Grudge Steamed Bun Shop

In ancient times, there was a man named Xiaozhi who was a local leader in the area where he lived.

But there is a small town in the far west of this area, called "Good People Town". As you can imagine from the name, there are basically kind people in the town, so it was given the name "Good People Town". Therefore, there are absolutely no evil people with very bad intentions here. Even evil people who come in from outside will disappear inexplicably if they don't leave for seven days.

One day, when Xiaozhi was eating, he heard someone talking about these things. After asking around, Xiaozhi learned that Liu Long, who was also a local snake, disappeared after seven days in that town. Xiaozhi sneered.

Xiaozhi, as a local snake, of course he is not afraid of these nonsense, "It's ridiculous. The evil people will disappear after coming in and not leaving for seven days. I grew up eating nothing." Okay, I want to see if you can make me disappear. Xiaozhi said to himself, "Xiaoliu, tomorrow we will go to the so-called Good People Town." &rdquo

Xiaoliu, the gangster next to Xiaozhi, although he is a gangster, he is still relatively honest and has no evil intentions. He will do whatever Xiaozhi asks him to do.

The next day, Xiaozhi and Xiaoliu went to Shanren Town. Arriving at Shanren Town, Xiao Zhi smelled the fragrant aroma as soon as he walked in the door, "Xiao Liu, come on, help me find where this fragrance comes from." "Hearing Xiao Zhi's words, Xiao Liu was a little confused and scratched his head, "Brother Zhi, where is the fragrance? &rdquo

"There's something wrong with your nose. Can't you tell me about such a strong aroma?" After saying that, Xiaozhi took a deep breath of the aroma again, and this time his mouth watered. Seeing Xiao Zhi inhaling inexplicably, Xiao Liu, who was originally simple and honest, became even more confused, "Brother Zhi, my nose is not working well and I can't smell it." "Xiao Liu explained.

Xiao Zhi glared at Xiao Liu and didn't pay much attention to Xiao Liu. He smelled the aroma and looked for the source of the smell. Xiaozhi, who closed his eyes and walked blindly , "clanged" and ran into a pregnant woman carrying a basin.

"You're blind because you bumped into me." "Xiao Zhi stood up, patted the soil, and shouted angrily. "Why are you so unreasonable? I was walking normally and you bumped into me. You didn't even apologize and you scolded me." &rdquoThe pregnant woman was not angry, she just questioned Xiaozhi.

"Hey, who do you think you are? I said you bumped into me, so you bumped into me." If you say sorry to me now, I will let you go regardless of the fault of the villain. Xiaozhi raised her nose and looked at the pregnant woman arrogantly, "You, you, you, you scoundrel, do you know what kind of town our town is?" The pregnant woman said a little angry when she heard that Xiaozhi asked her to apologize to him.

"You know, isn't it just a bad guy's town? I am a bad guy, what can you do to me?" Xiaozhi continued arrogantly, "Okay, just know." The pregnant woman was no longer angry, ignored Xiaozhi and walked away, "Hey, I want you to apologize to me." "Xiao Zhi angrily grabbed the pregnant woman with her backhand.

Seeing Xiao Zhi's actions, the crowd nearby suddenly looked at Xiao Zhi, with angry emotions in their eyes. The crowd gathered towards Xiao Zhi and formed a circle around Xiao Zhi. "What are you doing, pretending to be good people?" Get out of here, or I'll beat each one on sight. &rdquo

Of course Xiaozhi was a little scared when he saw so many people gathering. Although he is a scoundrel, in a town without sight, he cannot just find someone to take revenge.

But everyone shouted in unison, "Get out." ” The momentum was so strong that Xiaozhi was a little shocked. "Okay, I'll let you go today." &rdquoAfter saying that, Xiaozhi turned around and continued to look for the source of the fragrance.

"Well, this person is so scoundrel, he will definitely be punished." &rdquoThis is what the crowd has in mind.

Xiaozhi continued to close his eyes and look for the source of the fragrance. It's a bun shop. &ldquoFinally found you. ” Xiaozhi wiped his saliva happily.

Entering the steamed bun shop, Xiaozhi shouted, "Waiter, please bring me two kilograms of steamed buns." After hearing this, the waiter walked up to Xiao Zhi with a smile and said, "Sir, can you finish the two kilograms of buns? Otherwise, it will be a waste of food." &rdquoAfter hearing what the waiter said, Xiaozhi looked at the waiter with a humming face.

"I eat what I have, no matter what you waste, it's my business whether I waste it or not." "After Xiaozhi finished speaking, he patted the table. Everyone looked at Xiaozhi, but after one glance at him, they ignored him. But Xiaozhi didn't hear a word, "Oh, I won't live long." &rdquo

"Sir, your buns are here." The waiter brought several plates of steamed buns and placed them in front of Xiaozhi. Xiaozhi smelled the smell and found that there was no smell at first. Xiaozhi ate the steamed buns with a bitter face, but after just two bites, Xiaozhi All the buns fell to the ground…

"What shabby buns, the taste is completely different." Are you trying to fool me?" Hearing Xiaozhi's cry, the waiter stepped forward again and said, "Sir, these buns are our famous buns. Other guests taste delicious, how can you think they don't taste good?"

"It's impossible. The scent I asked when I first entered the town is completely different from this one. What do you have to hide? I have plenty of money." &rdquo

Hearing Xiaozhi ask about the scent when he first entered the town, the waiter suddenly realized, "Sir, you are from another town." &rdquo&ldquoNonsense. Just finished talking about entering the town. "Oh, sir, you'd better go." &rdquoAfter saying that, the waiter walked away.

