Chapter 306 The Ghost Gradually Gets On The Bus

Although Yang Jian was confident that he had the ability to face-to-face with the grave-weeper ghost who had just got on the bus, after all, he was different from ordinary ghost controllers because he controlled the headless ghost shadow.

However, the weird thing here is not just the grave-crying ghost.

The unidentified ghost in the car, the supernatural bus, and the grave mound in the fields outside are all potential dangers, and the level of terror has not been confirmed.

Once you mess up, it is very likely to cause a chain reaction, and all the potential terror will burst out.

Most likely you will die here by then.

After all, there is an essential difference between humans and ghosts, because humans can die but ghosts cannot.

On this point, we are at an absolute disadvantage.

Therefore, Yang Jian chose to calm down and did not take any drastic action. Instead, he pulled the surviving Zhang Hao and the other three people and quickly retreated to the back of the carriage, making way for the aisle to let the grave-crying ghost board the car.

And as the bus moves.

This weird first stop was barely over.

Outside the car window, the graves in the fields are still standing there, and the temporary sites under the telephone poles are still set up, but there are no lights, no township buildings, not even a person or a car on the nearby road. No car.

The barren fields seemed to be the entire world.

That grave mound vaguely revealed an inexplicable horror.

A tomb that makes ghosts kneel down and cry, what is inside? It couldn't be as simple as just a mound. After all, there weren't many things that people noticed outside the bus. The most conspicuous thing was the grave mound.

"Now is not the time to think about that lonely grave, but what to do with this thing?" Yang Jian frowned deeply.

Ignoring the other unknown ghost on the bus, taking the confirmed ghost as an example, everyone watched helplessly as it got on the bus and sat upright.

The distance between humans and ghosts is only about five meters at most.

Although the Graveweeper is sitting there motionless and harmless, who can be sure when it will suddenly become active again.

The scary thing about unknown ghosts is that they don’t understand their laws and abilities, and they need to be analyzed.

But rashly contacting and analyzing a ghost would involve paying a considerable price, which was not allowed in the current environment.

He was cautious and solemn, but Zhang Hao, the only one who came back alive, and the two girls next to him were so scared that they were almost paralyzed. The expressions on their faces changed, like crazy people, with their heads shrunk and fear on their faces. and despair, and kept crying quietly on the side. If Yang Jian hadn't given them a hand just now, their situation would be worse now.

After all, not everyone can overcome fear.

"Don't be too nervous. Ghosts on the bus will not kill people randomly. As long as you don't act randomly, in the eyes of the ghost, you are just a passenger like it and will be ignored. Of course, if you want to commit suicide, No matter what tricks you want to play, once you provoke that ghost, it might wake up, stand up from its seat, and kill you."

At this time, Xu Feng, who was in the last row, raised his bloodshot eyes and said something.

"Will it get off at the next stop?" Yang Jian asked.

"Maybe it will, maybe it won't, no one knows. There is no rule at all here. If you are lucky, it will get off at the next stop. If you are not lucky, this thing will keep sitting for several stops, but no one can Guarantee that after one ghost gets off, two ghosts will get on the bus? The number of ghosts may only increase in the end." Xu Feng said.

Yang Jian asked again: "You have been here for seven or eight days, and the most you have seen is how many ghosts you have seen in the car at the same time."

Hearing this question, Xu Feng suddenly grinned: "It makes no sense to ask about the number, but I can remind you that you must pray that this bus will not be full."

"Is it still fully loaded?" Yang Jian was stunned.

There are a total of thirty-six seats on this bus. If it is to be fully loaded, all thirty-six seats must be occupied.

But this is almost impossible.

Even if someone hits the bus by mistake, they will rush to get off the bus after reacting in time, and the result of getting off the bus will most likely be the same as before, dying outside.

The extremely high death rate greatly increased the vacancy rate, causing the car to always appear empty.

"No, no, there is another possibility when it is fully loaded… that is, all the living people in the car are dead, and the rest are all ghosts." Yang Jian thought of the worst possibility.

All thirty-six seats were filled with ghosts.

"Judging from your appearance, you should have realized it. That's right. The full load depends not on the number of people, but on the number of ghosts. People will die and run away, and the number can easily decrease sharply, but ghosts are different. As long as they don't get off the car, they will stay in the car, and the number will be reduced to a limited extent."

