Haunted House

Gu Mei is dead.

Wind blew in from where the air-conditioning fan was torn open, and the crack was getting bigger and bigger. Su Yun suddenly discovered to his horror that the car was actually made of paper!

She raised her head and saw through the car window that she was still at the door of her house! After sitting in the car for so long, she didn't know if Gu Mei had circled her back or if the car hadn't moved at all.

Gu Mei turned her head and smiled coldly at her: "My child is gone, and I don't want to live anymore…"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry…" All Su Yun could do was apologize incoherently. If anyone passed by at this time, they would find that she was talking to the air.

"Li Hua is very sad. I love him very much. I don't want him to go to jail because of someone like you. You just led Zhang Qiang's soul to me, but you also slashed my tires and caused me to have an accident. You have to pay for my child." Are you up? Su Yun, I think I haven't been bad to you all this time. Is it enough for you to just give me an apology?" Gu Mei's tone suddenly became stern. She stepped on the accelerator, and this paper car looked like a real one. The car started like that.

Su Yun was still in extreme shock. It wasn't until he saw Gu Mei adjusting the steering wheel that he screamed and tried to stop her.

"Gu Mei, don't do this! Stop it!"

The car hit the wall hard, and Su Yun was knocked dizzy. She rolled out of the car in pain, raised her head in a pool of blood, and saw Gu Mei standing in front of her, with a blade in her hand. , it is the handle that I use to row my car.

"I want to try what effect it would have if this knife was used to cut people instead of cars." Gu Mei smiled coldly, and then slowly walked towards Su Yun.

The knife is very fast. A complete blood mark can be seen with just one swipe, and a whole piece of meat can be dug out with another pick.

One of Su Yun's eyeballs was completely dug out, and Gulu Gulu rolled to the ground, so she was lucky enough to see her body being dismembered into pieces, then wrapped in paper and thrown into the trash can.

There are always stray wild dogs in the dilapidated old streets, and they are attracted by the blood and gather around them.

Because of the government's call, a camera was installed on a wall in the old street. It recorded everything as quietly as Su Yun's eyeballs.

"Woooooo…" It was obviously summer, but suddenly a very cold wind blew, and there seemed to be a woman crying softly in the wind…

One video and one bowl of instant noodles

The rental house was messy and small. Su Yun had lived here for three months, but he still frowned habitually every time he opened the door.

She washed her face, but for a twenty-year-old person, her skin was already very ugly after removing makeup. In her early years, she was too lazy to study, so she went to the city to work with Gu Mei from the same village, working as a doorman in a clothing store. Now that Gu Mei has found a good man to marry, she still stands in front of the clothing store every day and blows the air in a daze.

What a hell life!

While eating instant noodles, he browsed on a frequently visited forum, and a video caught Su Yun's attention.

What was playing in it was a dilapidated and dark street. Several dogs were circling around a trash can. They were constantly licking the ground, where there was a layer of splattered black stuff.

Su Yun was stunned for a moment. This street was where she lived now. The trash can was right outside her door. It was often left unattended. She always covered her nose when passing by it every day.

The video continued to play. After the dog licked the ground, it began to pick at the trash can, and even started to fight. The trash can overturned all of a sudden. There was no garbage in it, only bags of things tied with brown paper. The dogs immediately swarmed…

Su Yun felt a little strange. She opened the window and looked outside. The trash can downstairs stood quietly, overflowing with garbage, and the ground was the color of cement. I pass this shabby place every day, why can’t I remember when this scene happened?

At this time, the webpage was stuck. She clicked refresh to watch the video again, but found that the video page had turned gray, as if covered with a layer of fog. After the fog, she could still vaguely see dogs fighting over it. One of the dogs turned back and glanced at Su Yun. It was obviously a dog's face, but it made people think it was smiling.

What a mess, Su Yun frowned, moved his neck, but felt a severe pain on the top of his head.

She opened her eyes, but found that she was not in front of the desk, but standing by the window sill. She moved her neck and hit the glass. The computer was turned off, and the instant noodles were placed on the table before soaking. However, he held the Chanel handbag in his hand, stretched it out of the window, and almost dropped it in a flash.

Su Yun quickly closed the window and took back her hand. This was her only luxury.

The room was eerily quiet, and she couldn't remember why she was standing here. It was obviously a midsummer night, but an icy wind was blowing. She suddenly felt something floating behind her. When she turned around, there seemed to be a black shadow flashing, but when she looked carefully, she was still the only one in the room.

"Maybe I've been too tired recently." Su Yun pressed her forehead and her stomach growled a few times, reminding her that it would be more realistic to eat something first. She walked to the desk and was about to tear open the bowl of instant noodles. When she lowered her head, she saw the remains of the bowl of instant noodles in the trash can at her feet. It was still steaming. She had obviously eaten it not long ago.

