Family Ghost Stories

It was a late night in the early summer of 2001, and it was raining. I was still surfing the Internet as usual, killing people in the mud game. Just as the killing was going on, another phone at home rang. This was a call from Dayu, a netizen in the mud.

He said in a trembling voice: "Old Hei, you must help me this time. I have encountered something dirty. Let your psychic friend teach me a way. I can't calm down at all now!"

I was startled and quickly comforted me: "Dayu, don't be anxious. Tell me slowly what happened!" After I finished speaking, I looked at my watch. It was past one o'clock in the night.

The other end of the phone was quiet for about a minute. I couldn't help but get anxious and asked again and again: "What on earth happened? Are you really telling me? Don't scare me. It's not like you don't know what happened to me some time ago." It’s a scam. If you don’t say anything, I’ll hang up the phone. If you don’t say anything, hurry up!”

After more than ten seconds, someone finally spoke on the other end of the phone. To be honest, my hair stood up one by one when I heard him call and tell me the ghost story about the murder game after encountering dirty things. I always felt someone blowing cold air gently on the back of my neck. Someone called me in the middle of the night saying that he had met a ghost. I didn't dare to hang up the phone, so I had to wait for him to speak!

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On the other end of the phone, Dayu kept telling a story in a trembling tone that made me unable to sleep. The story started like this.

Dayu and I were playing games in the mud together. I took him around to kill people. When I saw an ID I didn't like, I immediately dealt with it. Just when I returned to an inn, Dayu's ID suddenly disconnected. I originally thought he was going to bed, but I got angry and ran away without saying a word. It was so unloyal. Only then did I realize that something very strange had happened to him!

Dayu was suddenly disconnected while playing a game and couldn't connect. There was always a busy sound when dialing. She was thinking, Damn it, when is the wrong time to disconnect? If the connection is disconnected at this time, I don’t know if I have reached a safe place, but I don’t want to be killed. At this time, the connection happened to be successful. He happily entered the mud interface, but strangely entered a room. A room with the same structure as the building where he lived appeared on the computer screen.

Killing game ghost stories _ Mafia games and killing games _ Ghost killing games

The entire screen changed rapidly like a movie. He saw a man opening the door and entering the room. This man turned out to be Lao Ding from their unit, and this room was Lao Ding's home on the thirteenth floor. Dayu didn't know what happened, but he just felt strange that these things were displayed on the computer screen. Old Ding was not very familiar with him.

Old Ding rushed into the living room with his mouth talking violently, where his wife was watching TV Murder Game Ghost Story . The speakers connected to the computer did not make any sound. The whole process was staged like a pantomime. Dayu was just watching at this time. He didn't think of turning off the computer. However, what happened next might be something he would never forget for the rest of his life.

Suddenly, Lao Ding rushed forward and strangled the woman's neck with his hands, his face twisted in horror. The woman struggled desperately and opened her mouth to breathe. However, those hands

Killing game ghost stories _ Mafia games and killing games _ Ghost killing games

Her hands with exposed veins cut off her extravagant desire. The woman's eyeballs are protruding outwards, her face has turned from red at the beginning to pale, and her red tongue is sticking out of her open mouth bit by bit, getting longer and longer. Finally, after the woman kicked her legs desperately, there was no movement, but Old Ding's hands with exposed veins were still squeezing her neck hard, and the ring of flesh was deeply sunken.

After more than twenty minutes, Lao Ding felt that the person under him was completely dead, so he took back his hands, grinned at the woman, lit a cigarette, and sat next to the body, thinking. Suddenly, Old Ding raised his eyes and looked at Dayu outside the screen, his eyes flashing with ferocious light, and he stood up.

Dayu told me that he was so frightened that he did not dare to take a breath and immediately reached out to turn off the computer. However, the computer could not be turned off at this time. In the extreme panic, he did not forget to unplug the plug from the power supply. Unfortunately, The computer is still running fast. So Dayu thought of running away, but his legs could not move no matter what. He was nailed to the stool like this. Even if he wanted to move his eyes, it was impossible. The more he tried to close his eyes, the more he moved away exaggeratedly. Accurately To put it bluntly, he had to stare and watch everything that happened on the screen.

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Dayu said that he saw Lao Ding stand up and drag the body into the kitchen. The picture on the computer kept following Lao Ding. After walking to the kitchen, Lao Ding put the body on the ground and took out an iron tiger from a corner. head, slashing at the corpse with a ferocious smile. Dayu saw blood splashing on Old Ding's face, hands and body, and on the screen. More and more blood on the screen slowly flowed into a large bright red area. Although it was dazzling, it blocked the crazy scene. A figure of a person chopping something can be seen from the red.

At this moment, a skeleton appeared from the screen, spinning rapidly, and the main page of the "Ghost World of the Underworld" exactly as I had seen it appeared on the computer screen. The ghost I saw stretched out half of its body from the homepage, with an evil smile on its bloody face. It said to Dayu: "Have you seen enough? Look good! Hehehehe… If you still want to see it, I’ll take you to see more exciting scenes next time.”

After finishing speaking, the computer screen all dimmed, and Dayu realized that the computer had finally stopped running. He didn't dare to plug in the power and turn on the computer, so he called me in a hurry and asked me to help him find the psychic friend.

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After I put down the phone, I had to take him to find that friend in the middle of the night. Everyone called him Banxian. The half-immortal made some calculations with his fingers and said, "It doesn't matter, the matter will be resolved tomorrow."

Dayu asked the half-immortal tremblingly: "Do you want to call the police?"

The corner of Banxian's mouth turned down and he said: "Who would believe this these days? It's strange that the police would believe you. Don't worry about it. Do you want to be haunted by a ghost?"

Dayu and I didn't dare to go home. After hearing this story, it was impossible to sleep in the middle of the night, so we chatted at the Banxian's house until dawn.

The next day, Dayu called me from his workplace and told me that a mutilation and murder case had occurred in his workplace. The sewer of the house on the first floor was blocked. When he asked someone to clear the sewer, he found a lot of hair and people. Fingers. The murderer Lao Ding was interrogated by the police. It was said that he chopped his wife into pieces and flushed her down the sewer bit by bit.

That day, Dayu and I, neither of us could eat breakfast. We finished telling the story and were so tired. Let’s take a rest.

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