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That day, as soon as Cao Lijun arrived at the company, he received a call from his hometown, saying that the second master had died and asked him to go back to attend the funeral. Without saying a word, Cao Lijun took leave and returned to his hometown.

The Cao family is a big family in the village, and their lives have been prosperous in the past few years. Therefore, the funeral of the second master was extremely grand, with paper bundles covering half the street, wreaths, money trees, gold and silver buckets, boys and girls. , TV, stereo, washing machine, three-story small foreign-style building, and a red car… "Can the second master drive? Don't drive into the ditch!" Of course, Cao Lijun did not say this. Cao Lijun stayed in the countryside for a night and wanted to go back to the city early the next morning – he was still busy with things in the company. However, since he had not returned to the countryside for several years, his childhood playmates had endless things to say when they met him. I had no choice but to stay in the countryside for another half day before taking the last bus back to the city. Halfway through, Cao Lijun suddenly felt anxious. Maybe something was wrong with what he was eating in the countryside. Cao Lijun hurriedly asked the driver to stop. After Cao Lijun got off the car, he plunged into the woods on the side of the road. After he was done, he returned to the road. , the bus has already disappeared, it’s so goddamn ungrateful!

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Cao Lijun stood by the road, waving to passing cars, hoping to catch a ride (there are no taxis on rural roads). There were quite a few cars passing by, but none of them were willing to stop. Seeing how late it was, Cao Lijun was so depressed that he was about to take a walk when he suddenly saw a small red car slowly stop beside him. The window glass rolled down, revealing a head of pale hair. "Boy, come up here. I'll give you a ride." "Master Kui?" Cao Lijun recognized the white-haired old man at a glance. Master Kui and the second master were about the same age and they were his old neighbors. "Master Kui also bought a car. ?" Mr. Kui said with a smile: "I am old and can no longer ride a bicycle. My children are filial, so I bought an electric bicycle."

Cao Lijun sat on Mr. Kui's car and walked, talking and laughing. When Mr. Kui mentioned how naughty he was when he was a child, Cao Lijun's face suddenly turned red. He clearly remembered that when he was six years old, he told Mr. Kui that he was naughty. A long-haired rabbit he fed was drowned after being taken into a water tank for a bath. Master Kui did not blame him. On the contrary, that night, Master Kui gave him a piece of rabbit meat to eat… When he arrived in the city, he always Cao Lijun, a non-smoker, specially bought a box of good cigarettes to honor Mr. Kui. However, he never expected that the car driven by Mr. Kui would burst into flames as soon as the flame of the lighter flickered out. A big fireball, Mr. Kui had no time to get out of the car and was trapped in the car… Cao Lijun was so anxious that he hurriedly asked passers-by for help. In the face of such a fire, no one could do anything. Someone took out his mobile phone to call the police. Police, before the police arrived, the fire went out by itself. There was only a pile of ashes left on the road, no car wreckage, and no body of Mr. Kui, just like a pile of paper after burning… Cao Lijun thought of Er Ye At the funeral, it seemed that he suddenly understood that the ghost car he had just taken was a ghost car driven by ghosts, which is a paper car burned for the dead. Master Kui was probably dead. After calling and asking, sure enough, Master Kui was already dead. More than a year…

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