Su Yun counted his box of instant noodles and found that one box was indeed missing.

So you said you have already eaten? So the memory of eating instant noodles and watching videos is not a dream but a real thing?

But the computer is still turned off, and the feeling of hunger is so real, but since I'm hungry, it doesn't matter if I eat another bowl.

She turned on the computer while eating, but she couldn't find the video.

"woo woo woo woo……"

The woman's cry was soft, but very noticeable in the quiet room.

Su Yun looked up and saw that the window that had been closed just now had opened at some point, and the night wind blew in with laughter. She walked to the window and suddenly found a light on in the unoccupied house opposite, and someone was walking around inside. She rubbed her eyes, and her vision suddenly became too good for a moment. She could clearly see the person's facial features, and even every strand of hair.

It was a terrifying man, his whole body was in pieces.

He seemed to sense that someone was looking at him, so he turned his head and smiled at Su Yun. One of his eyeballs was teetering on the edge, and he stuffed it back with his hand.

Su Yun screamed and took a few steps back. She didn't even know she had knocked over the unfinished instant noodles, because after the man noticed her, he quickly jumped to the window sill in a strange posture, showing a look that was about to turn over. The posture to pounce.

"No!" Su Yun shouted out loudly and quickly closed the window.

The man jumped towards her, but that was only in appearance. In fact, his body only jumped in the air in a small arc and then fell down, but there was no sound at all.

Su Yun mustered up the courage to look at the street. The man's body was torn apart, but there was no blood splattered. His head tilted to one side, his eyes fell out and rolled on the ground.

A strong feeling of nausea came over him, and Su Yun pulled the trash can and vomited it out.

Then she froze and slowly turned her head to look at the bowl of instant noodles that had just been knocked over. It was still steaming and even smelling fragrant.

But there was no noodles in the bowl at all, just a ball of flaxen hair in the bowl.

And what he just vomited out was also a large ball of hair, with a light flaxen color.

Next to the bed is a photo taken with her friend Gu Mei half a year ago. Gu Mei's newly permed hair is a light flaxen color, in beautiful curls, hanging down her shoulders.

Gu Mei's family

As soon as Gu Mei entered the restaurant, she saw Su Yun sitting in the corner, eating wontons and flipping through the newspaper.

"What's wrong? A man jumped off a building and scared you like this?" Gu Mei was a little worried. Su Yun wore exquisite makeup as usual, but she couldn't hide her haggard look.

"Look at this." Su Yun handed over the newspaper, "There is a small section above that reports the suicide incident, and also includes a photo of the deceased."

"What's wrong? The news was half a year ago."

"He was the man who jumped from the building opposite me yesterday." Su Yun's face turned pale. "No wonder he looked familiar at first glance. I've seen him in the newspaper before."

"How is this possible? Where is the body?"

"No more. When I woke up in the morning, I saw that the street was still the same, as if nothing had happened."

"Are you dreaming?" Su Yun twitched the corner of his mouth.

"It's impossible, I remember it very clearly. And yesterday's instant noodles were…ah!"

"What?" Gu Mei raised her head, and Su Yun raised the chopsticks with trembling hands and picked up a bunch of noodles from the bottom of the bowl of wonton soup. But if you look closely, you will find that this is not a face at all, but a bunch of hair!

"Oh my god, what's going on in this store? Didn't you notice that a bunch of hair fell in?" Gu Mei exclaimed. She was about to ask the boss to come over, but was held back by Su Yun.

"Look carefully at this hair. Whose hair does it belong to?" Su Yun held the bundle of hair and handed it to Gu Mei. Gu Mei looked at it and suddenly exclaimed in a low voice, isn't this light flaxen color the color of her hair?

"You said yesterday that eating instant noodles caused hair loss. Is this the case?" Gu Mei suddenly got goosebumps all over her body.


"Could it be that these things have something to do with me?" Gu Mei felt a cold breath rushing straight to her forehead.

The two of them had no intention of eating anymore. Su Yun said that he didn't dare to go back. Gu Mei thought for a while and said, "Then go to my house."

After Gu Mei and Chen Lihua got married, the two of them worked hard to live a peaceful life. Not long ago, they bought a Honda. Gu Mei regarded this car as the crystallization of their love. She drove it every time when they went out. It was as sweet as marrying Chen Lihua.

But she came here on foot today.

"Recently, I have become crazy and love rowing. I don't know why, and my psychology is twisted like this." Gu Mei complained to Su Yun. Chen Lihua had just mentioned a few days ago that some colleagues' cars in his company were frequently attacked by poisonous people. This morning, I went downstairs to see His own car was badly scratched.

"Jealousy is a terrible thing." Su Yun said lightly.

