Frightening Night In The Old Residence: The Red Robe Curse And The Ancient Tragedy In Dreams!read Online

That day, it was rainy. It was weird to have weather like this in May, but on that day, it happened. There were dark clouds in the sky, heavy and heavy, making people breathless. The cool raindrops came in big and small waves, soaking my hair. I stood in front of the tombstone without an umbrella. That day was my grandma’s funeral. Grandma was an old-fashioned woman with a soft mouth and a soft heart. She lived a depressed life all her life. In her later years, she suffered from schizophrenia and often spread rice in the middle of the night to drive away ghosts. Now that she is lying quietly under the tombstone, it may be a kind of relief for her. Cold rain fell on my cheeks. I wiped the tears from my eyes and turned to leave.

Returning to my grandmother’s old home with my mother was as eerie as I remembered. Pushing open the heavy wooden door, there was a squeaking sound and sawdust fell. An aisle only one person wide, dark and without light. Looking at the thick darkness at the end, I couldn't help but shudder.We're staying here tonight

The town was quiet at night, with one or two dogs barking in the distance. I couldn't sleep in the darkness, and the air was filled with the smell of damp dust and the decay of old houses. I never knew why my grandma guarded this decaying old residence and refused to move out, even leaving her last breath here. My mother's snoring sounded in my ears, making it even harder for me to fall asleep. At this time, there was a sound like a door opening from the next room. Is grandma back? Do souls really exist? Unable to stop my curiosity, I took a flashlight to the room where my grandma lived. The door was ajar and there was no sound again. When I opened the door, the first thing I saw was my grandma's carved wooden bed, which contained nothing. The furniture in the old residence is all old-style furniture from the late Qing Dynasty, which is classic and elegant. Turning around, I saw the closet door open and walked closer. Inside were grandma's old clothes, all blue and gray.

I was about to close the cabinet door when I caught a glimpse of red, which made me curious. So I took out all the outer clothes and put them aside. Lying at the bottom of the cabinet was a dazzling red dress. To be more precise, it was a robe with wide water sleeves, which looked like both a costume and a kimono. This is a very strange piece of clothing, but it is also very beautiful. I couldn't help but put it on my body. Suddenly, a picture hit my brain. A long sword suddenly penetrated the chest of a woman in white from behind. At the same time, I felt a sharp pain in my chest that made my heart tighten. My vision went dark and I lost consciousness.

Come to a Chinese horror story_China's scariest ghost story_China's scary ghost story is true

I woke up suddenly, it was already dawn. It was very lively outside, and it seemed like two different worlds from the town at night. The town's market has begun. Mother was chatting with some old neighbors at the door. Is it a dream? But it felt so real, and I could still smell the smell of blood lingering in the air. I ran to the wardrobe in my grandma's room. The wardrobe was closed properly. I opened the door and turned over the clothes. Sure enough, there it lay. During the day, its color is more vivid, like a delicate red rose. The smell of blood in the air became stronger. A sharp pain shot through my chest. In the mirror, I discovered that at some point, a long scratch appeared on my heart . It was red and had a little blood oozing out. I didn't have time to think about it, I just knew I had to escape. So, I urged my mother to leave quickly.

After sending my mother home, I fled back to the small single room I rented after work. The blaring car horns and the noise of the song city next door that I used to feel were now making me feel at ease. For the first time in several years, densely populated cities made me feel at ease.

It was already dark, and I breathed a sigh of relief and fell asleep peacefully. In the dream, a woman wearing a plain white dress sat in front of the dressing mirror and gently combed her black hair. Her hair was very long, hanging down to the ground. Although the face in the bronze mirror is bare-faced, it is breathtakingly beautiful, as soft as water. A big hand took the wooden comb and continued to comb her long hair. The gentle movements were extremely inconsistent with the rough hand. There was a man's face in the bronze mirror. It was a tired face, and the beard on his face could not hide his fatigue and helplessness. The woman's red lips opened slightly: "Overlord." The man hugged the woman and murmured: "Yu Ji, what should I do? What should I do?" The woman led the man to the table, poured a glass of wine and put it on In front of men. The man stared at the wine glass in front of him, silent for a long time, clenching his fists and struggling. Suddenly, he furiously swept the wine glass to the ground and asked the woman: "Why? Why do you want to poison me? I will do anything for you, but why do you treat me like this!" The surprise in the woman's eyes flashed, and then changed. De indifferent: "Now that you know, I don't have to pretend." The man's eyes were bloodshot and he insisted on an answer:

Come to a Chinese horror story_China's scariest ghost story_China's scary ghost story is true



"I don't think you killed me because you loved me."

China's scariest ghost story_China's scary ghost story is true _Come a Chinese Horror Story

"Yes, I don't love you. I only love her."

"Who is he? Liu Bang?"

"No. It's Lu Zhi."

The scariest ghost story in China_Come a Chinese Horror Story_Chinese Horror Ghost Stories are real

"Lu Zhi!"

"Yes, your enemy Liu Bang's wife, Lu Zhi. There is no other person in the world who is as smart and beautiful as her, and no one is as kingly as her. You rough men can never compare with her. For her, I can do anything, so what if I kill you. Although I failed, but looking at your desperate look now, I think she will be happy." The woman raised a happy smile, her smile was as bright as a flower. But the next moment, her smile froze at the corner of her mouth. A long sword suddenly penetrated her chest from behind, and bright red blood quickly smeared on her white clothes. The man whispered in her ear: "You know? Only at this moment did I truly feel the happiness of having you completely." The man pulled out his sword, blood spurted out, and the woman fell in a pool of blood. The blood dyed her white clothes red, as bright as a rose, delicate and delicate.

I woke up with a series of chuckles. The woman in the dream stood in front of my bed and smiled at me, making me unable to tell whether I was dreaming or waking up. The strong smell of blood floated in the air, so clear and strong. My fingers felt smooth. I raised my hand and saw that it was covered with red viscous liquid – blood. I was lying on my bed wearing that red robe. The scratch on my heart had cracked into a gash, and blood was gurgling out from it, like a lively stream. I looked at her bright smile and asked softly: "Why?" She answered me happily: "I'm waiting to see her. I know I will see her one day, but I don't know which day it is, so I want to look my best at all times. But my clothes are always fading, so I need the blood of young virgins to dye them redder and brighter, like new clothes. I will be beautiful when I wear them. "She looked at the increasingly red robe and smiled with satisfaction. Her smile was as sweet as a child who got candy. Her smile became blurry and blurred, and then all I could see was black, and I heard my own rapid breathing. My whole body twitched, and sweet blood surged into my throat and nose, choking me so much that I couldn't breathe. Finally, everything stops and breathing stops.


The story combines traditional Chinese historical elements with modern horror story techniques to create a narrative full of suspense and horror. The red robe in the story has become a mysterious link between the past and the present, and the protagonist's experience makes people feel the horror of supernatural power. At the end of the story, the death of the protagonist adds a tragic color of inescapable fate to the whole story. Overall the scariest ghost story in China , this is a horror story with rich plot and deep emotions.

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