Ghost Eyed Bride Apple A Brave Young Man

There was a king who was old and could no longer see. He heard others say that there was an apple orchard far away with a kind of longevity apple, and a well with fairy water in it. Old people will regain their youth after eating apples, and blind people can regain their sight by washing their eyes with well water. The king has three sons. He sent his eldest son on horseback to the apple orchard to pick apples and to fetch water from the well. He wanted to be young again and see the light again. The son got on his horse and left. He walked and walked until he came to a Sanpen intersection, where he saw a road sign. The road sign pointed to three roads: the first road, the horse was full and the man was hungry; the second road was a dead end; the third road, the horse was hungry and the man was full.

He thought for a moment and decided to take the third path. As I was walking, I saw a very beautiful house in the fields. He walked toward the house, looked carefully, opened the door, and rode into the yard without taking off his hat or saluting. The owner of the house is a widow, ghost-eyed bride Apple , who is not very old. She called the young man in front of her and said, "Warmly welcome, distinguished guest." She led the young man into the house, arranged for him to sit at the table, brought in delicious food, and put mead on the table. After the young man had eaten and drank enough, he hid on the bench and went to sleep. The hostess said to him: "How can a young man, a dignified man, sleep alone? Sleep with my beautiful daughter Tonya!" He happily agreed and went to sleep with Tonya in the bed. Together. Tonya said to him: "Come closer, it will be warmer." He moved his body and was about to lean towards Tonya. Unexpectedly, he crushed the bed and fell into a pit. He couldn't climb out even if he wanted to. The old woman forced him to grind flour every day. My father waited and waited, but he didn't come back.

The king sent his second son to find apples and fairy water. The second son followed the same route as his elder brother and suffered the same fate. The king waited for a long time, but neither son came back. He was very sad.

The younger son asked his father to send him. The king firmly disagreed and said to him: "You will suffer, son. Your two brothers are gone and will never come back. You are so young, you are more likely to suffer losses and be deceived." The younger son lingered on the case and was determined to take the case. My father and my two brothers retrieved what my father wanted. My father thought about it again and again, and finally agreed. The little prince went on the road, and the situation he encountered on the road was the same as that of his two brothers. He came to the widow's door and dismounted, knocked on the door, and asked to stay for the night. The hostess was as enthusiastic as before: "Warm welcome, rare guest, rare guest!" She arranged the little prince to sit down at the table, brought out delicious food and put wine on the table. When the little prince was full, he wanted to sleep on the bench. The hostess said: "How can a young man, a manly man, sleep alone! Go and sleep with my beautiful Tonya!" "No, aunty. Passers-by can't do this. It's better to boil some hot water. , let me and your daughter take a bath."

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The widow boiled very hot water and took him and his daughter Tonya to bathe. Tonya was as bad as her mother. She asked the little prince to go ahead. As soon as he entered the bath room, she closed the door and hid somewhere. The brave young man opened the door and shut Tonya inside. He had three rods, one made of steel, one made of lead, and one made of iron. He raised his stick and whipped Tonya. Tonya begged loudly for mercy. The young man said to her: "Come on, bad guy, where did you get my two brothers?"

Tonya said they were grinding flour in the cellar. The young man let her go, and the two of them went into the house, connected several ladders and lowered them, rescued the two brothers, and let them go home. The elder brother was embarrassed to see his father because he slept with Tonya and nothing got done. They roamed the fields and wandered about in the woods.

The young man continued to walk forward, and walked, and walked, and came to a house and walked in. A beautiful woman was knitting towels in the house. He said: "God bless you, beauty." The beauty replied: "Thank you, good boy, are you here just to be lazy or have something to do?" "It's something, beauty." he said. "I'm going to a place far away to find longevity apples and fairy water for my old father. His eyes are blind." The beauty said, "It's difficult. It's hard for you to find this apple orchard. But you can keep looking. I have a sister. She knows more things than I do and will tell you what to do." He walked for a long time and saw the beauty's sister. He said hello and introduced himself as he did to the first beauty. The girl asked the young man to leave the horse and ride her horse with two wings to find the elder sister. The eldest sister would tell him the way to the apple orchard and how to get apples and fairy water. He walked for a long time and found the beauty's eldest sister. The eldest sister gave him her four-winged horse and said to him: "Be careful, my aunt lives in the apple orchard, and she is a very fierce witch. When you get to the apple orchard, don't be reluctant to part with my horse. You have to jump over the wall in one go. If the horse hits the wall, the bell on the wall will ring. As soon as the bell rings, she will wake up and you can't run. Her horse has six wings. You cut off the horse's wings. Blood vessels, lest the witch rides up and chases you.”

