It's just that Zhang Wei doesn't know the correct floor or room yet. He still needs to slowly inquire about the situation and search for abnormalities.

However, Yang Jian didn't care much about this matter.

He just wanted to rest for two days and then deal with the ghost post office and find a way to complete the transaction with the ghost closet.

Even if there was a supernatural incident in Dachang City, he would leave it to Feng Quan, Tong Qian and the others to deal with it instead of doing it himself.

This is a reasonable division of labor.

Otherwise, if all the big and small things fall on Yang Jian, he will be unable to withstand it sooner or later.

"It's getting late, go home from get off work."

At three o'clock in the afternoon, Yang Jian felt bored in the company, so he gave himself a day off and left work early.

He planned to show up in the company for a few days to stabilize the situation, and then start thinking about the ghost post office.

Let’s put the curse of the haunted closet aside for now, after all, there is still time.

But the matter at the Ghost Post Office has been ongoing and should not be interrupted midway.

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