Xu Feng smiled coldly: "I am reminding you because you are also a criminal police officer, but I have said everything I should say now. As for whether you can survive in the end, it depends on you. If you die, Don't blame me for not saving you when you get here. In this situation, I can't even protect myself."

After saying that, he closed his eyes again, as if he wanted to take advantage of this moment to sleep for a while.

Yang Jian's eyes moved slightly. Although he knew that Xu Feng had a lot of information to hide, he didn't want to ask too many questions. After all, it would have been good if others were willing to remind him a few words. If other ghost controllers had a bad taste, it would directly harm him. It's not impossible for you to die.

"It looks like you have to get off the car by yourself. Does the time Xu Feng mentioned before about getting off the car, do you have to wait until the car enters the city and make sure it is normal outside? Or does it require other conditions?"

There are too many things that he doesn't understand, and it's not something that a person like him who just got on the bus can analyze.

It’s better to take care of the present first.

"Except for those people who got off the bus before, I can confirm that there are currently all the people on the bus: the body of the bus driver, the grave-crying ghost, Zhang Hao, and the two girls next to him, myself, Xu Feng, and The guy on the other side of the back row seems to have been sleeping."

"The good news is that the old woman I suspected was a ghost got out of the car with the crowd. Whether she is dead or not, at least she will not appear in front of me again."

"Except for the identified ghost, the identity of the remaining ghost can almost be locked down."

Yang Jian looked again at the far right side of the back row, where he saw the person curled up sleeping in the corner. The person was still wearing a hat and couldn't see clearly.

Is he a ghost?

"I'm not completely sure, but at least I have a rough guess."

As time passes little by little.

Yang Jian looked around on the bus, trying to find any useful clues, but based on the information he currently had, it seemed that the only way to get off was to wait for the bus to open again.

It's just that that time, the bus couldn't stop in this weird place in the wilderness. It should stop in an urban area where it was sure there would be no problems.

"Are you okay? It's almost time to calm down. If you have really given up hope, then I don't have to worry about it and let you fend for yourself," Yang Jian said while looking at Zhang Hao and others.

He casually gave these people a hand, which was considered as his most benevolent and righteous act.

If they have this kind of psychological quality, these people will definitely be dead next time and will not survive.

"Brother, can you take us out of this hellish place?"

Zhang Hao, who had gradually adapted to the previous fear, raised his head and asked hopefully.

Yang Jian shook his head and said: "No, I am also a victim. I don't know as much as the person in the back row. There may be a way to leave here, but I haven't mastered it yet. If you want to survive, just find a way to wait until At that time, there was only so much I could do.”

If he could find a way to get out of here, he wouldn't mind taking these people with him.

But only if these people survive until then.

"Then it's up to you." Zhang Hao became a little excited.

Yang Jian didn't reply to him, because he felt in his heart that the chances of the three of them surviving until that time were slim. After all, the quality of these people was too poor.

And while everyone was waiting in silence.

It's completely dark outside.

The time showed half past eight.

When the bus continued to drive until 9:50, the calm was broken again. The vehicle began to slow down and drive to the side of the road.

Slow down and keep to the right, this is the direction to pit.

Yang Jian glanced out the car window, his face darkened again.

Here is another wilderness, with no one around at all.

No, not at all.

Yang Jian narrowed his eyes and saw two red lights lighting up in the forest in the distance.

The light is not bright, it should not be the light from a light bulb, but the light from a lantern, which is hazy and looks particularly weird in the dark night.

Soon, the car stopped.


The car door opened on its own, and the cold wind from outside flowed in, making the hairs on several people's hair stand on end.

The white cloth covering the face of the grave-crying ghost sitting near the door of the car was swayed by the wind, and it seemed that the face covered by the white cloth was about to leak out.

Yang Jian wanted to see it clearly with some curiosity, but unfortunately he couldn't see it clearly.

"Brother, look outside…" The voice of a girl next to her was trembling, and the fear in her eyes seemed to be bursting out again as she pointed out the car window.

Through the headlights in front of the bus, you can vaguely see a winding forest path behind the platform. The dirt road is covered with weeds.

