Corpse Fisherman From The Yellow River

Not long after walking, the locust tree forest arrived.

There is a large locust forest here. The locust trees grow particularly well here, with luxuriant branches and leaves, tall and strong. Even in broad daylight, the place is lush and green and seems a bit dark. The sunlight can only barely penetrate through the gaps in the branches, reflecting mottled light and shadow on the ground.

I couldn't help but hug my arms. It was sunny and daytime on the surface, but it was a bit chilly here.

The locust tree forest is still a very famous place in this area, no, to be precise, it should be a very famous shady place.

I heard that during the Anti-Japanese War, a group of Japs came here and brought thousands of villagers from several nearby villages here for massacre. Those Japs lined up the villagers as human targets, set up crane guns and fired at them with a hail of bullets. They were about to mow down the villagers, leaving blood and flesh flying everywhere, and it was horrible to see. After the massacre was complete, the Japanese buried the mountains of corpses on the spot. Later, this place became a mass grave, and some homeless people were dumped here after they died.

Some people say that the reason why the locust trees here grow so vigorously is because they are planted on top of piles of dead people and absorb the nutrients from the dead.

I secretly cursed Lao Kuizi for hiding things in such a ghostly place.

I lingered at the entrance of the forest. Since Lao Kui had hidden something here, it probably wouldn't be a good thing. Otherwise, I might as well go back. It would be troublesome if I got into trouble with something unclean. But after just turning around, I stopped. I walked such a long way to get here. Is Lu Weiqin dead ? Do I have to run away from the battle? What if the old man comes to me again after I go back? I don't want a dead old man in a shroud standing next to my bed at midnight every day. Thinking about it makes me panic.

Whenever people are scared, the horrible things they have experienced or heard will clearly appear in their minds. In my mind, I thought of a strange incident that happened in the Sophora grove. At that time, the incident spread throughout the villages, causing a sensation and even alarming the Provincial Public Security Department.

I was sixteen years old that year and went to high school in the county town. I was in Class 2, and the incident happened in Class 3 next door. Two students in Class 3 fell in love early. I can’t remember the boy’s name. I remember the girl’s name was Luo Li. She was the art committee member of Class 3. She was quite pretty. There were several boys in our class giving her Love letters passed. Luo Li and the little boy are both from Pankou Village, and they go home together every weekend.

It was an ordinary weekend, and the two of them didn't go back to school after going home. The head teacher also heard about the two's puppy love, so he suspected that the two students had eloped quietly, so he made a special phone call to the students' homes. The family was also panicked and mobilized relatives and friends to search everywhere. As a result, some children said that they had seen them on the weekend and found that they had gone to the locust forest. The two may have gone on a date to the locust forest, but they did not come out since they went in.

The family quickly followed this clue and went to the locust forest, and the result…the result was that two cold and smelly corpses were waiting for them. Both of them were dead, naked and hanging from the trunk of a locust tree. His eyes were bulging out of his sockets, his tongue was hanging on the surface, and the expression on his face was indescribably weird.

After forensic examination, it was found that there were no injuries on the bodies of the two people, but they had heart and liver failure, and it was concluded that they were scared to death.

What’s even more puzzling to the police is that it was already late autumn at that time, and they had only been missing for two or three days. According to the northern climate, the corpses should not have decomposed very much, but the degree of decomposition of the two corpses was quite serious, and they emanated There was a strong corpse odor. According to people who were present at the time, countless white maggots crawled in and out of the corpse, and several police officers handling the case vomited.

At that time, the public security bureau announced that it was suicide and that the two died in love together. However, everyone knew that this was definitely not an ordinary death case. Lies were spread all over the place and spread throughout the villages, and the rumors became more and more mysterious. At that time, it was spread to our school and turned into a zombie bite version. It said that two people went to the locust forest for a tryst, but they were bitten to death by zombies crawling out of the ground. Of course, when talking about this, the rumor maker did not forget to add details about the scene of the two's tryst. The story was told in a precise and precise manner, as if he was witnessing it with his own eyes. This is also the topic that the audience is most interested in.

Later, the rumor spread so much that even the school had to come forward to refute the rumor, and even held a school-wide meeting. The main purpose was to talk about this incident, and then use this incident to educate us not to fall in love early.

Standing on the surface of the locust tree forest, I suddenly remembered this incident, and my legs couldn't help but wince.

Just when I was hesitating whether to go into the woods or not, a female voice sounded behind me: "Young handsome guy, why are you standing here stupidly?"

