Did Yoshio Kobayashi Die In The End? Horror Revival

Yang Jian lit the ghost candle and had enough time to spend with Ye Feng.

He didn't believe that this guy could last for an hour.

However, Ye Feng's radical behavior had already told him the result, and he couldn't hold on for an hour.

He continued to use the power of the shroud while disappearing. In this case, it was useless to control two ghosts.

The longer Li Gui's power is used, the faster it recovers.

Therefore, every time the ghost controller uses the power of the ghost, the time must be short.

"You want to rely on the protection of that shroud to come over and kill me. I have to say that you chose a bad outcome." Yang Jian was not worried, but rather happy.

His situation seemed to be better than that of Ye Feng, but in fact it was not much better.

Ghostland is in constant use.

If the stalemate continues, his ghost eyes will continue to revive.

However, of course, this worry would not be voiced in front of the enemy.

Thoughts, Ye Feng's radical choice undoubtedly further shortened the time for his ghost to recover.

Ye Feng had a cold face at this moment, walking step by step towards Yang Jian along the asphalt road covered with red light.

There are dense ghost ropes floating on the road, and the life-threatening ghost ropes fall from the sky, like evil ghosts possessing them, making people feel fear and jealousy.

Ordinary people have died in this situation ten thousand times.

But he is no ordinary person.

The shroud on his body gave him protection.

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What is Yoshio Kobayashi's ability_Did Yoshio Kobayashi die in the end_Yoshio Kobayashi's avatar HD’/>

It is precisely because of this that he dares to be so unscrupulous.

As a ghost controller who also controls two ghosts, Ye Feng believes that no one can be his opponent.

"It's too slow, can't you walk faster? Since the ghost rope can't affect you, then you should run." Yang Jian sat on the steps at the door, looking at him, urging him from time to time.

Ye Feng's face darkened.

start running?

Once the power of the ghost is used excessively in a short period of time, it can also directly stimulate the ghost's recovery.

He could only control one degree to ensure that everything was within his tolerance.

"Yang Jian, you don't have to be too happy. Although your resuscitation of Wang Yue's ghost rope is a bit beyond my plan, this situation is still within the scope of my ability to deal with it. You are dead today."

"Yes, yes, yes, I'm dead, then come and kill me. I'm a little scared sitting here. If you don't come over, I'll leave." Yang Jian nodded.

"Damn it."

Ye Feng wanted to curse, but couldn't.

Although his ability is special, it lacks flexibility compared to Yang Jian's Ghost Domain.

His biggest shortcoming was his inability to appear elusively in any place. That's why Wang Xiaoqiang had to pin Yang Jian's ghost domain before, otherwise he would have nothing to do with Yang Jian.

Of course, there was nothing Yang Jian could do against him.


Outside the ghost realm.

Wang Xiaoqiang, whose face was torn to pieces by Yang Jian before, now picked up the torn face again with a rotting head that was not his own.

Yoshio Kobayashi's avatar HD_What is Yoshio Kobayashi's ability_Did Yoshio Kobayashi die in the end

It was slowly put on his head like a mask.

The flesh and skin fit together and gradually merged into one piece.

Wang Xiaoqiang came to life again.

"This Yang Jian deserves to be killed." He gritted his teeth and looked at a trail in front of him covered in red light.

Wang Xiaoqiang could no longer see the situation inside.

The ghost realm is isolated from everything. He cannot break into the ghost realm and has no idea what is going on inside.

But judging from the current situation, Ye Feng seemed to be frozen.

Yang Jian is not that easy to kill.

"Still can't get into the ghost realm?" Wang Xiaoqiang tried to go in to help. He walked to the road shrouded in red light, but found that he was just standing there, nothing special.

The red light seemed to be illusory, passing directly through his body.

I tried several times, but in the end they all failed.



Wang Xiaoqiang noticed a cold aura approaching, which made people shudder. Some kind of special intuition made him look in one direction with a bit of horror.

On the lawn of the green belt, a girl wearing a tattered dress stood at some point.

This girl is about seven or eight years old. She has two braids and looks a little cute at first glance.

However, when Wang Xiaoqiang saw clearly, his eyes suddenly shrank and he subconsciously stepped back.

Yoshio Kobayashi's avatar HD_What is Yoshio Kobayashi's ability_Did Yoshio Kobayashi die in the end

A wave of fear coursed through him.