"But, I'd better not be angry about these things." Gu Mei patted her still flat belly, "I have a child, so I have to stay in a good mood from now on."

"Really? Congratulations!" Su Yun smiled sincerely.

After arriving home, I received a call from Chen Lihua, saying that something unexpected happened at the company today and he would not be back. Su Yun and Gu Mei lay on the same bed as before, chatted quietly, and fell asleep after chatting for a while.

It was summer, but Gu Mei woke up cold in the middle of the night. She opened her eyes drowsily and found that the window she had closed before going to bed had opened inexplicably. The night wind was so strong that it felt like a knife cutting into me.

And there was a low cry in the air, it was a woman, intermittently.

"Su Yun, wake up quickly. Are you crying?" She pushed Su Yun, but the other party didn't respond at all.

Gu Mei felt that the crying was coming from the wind, so she turned her head and looked outside, feeling suddenly terrified.

A man's face appeared quietly in front of the window. It was the face on the newspaper that Su Yun had read to him today, but it was as fragmented as a rag spliced ​​together. He floated in the air and looked at Gu Mei's room eerily, then floated over.

"Don't come over!" Gu Mei exclaimed and rushed over to close the window. The man was isolated outside the glass. He seemed unable to come in, but he did not leave. He stared at the room with his corrupt face, one of his eyes rolled out. He stretched out his hand to hold it, and his eyes closed back. Gu Mei was so frightened that she screamed and fainted.

When she woke up the next day, Gu Mei found herself lying on the bed with nothing unusual. Su Yun got up earlier and was putting on makeup. It seemed that she didn't know anything about last night.


Gu Mei's head is a little big. In fact, she is familiar with this man. She met this man when she was working as a doorman in a clothing store in the past, and he also fell in love with her. But he is just a migrant worker. This is not a ghost story , and he cannot give Gu Mei the life she wants at all, so Despite her crazy pursuit, Gu Mei rejected her completely. Later this person disappeared. She had seen this kind of thing so many times that Gu Mei didn't take it to heart. She didn't expect that he was dead.

When Chen Lihua came back the next day, he saw his wife throwing herself into his arms with panda eyes. Gu Mei was frightened and frightened all night, and she couldn't help but act coquettishly when her husband came back. It was not convenient for Su Yun to be a light bulb, so he found an excuse to go downstairs for a walk.

Gu Mei and Chen Lihua's car was parked in the aisle. Chen Lihua must have driven it for a beauty treatment, and no scratches could be seen.

Su Yun stood quietly for a while, then slowly took out a sharp blade from the Chanel handbag.

No one would have thought that such a woman carrying a brand-name bag and exquisite makeup is the psychopath who has been murdering cars this year.

The blade was very sharp, and it gave her an indescribable pleasure when it sliced ​​across the car body. A car is a luxury for her, and the car that the couple worked hard to buy contains the feelings that she longs for but can't get.

If the knife had not cut the car body, but the human body, it would feel even better. With a "chila" sound, the skin burst, and bright red blood flowed from the green blood vessels inside… Su Yun did not dare to kill anyone, but this feeling was wonderful just thinking about it.

A few strands of flaxen hair fell out of the bag.

Su Yun was stunned for a moment, then laughed coldly.

In the corridor where the sun doesn't shine, the broken man slowly emerges in the air. Su Yun reminded himself to calm down, and then took a deep breath.

"I know you love Gu Mei, so I brought you to Gu Mei's house." She said to the man, "I will return everything that belongs to her to her, so please stop following me, okay?"

The surrounding temperature seemed to have cooled down, and the man smiled sinisterly, staring at Su Yun with shaky eyes for a long time, then turned around and disappeared into the darkness.

Su Yun was so stared at that he broke into a cold sweat, turned around and ran back into the house.

"Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow…" cry in the air.

Gu Mei did not dare to tell Chen Lihua what happened yesterday. After all, he was the one who pursued her in the past. If she talked about these things too much, she would be afraid that there would be more misunderstandings, so she only mentioned the matter of eating to cause hair loss. Chen Lihua thought it was unlikely. It was probably just a coincidence. After comforting his wife, he could only remind her not to go to that restaurant because it was unclean.

Their husbands were back, and Su Yun didn't want to disturb them anymore, so he thanked them and left.

Chen Lihua was tired from working overtime all night yesterday. He lazily walked to the bedroom and suddenly remembered something and said to Gu Mei: "Remember to go to the hospital for a prenatal check-up today. Don't delay."