I suddenly shuddered, turned around, and saw a young woman standing behind me, maybe about twenty-seven or eight years old, not much older than me. She had long hair, and she looked somewhat pretty, but her face was covered with a thick layer of powder. I don't know if it was because of the light, but she looked pale and pale, and she felt a little malnourished. The weirdest thing is her clothes. She is actually wearing a beautiful bright red cheongsam. The style of the cheongsam is very old, very much like the style of the Republic of China. However, her legs were white and long, and she was wearing a pair of high-heeled sandals, which made people's hearts flutter.

I felt a little strange. I had been wandering here for a long time without seeing anyone. Where did this cheongsam woman come from? Could it be that she came out of the locust tree forest? What was she doing in the woods dressed like this in broad daylight?

I looked at her with confusion on my face. When she saw that I was silent, she covered her mouth and giggled. She patted my shoulder lightly and said softly: "Oh, you are staring at my breasts so lustfully." You came to play in the locust forest, right? Come on, go to my house for a drink of water!"

The woman's every frown and smile were full of charm. If it weren't for my good concentration, I might not be able to control it anymore. Even so, I still couldn't help but look at her breasts. Well, they were round, white, and one size larger than Gu Mei Di's breasts.

Seeing that I was dazed, the woman stretched out her hand to pull me back.

This time I felt something was wrong, because the woman's hands were very cold, without any warmth, and the coldness was not ordinary cold, but bone-deep cold. How can I describe this feeling? Well, it's kind of like a dead man's hand.

I took a step back, gently shook off the woman's hand, and my heart started to beat wildly. I always felt that this woman was too weird, and I didn't dare to look at her again, so I said "No need." Turn around and leave.

After walking for a while with my head down, I felt something was not right. I suddenly raised my head and found that I was surrounded by lush locust trees, and my scalp immediately became numb. I was clearly on the surface of the locust tree forest just now, and after turning around and leaving, I should have headed towards Pankou Village, but why did I walk into the locust tree forest, and I walked deeper and deeper. The lush branches and leaves were layered on top of each other, almost blocking the sunlight. . The forest was dark, with only the strange sound of the wind blowing.

I patted my head. Did I go the wrong way?

When I looked back, the white hair and sweat all over my body came out in a swipe, and the cheongsam woman just now was gone!

I suddenly remembered that she had just invited me to her house for tea. Where was her house? Is it in this ghost forest? But I have never heard that there are people living in the locust forest? Who would be so abnormal as to settle down in a place with such a strong negative energy?

The more I thought about it, the more I felt something was not right. I felt like I had fallen into an ice cellar, feeling a bone-chilling cold.

I licked my dry lips, composed myself, and tried to get rid of those ridiculous and weird thoughts in my mind.

After taking deep breaths three times, I felt that my heartbeat had gradually returned to normal.

I am a top student in the Department of Archeology and an atheist.

What's more, it's still sunny and daytime, so don't scare yourself.

Maybe that woman really lived nearby. Maybe she was lonely and saw that I was a bit handsome, so she became jealous of me.

Thinking of this, I couldn't help but want to laugh. How can I comfort myself at this time?

The lush branches and leaves blocked the sun and the sky, which caused me great difficulties.

As a result, it would be difficult for me to distinguish between southeast and northwest in the forest, and I still didn’t know where I would go.


I slapped the melon on the head suddenly, this person is going to get into trouble sometimes. If it doesn't work, I'll just take out my phone and call the police for help.

I quickly took out my phone, and it showed no signal? !

What the hell is this place that can't even penetrate the communication signal? !

But it didn’t matter. The alarm call could be answered without any signal, so I pressed 110 without hesitation.

However, there was always a rustling noise coming from the phone. Damn it! He couldn't even call the police! I wiped the cold sweat from my forehead, and my heart couldn't help but start to panic again.

At this moment, a dark wind blew in the forest. The wind blew so loudly that I couldn't open my eyes. Immediately afterwards, a strange black mist floated around. The black mist came very quickly, surging like a tide. It was thick and thick, and it also carried a strange smell. All kinds of weird sounds sounded from all directions, as if countless ghosts and sprites came out of the ground, and I felt waves of bone-chilling coldness.

"Handsome guy! Come to my house for a drink! Geez! Handsome guy, come with me! Come on!"

The woman's voice actually sounded in my ears again. Her voice was full of teasing and seduction, which was irresistible. But it was so dark that I couldn't see where the woman was.

In a daze, I actually smiled and raised the corners of my mouth: "Okay! I'll come! I'll come!"

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