The girl's skin was blue, not a normal person's skin color, and her whole body was filled with a strong corpse smell, like a corpse that had been dead for a long time. The eyes on her face were gone, and there were only two dark eye sockets. There was still faint corpse water seeping out.

And there is no nose or mouth on the face.

It's not that it doesn't exist, it just doesn't grow at all.

Because of the lack of two senses, the eye sockets appear to be particularly large, giving people a particularly weird feeling.


This word immediately popped up in Wang Xiaoqiang's mind.

A new ghost, an unknown ghost that was not part of the plan.

Although it was the first time he saw it, he felt that this ghost was unusual and definitely not the kind of ghost that could be easily restrained or imprisoned.

The two looked at each other across a green belt.

He didn't know if he could see anyone in his dark, empty eyes, but Wang Xiaoqiang was sure that this ghost must have seen him.

"What's going on? What happened? Why did a ghost suddenly appear here in such a good place? Is it because I was unlucky enough to encounter a new supernatural event? Or is it that a certain ghost master died and his body The devil has revived." Wang Xiaoqiang's expression changed uncertainly, and for a moment, he thought a lot.

I even thought about leaving directly.

"No, I can't leave now. Things here haven't been finished yet. If Ye Feng knows that he ran away first, he will definitely come back to settle accounts with me."

Thinking of this, sweat broke out on his face.

This ghost was not within the scope of previous considerations. There was no corresponding plan at all, and there were no backup methods.

If Yang Jian saw this ghost, he would definitely guess it.

What is Yoshio Kobayashi's ability_Yoshio Kobayashi's avatar HD_Did Yoshio Kobayashi die in the end

This is Zhang Wei's release from the ghost mirror after his death.

Die once and resurrect once, and one ghost in the ghost mirror will escape.

This is the price.

After a while, on a wide road across the river, a large truck suddenly drove past and honked its horn for a long time.


The ghost girl who was standing motionless turned her head towards the direction of the sound.

However, he quickly ran in the direction where the large truck left.


This ghost girl started running at a strangely fast speed.

In just a moment, the ghost had left Guanjiang Community, then headed south along the road, and finally disappeared at the end of the road.

It left.

"It's a false alarm." Wang Xiaoqiang breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

"Where did such a ghost come from? Fortunately, I didn't speak anymore. The ghost seemed to be particularly sensitive to sounds. It was my movement that attracted the thing just now. Later, when I looked at each other, I didn't speak and escaped. A disaster, if I had turned around and escaped just now, I would probably be doomed. Now it has left with the big truck, and it will probably not appear in Dachang City in the future."

Thinking of this, I felt scared again.

Unintentionally, I was lucky enough to master some of this ghost's rules.

If other ghost masters came into contact rashly, they would probably die without knowing how.

"If Ye Feng gets rid of Yang Jian, the two ghosts in his body will revive, and this place will become an extremely dangerous place in the future. If possible, try to come as little as possible."

Yoshio Kobayashi's avatar HD_What is Yoshio Kobayashi's ability_Did Yoshio Kobayashi die in the end

He vaguely felt that something was wrong with this community.

There must be a reason why Yang Jian chose to live here, and the appearance of this ghost made him feel very uneasy.

In the ghost realm at this moment.

Ye Feng finally broke through the layers of the ghost rope and came to Yang Jian, standing outside the ghost candle's candlelight.

"Boy, why are you so arrogant now?" He gritted his teeth. I wish I could beat him to death immediately.

"Yes, I really admire your perseverance. Did you really break through Yoshio Kobayashi and die in the end? Although the distance of more than a hundred meters is not long, the price you paid must not be small." Yang Jian was still sitting on the steps, with Gui Zhu standing next to him, and he didn't look the least bit scared.

"If you die, the price will be worth it." Ye Feng was really angry.

How could he not be angry after being treated like this by Yang Jian.

"Okay, you come." Yang Jian said, "But I have to make another hard trip and walk back, because now I am not here anymore, at the place where you just came." '


Ye Feng was shocked.

"This way, I'm here, brother, if you want to kill me, come here."

Another Yang Jian appeared where he was before, waving his hands and shouting, holding a candle with a strange candlelight in his hand.

But Yang Jian in front of him was slowly disappearing.


This person is not Yang Jian at all, but an illusion.

"Yang Jian, I will protect your whole family." Ye Feng's face turned red and he yelled at him.

He was fooled from beginning to end.

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