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The young man did as he was told. He rode over the wall and the horse's tail rang the bell, but the sound was very small. The witch woke up, didn't hear the sound of the bell clearly, yawned a few times, and fell asleep again. The young man took the longevity apple and fairy water, mounted his horse and ran away. He passed by the place where the three sisters lived, changed horses, mounted his own horse, and quickly returned home. Early in the morning, the witch discovered that the apples and fairy water had been stolen. She immediately rode on her six-winged horse and walked to the place where her first niece lived and asked, "Have you seen anyone coming here?" The niece said:

"A handsome young man passed by, but it has been a long time." She continued to move forward and asked the second and third nieces, and the answers were the same. When she was about to catch up, the young man was already on his own territory and was no longer afraid of her. The witch did not dare to go forward, but looked at the young man and said in a hoarse voice:

"Good boy, you thief, you are lucky! If you can run away from me, your two brothers will call you unlucky!" She cursed and turned back. The young man returned to his own country and saw his own Brother – two tramps sleeping in the field. Without waking them, he tied up his horse and went to sleep beside them. The two elder brothers woke up and saw their younger brother coming back. They gently took out the longevity apple and fairy water from his arms and threw him into the hole. His body flew in the air for three days and fell into a dark underground kingdom.

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Everyone here holds a torch in their hands. He walked forward and saw all the people frowning and crying. He asked them why they were crying, and they told him: Their king had only one daughter, she was very beautiful, and her name was Princess Pollyusa, and she would give it to the monsters tomorrow. They also said that a girl would be given to the seven-headed snake every month. They had decided who should be given first and who should be given last. Now it was the princess' turn. After the young man heard about it, he went directly to the king and said to him: "I can save your daughter, king. But you have to do a few things for me personally. I will tell you what happened later." The king was filled with joy and promised to do it. Want to marry his daughter to him.

When the day came, the princess was sent to a three-walled castle by the sea, and the young man followed her.

He took an iron rod weighing several dozen kilograms with him and waited with the princess for the monster to come. They talked while waiting. He told the princess what he had experienced and told her that he had fairy water. The young man said to Princess Polyusha: "You scratch lice on my head. If I fall asleep, hit me with an iron rod, otherwise I won't wake up." He lay on the princess's lap and fell asleep. The princess scratched lice on his head and he fell asleep. The monster flew over and flew over the princess' head. The princess couldn't bear to be beaten with a stick. They pushed and shouted, but no matter how much they shouted, they couldn't wake him up. He was so anxious that he cried, and tears fell on the young man's face. The young man woke up and suddenly shouted:

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"Ouch, what are you using to burn me?" At this time, the monster rushed towards them. The young man swung the iron rod and broke five of the monster's heads at once, and then broke the remaining two heads. He picked up the monster's head, buried it at the foot of the wall, and threw the monster's body into the sea.

A bad guy saw what was going on, quietly walked out from behind the wall, cut off the young man's head and threw it into the sea, forcing the princess to tell her father that he had rescued her, otherwise he would crush her to death. The princess had no choice but to cry for a while and went to see her father with the bad guy. The king greeted them. The princess told her father that it was the young man who had saved her. The king was so happy that he immediately prepared for the wedding. The guests came from many countries, including kings and princes. They drank, sang, and had a great time. Only the princess was unhappy. She went to a corner under the hut and secretly shed tears, missing the young man who saved her.

The princess came up with an idea and asked her father to send people to go fishing in the sea, and she followed. The big fishing net was cast down and lots of fish were picked up. The princess took a look and said:

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"This is not the fish I want!" He cast another net and caught the young man's head and body. The princess quickly walked up to him, took out a bottle of fairy water from his arms, put his head back on his body, sprinkled it with fairy water, and the young man came to life. The princess told the young man that she wanted to catch the bad guy. The young man comforted her for a while and told her to go back first, and he would come later and find a way to deal with the bad guys.

The young man walked into the palace, and the guests were all drunk and dancing. He said he could sing all kinds of songs. The guest was very happy and asked him to sing. He first sang a happy ditty, and the guests were so happy that they all praised him. He then sang a sad song that made the guests cry. The young man asked the king who saved his daughter. The king pointed at the villain. "Well, king, we will go to the castle with your guest. If he can find the monster's head, I believe he saved the princess." Everyone came to the castle. The bad guy dug hard, but couldn't take out any of them. The young man took it out casually. At this time, the princess told the truth of the matter and who saved her. Everyone admitted that it was the young man who saved the princess, tied the bad guy to the horse's tail, and dragged him to death.

The king wanted the young man to marry his daughter. The young man said: "No, king, I don't want anything. I just want to return to the world. I haven't finished what my father has to do. He is waiting for me to bring back the fairy water. His I can't see with my eyes." The king couldn't keep the young man, and the princess didn't want to break up with the young man and wanted to go to the world with him.

The young man and the princess returned to their hometown together. His father received them with joy. The young man saw that the king became younger after eating the apple, but his eyes were still blind. He took out the fairy water and wiped his father's eyes. The king could see immediately and kissed his son and his fiancée passionately. The young man told his father that his two brothers had stolen the apple from him. The two brothers were frightened and jumped into the river and drowned. The young man and the princess got married and had a lot of banquets. I ate there, drank wine, and ate a strange kind of cabbage, as if I hadn't eaten anything.

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