Chapter 44: Path To Death

I couldn't hide it, so I briefly told her what happened after she fainted. The fat man added that Lao Yangpi was a class enemy who had infiltrated the people. Ding Sitian said how could this be possible? The fat man pointed at me and said, "What he said, When I get back, I will hold a reasoning and struggle meeting to expose the gangster's face."

I had no choice but to tell the truth: "We haven't slept for two days and one night. I was worried that Lao Yangpi would do something stupid after everyone fell asleep because they were too tired, so I found an excuse to tie him up. Unexpectedly, even though he was careful and careful, something went wrong. Even though Lao Yangpi doesn't talk much, he has a very right idea, and even nine oxen can't do things that are right for people. I think he must be seriously superstitious. I want to attract the soul of his brother Yang Erdan."

Based on the contact during this period, I dare to conclude that Lao Yangpi must have woken up early, and then secretly returned to the underground secret room to find the mysterious copper box. It's just that we were sleeping too deeply, and we didn't know how long he had been gone. It might be too late to catch up with him now.

The fat man said: "Okay, Lao Hu, you unlucky guy used me as a big blade again. I thought you were vigilant enough and found out the new trend of class struggle. It turns out that old sheepskin is still old sheepskin. What should we do now? Should we go back to the secret room to find him or what? I…I fell asleep just now, and I dreamed of the female corpse in the secret room. That cold and cold face was really fucking evil, but my heavenly soldiers were so angry. Xiao Han swept through thousands of armies like a rolling scroll, kicking it, soul and body, into the big garbage heap where the dust of history accumulated."

After hearing the fat man's words, Ding Sitian exclaimed in a low voice: "Ah… why are you dreaming about that female corpse, little fat guy? I… I just dreamed about it too. I don't know if you guys feel it, but I feel… That female corpse…she…she is still alive…"

When I heard the fat man talking in his sleep just now, I knew that he was dreaming about the Great Xianbei witch. I didn't expect that Ding Sitian also had the same dream. It may be a coincidence that two people dreamed about it, but it was really a ghost if three people dreamed about it. Moreover, I have actually experienced the feeling that Ding Sitian mentioned, but it does not seem to be the feeling of a living person. It is not intuitive and difficult to describe in words. It is just a strong feeling and an exciting feeling. The feeling of having hair all over your body.

Fatty, Ding Sitian and I discussed it for a while and made a decision. Even if there is a ghost in the secret, we still have to go back. We must find Lao Sheepskin. We must see people in life and see corpses in death. Even if he has been He is a tomb robber who has done reverse fighting. Divided by composition, it should also belong to the majority that can be united. Those who are fighting against us are craftsmen who rely on their craftsmanship to make a living and have no production capital. They are at best handicraftsmen. This is a contradiction within the people. Moreover, the owners of the tombs robbed are almost all the exploiting ruling class who stand on the opposite side of the working people. Speaking more broadly, heroes from all walks of life who have rebelled in uprisings have often discovered the heroic deeds of the imperial mausoleum. From the Mei Army to Zhang Xianzhong, there were not many peasant armies in ancient times who had not done this kind of thing. So at that time, none of us felt that there was anything unjustifiable about the craftsmen who rebelled. In that evil old society, there were so many blood and tears of poor people. Is it possible not to rebel? No matter what, we have to get the old sheepskin back.

I originally wanted Ding Sitian and Fatty to stay and go find the old sheepskin by myself, but Ding Sitian gritted her teeth and wanted to go with them regardless of her physical weakness. In desperation, the three of us had to go back together. At that time, we had a preconceived and subconscious understanding of the incorruptible female corpse. Although we didn't say it, subconsciously, we regarded it as a female monster like a white-bone spirit. So unknowingly, I recited "The golden monkey rises up with the jun stick, and the jade universe clears up thousands of miles. Today I cheer for the great sage Sun, just because the evil atmosphere has returned again" to embolden myself. We walked and chanted and encouraged each other. Strangely enough, we no longer felt any fear at all. This shows that the spiritual atomic bomb is really not blown out. The three of them found their original path and soon circled back to the door of the secret room.

