Chasing Aries At Midnight Online Reading

The protagonist of the story is Liang Wa. He is already thirty years old and still single. Liang Wa likes to visit when she has nothing to do. Liang Wa's family lives in Xiazhuang, and Liang Wa's cousin lives in Shangzhuang.

His cousin Suhe married a large landowner as a concubine at the age of sixteen. He has a son and a daughter. The children find themselves in wealthy families and live on their own. Unexpectedly, the old landowner died and the fierce eldest wife kicked her out of the house. In desperation, he rented a house from Shangzhuang and barely made ends meet. To carry water, I had to go far away, so I had to rely on Liang Wa’s help.

There are several families living in the yard. During the slack time, they sat together and chatted.

It was summer, so they finished their meal early and sat in the courtyard to enjoy the cool air.

Liang Wa came and sat on the small bench Su He gave him. He smoked hookah. For a time, the sound of "gurgling…" mixed with the fragrance of tobacco floated in people's words…

Old man Zhang cleared his throat and said, "Hey!" He said, "You, Liang, have made such a big move, but you still don't want to find a woman. The house is cold and the stove is cold. Can you stay here?"

Liang Wa chuckled: "Who is following me? My ancestors left no ancestral property. If I can't support myself, how can I make others suffer? Forget it for the rest of my life!" After speaking, she glanced at her cousin.

Suhe blushed and lowered her head.

The woman from the Zhang family said, "There is a widow in the mountains behind my parents' house. Do you want her? She has two children and her face is pockmarked."

Liang Wa shook her head: "No!" Everyone laughed.

The Aoyama family's two-year-old baby ran over, with mucus flowing from his nose to his mouth. Liang Wa took a handful from his crotch, and the child burst into tears. The Qingshan woman laughed and cursed, picked up the baby and put it aside to comfort her.

Everyone laughed again…

The next day Liang Wa sat there until 1:30 midnight, then got up and went home.

When I got out of the door, I could see the road under the dim light of the crescent moon. He hummed a little tune and walked home. When he was approaching Xiazhuang, he vaguely saw a sheep standing in front of him. It had white hair and was relatively large. The sheep barked and ran forward.

When Liang Wa saw no one around, she felt ecstatic and ran after Aries…

There is a ghost story about a sheep running desperately to raise corpses . He chased it desperately, and the sheep was so anxious that it screamed "Mo Mou…".

I chased him for half the night and ended up in a wasteland. The sheep stopped and turned around. Liang Wa happily rushed over. When he was about to hug it, the sheep blew lightly in front of his eyes and disappeared. He looked around, feeling that it was pitch black and couldn't see anything. He sighed, turned around and headed towards home.

When I got home, I touched the kang and fell asleep.

During lunch, Suha knocked on the door. When Liang Wa opened her eyes and saw that it was still dark, she muttered and got up and opened the door: "What do you mean by knocking on the door before dawn?"

Suhe said in surprise: "You are talking in your sleep! It's already lunch time. You just know how to sleep in!"

Liang Wa rubbed her eyes: "Why is there no sun? There is no light at all. Is it going to rain?"

"Nonsense! The sun has come out early, and you are still confused!"

"What? Why can't I see? I can't see! I can't see! I can't see my eyes…" "No way? Yesterday was fine." Suhe put the rice on the Kang table.

Liang Wa started crying and sat on the ground holding her head.

He thought about chasing the sheep last night.

He pulled his hair and howled: "I shouldn't have chased the sheep last night! I chased them for half the night. I was so confused! Wuwu…"

"You chase sheep at night? Are sheep white? People say Aries at night are ghosts. Aren't you afraid?"

"How do I know! Wuwu…"

He told what happened.

From then on, the story of Liang Wa chasing the sheep in the middle of the night spread throughout the village!

He rarely goes out anymore.

Suha often comes to his house to help cook.

One day, Suhe said goodbye to everyone in the yard. She said she was going to another house.

Liang Wa was waiting at the door when she went out. The two walked away hand in hand.

Suhe's children disowned her and said she had lost their person. He also said that he wanted to find a good family.

Suha's belly was already swollen when she left!

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