When he got to the bedroom, he felt a little stuffy, so he opened the window and a few strands of flaxen hair floated up. Chen Lihua wondered if Gu Mei was under too much pressure because she was pregnant. Her hair could always be seen in the house today. Maybe he really didn't care enough about her…

Gu Mei was shocked and angry when she saw the newly repaired and bruised car downstairs. When she ran home and wanted to tell Chen Lihua, she found that he had already fallen asleep in bed. She thought about it, but still couldn't bear to disturb her husband's rest, so she went to the hospital for a prenatal check-up first.

When she turned to go downstairs, there was a sudden gust of wind. Gu Mei turned back inadvertently and saw something in the room. She walked slowly over.

The hatred of more than one person

Su Yun burped and placed three instant noodle boxes next to her. She sadly found that her standard of life had been lowered to the point where she could just eat instant noodles as much as she wanted.

Local news is full of subtitles reminding citizens to protect their cars. The main headline is that the government has finally made up its mind to install cameras on road sections where car accidents often occur, and some residential properties have responded.

It seems like it will be giving up for a while.

Su Yun thought boredly and began to take out the cosmetics and put on makeup. I took leave yesterday, so I had to do the night shift in order not to deduct my bonus.

Just as she picked up the eyebrow pencil, she seemed to be patted on the back. She looked behind her through the dressing mirror, but there was nothing.

"Illusion." She muttered to herself and continued to put on makeup, but a gust of wind blew in and blew her hair into a mess.

The window was closed, that is… Su Yun turned his head.

The door was open and the old lock didn't look secure at all.

"Damn it, this place is really uninhabitable." Su Yun got up and went to close the door, but as soon as her feet touched the ground, she felt something sticky. She turned around and saw a woman sitting on the bed.

Thick blood kept pouring out of the woman's body. Su Yun looked down at the ground. The sticky things she stepped on were blood. She turned back to look at the dressing mirror. The bed in the mirror was empty and there was no woman in sight. This is not human at all!

"I am Qiangzi's wife." The woman suddenly said, "I am here to avenge him."

Qiangzi is Zhang Qiang, the man who pursued Gu Mei and then committed suicide.

A piece of flesh on the woman's face fell off, she caught it and put it back.

"He committed suicide. It's none of my business! I've returned all the things he wanted to give to Gu Mei. You go to Gu Mei, not me!" Waves of blood smell came over, and Su Yun just felt Dizziness.

"He liked the woman named Gu Mei very much, but it was not because of Gu Mei that he committed suicide." The woman said coldly, "Qiangzi was a driver in the company, and he drove the company car back after getting off work that night. Who Thinking of being scratched up in a mess the next day, even the headlights of the car were damaged. The company wanted him to compensate, but he couldn't afford the repair price for that kind of luxury car, so he committed suicide. Wuwuwu, he committed suicide… …”

The woman started crying as she spoke. Su Yun used to only care about Zhang Qiang, but now he noticed that Zhang Qiang's crying sound was not simple every time he appeared.

"It was you who killed him, and you were the one who drove these cars! You lunatic, if you kill him, I won't be able to live anymore!" The woman cried and howled, and her body began to scream hysterically. Rotten, "Qiangzi jumped off the building, and there was no one to support him at home. I also committed suicide, woo woo woo…"

Pieces of rotten flesh were crumbling on the woman's body. It was unclear whether it was blood or corpse liquid, or a mixture of the two. The woman kept pushing the falling flesh back on her body while standing up tremblingly and walking towards Su Yun.

"No, don't come over!" Su Yun screamed, turned around and ran out the door, the woman's footsteps behind him clicking slowly.

"Don't come here, don't come here! Let me go! I'll never do this kind of thing again!" Su Yun cried and ran forward. The hallway had never felt so long to her before.

But she finally stopped as she ran to the stairwell.

Chen Lihua stood there and smiled at Su Yun.

"Never do anything again?" he asked.

"You…why are you here?" Su Yun took a few deep breaths and forced himself to calm down.

"Gu Mei was in a car accident yesterday, and her child was lost. Later, it was discovered that in addition to the car body being scratched, the tires were also scratched."

"Oh my god, how could this happen? I want to see her!" Su Yun heard the footsteps of the woman in the corridor getting closer and closer. She wanted to run away, but Chen Lihua kept standing in front of her with a sneer.

"Do you want to see her, or do you want to see what she wants to give you?" Chen Lihua took out a bag from behind, which was Su Yun's Chanel handbag, which Zhang Qiang asked Su Yun to give to Gu Mei. Su Yun left it to her for selfish reasons. In the past few days, Zhang Qiang came to her door, so she put the bag in Gu Mei's room. After everything was returned, Zhang Qiang stopped looking for him.

"She was originally going to the hospital for a prenatal check-up. When she saw your bag, she wanted to return it to you first. Something happened on the way. I found this in the bag." Chen Lihua took out something, and it was Su Yun The blade that was forgotten in the bag “has the material of car skin on it.”

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