Campus Ghost Story

Li Xiaoguang is known as the most courageous person in the school.

He often plays ghost and scares people in school to show his courage and bravery.

In his own words, he looked down on cowardly people the most and often called others cowards.

His deskmate Xiao Ming is a coward and the person he hates the most.

During class, Li Xiaoguang always carries a small box in his pocket. This small box contains many disgusting and terrifying insects.

There are caterpillars, spiders, earthworms.

Every time during class, Li Xiaoguang would quietly take an insect out of the box and put it on his deskmate's notebook, or stuff it into his clothes.

Xiao Ming was so shocked that he let out bursts of screams.

At this time, Li Xiaoguang came forward, caught the insect and crushed it to death on the ground.

The reason why he did this was to use Xiao Ming's timidity to show his bravery. Whenever the most terrifying ghost noise came after such a thing was done, Li Xiaoguang would glare at Xiao Ming with disdain and then call him a coward.

Everyone knows what Li Xiaoguang does, and Xiao Ming himself knows it too.

However, no one could stop Li Xiaoguang. After all, Li Xiaoguang and Xiao Ming were sitting at the same table in class.

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After several months, Xiao Ming was tortured almost crazy by Li Xiaoguang, and his nerves were a little abnormal, but Li Xiaoguang still enjoyed it without any sympathy.

In the end, Xiao Ming was tortured by Li Xiaoguang and sent to the hospital.

When Xiao Ming was in the hospital, many classmates visited him and sympathized with Xiao Ming.

Li Xiaoguang has never been there. He thinks that a coward is not worthy of his care, and he disdains being the same tablemate as a coward.

After two months of psychological treatment, Xiao Ming finally returned to school.

After arriving at school, Xiao Ming became bolder.

On this day, Li Xiaoguang wanted to scare Xiao Ming again. During class, he placed a spider on Xiao Ming's desk. He believed that Xiao Ming would scream in fright.

However, what shocked Li Xiaoguang's eyes was that Xiao Ming did not scream, but directly threw the spider into his mouth, chewing it with a squeaking sound, which made Li Xiaoguang sweat.

The actions of the two people were obviously seen by the classmates sitting next to them. After class, everyone praised Xiao Ming for being brave and said that Xiao Ming was the most courageous.

Li Xiaoguang was not convinced. In order to earn back his honor, Li Xiaoguang tricked the small box on his body and ate the spiders, earthworms, caterpillars and other small insects inside into his mouth.

Although he was very disgusted, in order to regain his reputation, he could only resist the nausea and ate all these small insects.

The scariest ghost sounds_Scary ghost sounds in 15 seconds_A collection of scary ghost sounds and song titles

After eating these small insects, Li Xiaoguang looked at Xiao Ming with contempt.

"Let's make a bet!"

Xiao Ming said to Li Xiaoguang.

"What bet?"

Li Xiaoguang asked doubtfully.

"Don't you claim that you are the most courageous person in the school? If you dare to watch "The Bell" alone, I will convince you that you are the most courageous person in the school and I am a coward!"

Xiao Ming said.

"Isn't it just a horror movie? There's nothing extraordinary about it. I'll watch it however you want me to watch it!"

Li Xiaoguang's sworn guarantee.

At this time, Xiao Ming took out a mobile phone from his school bag and said to Li Xiaoguang that the movie The Ring was downloaded on the mobile phone and asked Li Xiaoguang to watch it alone in the school tool room.

Li Xiaoguang took the phone into his hand. When he saw the cover of the movie Midnight Ring, he felt a little nervous, but with so many classmates looking at him, he couldn't give in!

A collection of scary ghost sounds and song titles_Scary ghost sounds in 15 seconds_The scariest ghost sounds

Li Xiaoguang picked up the phone and walked into the tool room.

The tool room is a very small room, less than ten square meters, and contains some cleaning tools.

"Li Xiaoguang, you must watch the entire movie from beginning to end. We are listening to the sound outside. If the sound stops, you lose!"

Xiao Ming's provocative voice came from outside the door.

I can't lose, absolutely can't lose!

Li Xiaoguang clenched his fists and encouraged himself in Xingzhong.

When the phone started playing the midnight ring, Li Xiaoguang suddenly felt a little cold around him, so cold that he had to hold his shoulders and shiver.

After he felt the coldness, Xinzhong felt a little hairy. After all, it was so weird for the air to suddenly change in a sealed space!

Although Li Xiaoguang was scared, he did not dare to shout out, let alone walk out of this sealed small tool room. If he really walked out, everyone would laugh at him!

The movie continued to play, and Li Xiaoguang turned up the sound to the maximum in order to let people outside hear the sound.

The scariest ghost sounds_A collection of scary ghost sounds and song titles_Scary ghost sounds in 15 seconds

This is a Japanese film with original sound. He has no idea what the people in the film are talking about.

But from the looks on these people's faces, it could be seen that they were very frightened, as if they had encountered a ghost.

As soon as the word "ghost" popped out of Li Xiaoguang's mind, Li Xiaoguang felt something touching him behind his back.

He turned around and looked around in panic, but there was nothing behind him.

When Li Xiaoguang turned his head, the picture on his mobile phone was fixed on the scene when the female ghost Sadako appeared.

Sadako is terrifying, her body is like an illusory shadow, her hair is disheveled, and she stares at the screen with a pair of black eyes.

Li Xiaoguang was very confused at this time. He didn't click to pause! Why did the screen freeze at this time?

Could it be? Could it be that the female ghost in the movie is the monster?

Thinking of this, cold sweat broke out on Li Xiaoguang's forehead.

Soon, Sadako in the movie gave him the answer he wanted, and a pair of white hands stretched out from the screen of the mobile phone.

After Li Xiaoguang saw these hands, he screamed because he really saw a ghost now!

The scariest ghost sounds_A collection of scary ghost sounds and song titles_Scary ghost sounds in 15 seconds

Li Xiaoguang no longer cares about reputation or face.

He wanted to escape from the tool room and open the door.

When he stood up and looked for the door behind him, he found that there was no door behind him!

Li Xiaoguang was horrified to find that there was no one in the tool room.

Li Xiaoguang, who was frightened in his heart, squatted in the corner and shivered. His eyes were tightly closed, and he didn't dare to look at the phone or anything around him.

However, closing his eyes could not hide everything. He felt a pair of hands touching his cheek.

The hands were hard and cold, and they felt like hard corpses, not the hands of a living person.

"Don't come over…don't come over!"

Li Xiaoguang shouted with a trembling voice while slapping the hands with his hands.

"Xiaoguang 's scariest ghost voice , what's wrong with you? Wake up, I'm a teacher!"

Li Xiaoguang’s teacher shouted to Li Xiaoguang.

However, Li Xiaoguang always cowered in the corner and refused to let anyone get close. Whenever someone came close, he screamed. He was so frightened that he became mentally ill.

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