The fat man was still chanting "All reactionaries are paper tigers" in his mouth to embolden everyone. I held his mouth and said to him and Ding Sitian: "Do you feel any changes around here? It seems different from the first time we came here."

Ding Sitian is naturally sensitive: "It seems…it seems like the ghost in the secret room is no longer there, and there is no longer the creepy feeling I had when I first came here…"

She was right. I already felt something strange in front of the secret room. The intimidating feeling from the dark in the dark no longer existed. It was not because our spiritual atomic bombs increased our courage, but because the secret room The disturbing thing in the novel has disappeared. Is the female corpse wearing the mask gone?

The anxiety of not knowing the truth makes people feel more uneasy than the direct threat. Instead of making random guesses in front of the door, it is better to see it and see it for real. Thinking of this, the three of us called out Lao Sheeppi's name several times into the room. When there was no response, we pressed closely together and entered the secret room. We used the engineer's lighting tube to look around. We saw that the floor was still littered with dead and dead bodies. Corpses and rotten corpses were piled all over the place. When we looked inside, we couldn't help but say "Eh".

What happened was unexpected. The corpse of the masked witch was still lying peacefully on the stone table. But when you see it again this time, you can clearly feel that it is just like the other dead people in this research institute. Without the body of the soul, the threat that seemed to be lingering in the room was gone.

Something must have changed here when we were too tired and fell asleep. I took Fatty and Ding Sitian to look at the rest of the place, and there was no sign of Lao Yangfa in the secret room. The rotten and white sheep Erdan, who was wearing black clothes with a red ribbon around his waist, was still lying flat on the ground. The fat man guessed smartly: "Old Yangpi was probably afraid of holding his reasoning and struggle meeting, so he greased the soles of his feet and slipped away. I think he most likely fled to the border to join the Soviet revisionists and eat butter bread."

I shook my head and said, "Impossible. If he wants to surrender to the enemy and rebel, he will never come to this secret room again. When we left, I clearly remembered to kick the Wong Tai Sin box into the corner, but look at it. Why is the copper box missing? Old Sheepskin must have come back and taken it away."

Ding Sitian asked worriedly: "Why did Grandpa Yangpi do this? Where is he now?"

I said: "Maybe he has something to hide from us about the soul-calling box…" At this point, I suddenly thought that the ghostly feeling suddenly disappeared in this secret room, probably because of the pornographic mouth. The leather and copper box is gone. Maybe we made a subjective and blind misjudgment from the beginning, because when we saw the female corpse in the secret room, we felt that there seemed to be undead wandering here. However, in fact, the feeling made us feel uncomfortable from the bottom of our hearts. The cold and cold air came from the copper box with the yellow leather head carved on it. The copper box was taken away by the old sheepskin, so the dark and invisible atmosphere disappeared in the secret room.

So far, we still don’t know exactly what is in the box, but it seems to be sinister and not auspicious. We can’t figure out what Lao Yangpi’s motive is. Could it be that the corpse in the secret room is not Sheep Erdan at all, otherwise Lao Yangpi How could you leave him alone? Regardless of Lao Yangpi's intentions, he is now a very dangerous and uncertain factor.

I said to Fatty and Ding Sitian: "I don't know where Lao Yangpi is now. The terrain of Baiyan Cave is complicated and dangerous. With just the three of us, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack to find him. We need to evacuate first and then discuss a solution."

The fat man said: "Let me put a fire before I leave, so as not to cause trouble." He had a special liking for setting fires, and he didn't wait for others to agree. After he finished speaking, he went to find the source of the fire. The secret room is filled with wooden planks and slats. He found a piece of white cloth for covering things, found some alcohol, poured it on, and immediately lit a fire.

I thought that it would be better to burn them, as dust will return to dust, and soil will return to soil. Leaving behind a corpse that will not rot for a hundred years may not be what the deceased wanted. Burning the remains will prevent them from being embarrassed any longer. Seeing that the fire was increasing, we had to start exiting the secret room. When we passed the female corpse, I could no longer control my curiosity and thought that there would be no more danger. I would like to see why the dead wear masks. . So he used Kangxi's sword to remove the mask covering the face of the female corpse. Unexpectedly, the corpse had no face. A big hole was dug into the face under the mask, which looked extremely terrifying.