At the end of the road, an old house loomed in front of us.

The house is a wooden structure. I don’t know how long it has been built there. It has collapsed in several places and is covered with grass. It seems that it has been abandoned there. There is no sign that anyone lives there.

But right in front of this old house, there are two red lanterns hanging, emitting light.

When the bus stopped for about two or three minutes.

The wooden house in the distance has changed.

A figure suddenly stood under the red lantern, seeming to be looking over here.

"Don't get in the car." Yang Jian was thinking like this in his heart.

He was certain that this was definitely a ghost, and it was mysterious and unknown, and the level of terror could not be determined.

But things just didn't go as he thought.

The figure under the lantern shook and was walking along the deserted path in the direction of the bus.

"Brother, can you get out of the car now?" Zhang Hao didn't see that scene and just wanted to get out of here quickly.

Yang Jian said: "Getting out of the car at this time is simply asking for death. This place is even weirder than the graveyard in the field just now."

Before, it was just a grave and a grave-crying ghost, but now it is a haunted house outside. If you get off the bus, some potential terror in the haunted house will be awakened . Is the supernatural incident on Beijing’s 375 bus real? , then it’s really hard to cry.

Zhang Hao heard that he couldn't get out of the car, so he could only endure the torment of fear and continue to wait.

It takes about four minutes to park.

The figure walking out of the abandoned old house finally came into view.

It was a man wearing a red cheongsam and a red hood.

Like a woman who is about to become a monk.

However, Yang Jian saw the exposed hands of the red cheongsam woman… dry and stiff, with dark brown corpse skin tightly wrapped around the bones, like a mummy.

"Oh shit."

Yang Jian cursed secretly in his heart. When he saw the mummy bride getting into the car, he felt inexplicably frightened. Some kind of strong uneasiness seemed to appear in his heart again.

The ghost eyes are giving me a dangerous warning~!

It is certain that the horror level of this mummy bride definitely exceeds that of the previous grave-crying ghost.

The mummy, covered with a red scarf and wearing a cheongsam, did not choose to sit nearby. Instead, he walked several steps forward and finally sat down in the row in front of Yang Jian.

They are only one meter apart from each other, and this is because they are behind the bus.

As this thing sat down, the number of passengers on the electronic display in the car changed from 2 to 3, because the grave-crying ghost who got on the car before did not get off.

Fortunately, the situation in the car was as quiet as ever, and nothing unusual happened. Even though there were three ghosts in the car now, no one died.

This is good news.

Soon, the five minutes are up.

This site was considered safe and sound.

The bus continued its journey, continuing along the road as usual.

This time it was half past eleven.

The bus pulled into the station again, this time it stopped at a certain intersection.

The area around the intersection was pitch black, with no light at all.

But in the middle of the intersection, it looks a little bright. This brightness is very abrupt because the light source cannot be seen.

The bus stopped at the intersection.

However, what is frightening is that there is no one at the intersection, at least to the naked eye, there is no one standing there.

But the bus stopped at that intersection for five minutes and then closed the door again and started driving again.

The number of passengers in the car increased from three to four.

An invisible ghost got on board.

The mummy bride, the grave-crying ghost, and the unidentified ghost in the carriage still did not choose to get out of the car.

With the four ghosts staying in the car, Yang Jian's sense of crisis became more intense.

If the number continues to increase like this, even if it is not full, the gathering of these ghosts may cause unexpected changes.

Relying on the protection of buses may not be helpful.

Yang Jian clenched his fists and fidgeted.

The invisible ghost got into the car, and no one was sure where the thing was sitting.

It may be far away from you, it may be right next to you, which is a huge potential threat.

At this time, if you say a word or stand up, a certain ghost may be triggered to start killing people.

And as the number of ghosts in the car gradually increases, maybe even your breathing will be a mistake later.

"It's dangerous to get off the bus, and it's not necessarily safe to stay on the bus. When can we wait until the bus stops in a normal urban area?" Yang Jian silently waited for the opportunity.

But the bus stops are weirder than the last, and none of them are normal. Who dares to get off the bus randomly?

I looked at Xu Feng several times along the way.

This guy seemed to have really fallen asleep. He didn't react at all. He didn't even care about how many ghosts got into the car. He had no quality at all.

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