"Come back to me." "Xiao Zhi pressed the waiter's shoulders hard and said, "Stop talking nonsense and bring up that bun for me." "Seeing Xiaozhi's persistence, the waiter didn't shirk anymore, and then said, "Okay, guest, this is what you insisted on. The steamed buns with that aroma are still being steamed. You can only smell the smell. The steamed buns won’t be ready until evening. Come back in the evening. ” Xiaozhi put his hand down and left without giving any money.

In the evening, Xiao Zhi did not lead Xiao Liu, but came to the bun shop by himself. The waiter in the bun shop had prepared the buns for a long time. When he saw Xiao Zhi, he said, "Sir, you have to think carefully before eating this." You probably can't help but eat steamed buns every day for the past seven days. &rdquo

Xiaozhi ignored the waiter and ate the buns directly, "Ah, it smells good, it smells good." The tofu filling and meat filling are really delicious. &rdquoThe waiter beside him just smiled silently&hellip&hellip

For the next five days, Xiaozhi came here to eat every night. Every time he ate, he couldn't help but want to come earlier. Even for six days, he didn't sleep and waited until night just to eat steamed buns.

On the seventh night, after Xiaozhi finished eating the buns, he finally couldn't help but want to see how the buns were made, so he quietly sneaked into the kitchen in the backyard. Xiaozhi climbed up to the house, uncovered a tile, and found that the buns he liked were not inside.

I removed the tiles from several houses and found that they were not the same. There was only a small dilapidated house left. Xiaozhi placed all his hopes on it, so he went up to the house, but as soon as he entered the house, he heard a cat meowing. Xiaozhi took a look and saw that it was a black cat.

Xiaozhi picked up small stones from the house and threw them at the black cat. Then he ignored the black cat and uncovered the roof tiles.

But what Xiaozhi saw shocked him.

I saw a man with messy hair and shabby clothes, holding an iron knife and cutting the flesh of a bloody man. Xiaozhi took a closer look and found that the bloody man was none other than Liu Longduan , because Xiaozhi recognized the unique tattoos on Liu Long's body. The man in ragged clothes put the cut meat on the chopping board and took something out of the large square pool.

Xiaozhi took a closer look and immediately felt nauseated. He saw that there was a soaked corpse in the pool. The water in the pool had already turned yellow. The corpse was floating on the water with an extremely deformed face, making it look particularly disgusting. The man took out a piece of soaked meat and placed it on the chopping board.

Then, he cut out a piece of flesh from a corpse covered with corpse insects and placed it on the chopping board as well. The man did not chop the three pieces of meat into pieces with a knife, but stuffed all three pieces of meat into his mouth and kept chewing them.

Spit the chewed meat into a basin, put the meat into the dough and wrap it into a bun shape. Put it in the steamer, and the aroma that appears in the other steamers is the aroma of the meat buns that Xiaozhi has always wanted to smell.

Then, the man took out a human head. He dug his hands into the broken part of the neck of the human head and pulled out some white things. Those white things were the brain and brain matter, but when he looked carefully, he found that there were also Something is moving.

Those little moving things are exactly worms. It turned out that the man had put worms on the place where his head was severed. After a long time, the worms crawled into the brain and ate a lot of the brain, and they grew very big.

The man puts the brains and brains of the worms into his mouth and chews them until they are chewy. Finally, he spits it out in a basin, puts it on the dough, wraps it into a bun, and puts it in the steamer. That smell is also the aroma of tofu stuffed buns.

Xiaozhi covered his mouth and started to vomit. The delicious buns he ate were made of human flesh, corpse and rotten meat, worms, brains, and brains. He actually thought they tasted delicious.

But when Xiao Zhi was about to leave, the man in ragged clothes suddenly turned around and looked at Xiao Zhi with a smile. Xiao Zhi became frightened, lost his footing, and rolled down the room.

In the haze, Xiaozhi opened his eyes and found that he had been stripped naked and tied up. Xiaozhi shouted, "Why are you doing this to me? Please, let me go, let me go." "Xiao Zhi begged.

"Haha, you still know how to ask for help. Aren't you upright? The ingredients for the steamed buns I make are all those evil people. The smell of the steamed buns is condensed with filth. Only evil people can smell it. As long as you eat it, you will definitely become sick in seven days. Come and see what I do, and I can kill all of you evil people, and I can kill more evil people. &rdquo

"You pervert, why do you want to kill us?" We didn't mess with you. &rdquo

"Hahahaha, you didn't provoke me. My family, more than 20 people, committed a small crime against those evil people. They actually killed our entire family, and I was the only one who escaped."

And I was taken in by a kind-hearted family, but it was you evil people again. Just because you were unhappy, you killed my new family again. When I committed suicide, I swore that I would kill every one of you evildoers I saw. &rdquo

After saying that, the man laughed ferociously, and the long knife stayed on Xiaozhi's neck, then suddenly raised it and chopped it down…

[Author's words] Fox heard some readers tell me that the articles I wrote were neither scary nor disgusting, so Fox tried a heavy ghost story. Therefore, readers who found it disgusting left messages and scolded me for writing disgusting and perverted. Readers who don’t find it disgusting leave comments saying that I’m not disgusting at all. In short, people with low receptivity should be mentally prepared. After reading this, you should also prank your friends. I hope everyone will pay more attention to Fox, thank you.

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