I just took one look and felt terrible. At this time, Ding Sitian saw me dawdling behind, so she turned back to look at me. I quickly told her not to look back, but after I finished speaking, she also saw the hole on the face of the female corpse and was so horrified that she froze on the spot.

I suddenly thought about why the White Walkers killed the Three-Eyed Crow . There might be something fishy about this shameless female corpse, but it was no longer time to look at it. The raging tongues of fire had devoured the corpse of the witch. In fact, it was a corpse, but it was just a human skin. The body was burned to ashes in the blink of an eye, and only the metal mask glowed with a strange golden-red brilliance in the fire.

Unexpectedly, the fire spread, burning so fiercely, and thick smoke surged in the underground passage. The fat man and I grabbed the frightened Ding Sitian, and the three of us fled away in a sudden burst of smoke, and did not stop until we returned to the door of the ground floor. Stop and think about where to go next.

I ran too fast just now, and the healed wound on my shoulder was aching again. I covered the wound and said to the fat man and others: "Under the Huangpizi Temple in the Northeast, there are two weasels buried with human skin as clothes. The dead were dug out." The empty body is like a human skin coffin. I just saw that the corpse of the witch is also empty inside. Behind the mask may be a place for the old man. It hides in the human skin and plays tricks to confuse people. The so-called witch This may be the case. It seems that the Huangpizi Tomb in Tuanshanzi, Daxinganling Mountains, is almost a complete replica of the Baiyan Cave, but the scale and situation are much smaller."

In the folklore of the Northeast, there are caves on the mountain where stone beasts stand, and the depths of it are the gateway to the underworld. After a person dies, any lingering ghost will go to that place. It was a world of the dead. The cities and towers inside were no different from the human world. It was just a world of the dead and did not belong to the living. "

When it comes to whether there are ghosts in the world, my attitude has been a little vague recently, because some things are indeed difficult to understand. But when it comes to the underworld with its many pavilions and palaces, I absolutely refuse to believe it. When the fat man said this, I cursed: "Nonsense." Eight paths, broad daylight, heaven and earth are clear, there is no door to the underworld. The so-called ghost yamen is just a large tomb for mass burials. When there are many dead people buried in it, it is spread more and more evil, and it is said to be a gathering of the undead. The underworld."

Ding Sitian said: "When I was a child, I heard my grandmother tell many stories about the Land and Water Map. There were many tortures in the underworld. The one that impressed me the most was a little daughter-in-law who was forced to stuff her lower body into the eye of a stone mill. , ground into pulp and blood foam, a black dog was grinding the edge and licking the blood, and the unlicked minced meat dripped into a pot. In the next life, it will turn into maggots, mosquitoes and flies for the world to swat . Why do White Walkers kill? The three-eyed crow , and the upper body of the little daughter-in-law who had been half rubbed was actually still alive. My grandmother said that women who are unfilial to their elders will end up like this after death. It really scared me so much that I got goosebumps all over my body. Oh, that kind of underworld is simply too scary. I hope Old Yangpi Grandpa didn’t run into the ghost government office in the back mountain."

The fat man said: "Sitian, why are you becoming more and more cowardly? Even if there is an underworld in the world, we revolutionary materialists will go there with hundreds of thousands of clan flags to kill Yama, put up big-character posters for him with bull heads and horse faces, and fight against the king of hell, Lao Tzu. "

I looked around and saw that the fog had stopped gathering and the sky was darkening. It was getting darker again. It had been two days and one night since we left the ranch. I didn’t know if Chief Ni had sent someone out to look for us. He still had to find a way to find Lao Yangpi, otherwise he wouldn't be able to explain to the people in the pastoral area, so he interrupted the fat man and said: "Okay, okay, you haven't put up enough big-character posters yet? I'm looking at some ghost yamen or some ghost gate. They have no direct interest relationship with us, but now we have to go to the cave in the back mountain, because Lao Yangpi has already entered the back mountain. If the ghost yamen is really the entrance to the underworld, Lao Yangpi is now afraid. You have already entered this hellish path.”

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