A Short Ghost Story By Rouduanzi Is Very Soft

★ Jade

A friend of mine, let’s call him W, is a jade lover. His biggest interest is collecting ancient jades. Once at the Panjiayuan antique market, he found an ancient jade coin. The jade coin was entirely ivory white, had no patterns, and was polished very smoothly. There was also a red bean-sized piece of blood in the upper right corner. The jade seller said it was authentic Hetian jade from the Han Dynasty. My friend liked it very much and bought it. Ever since he got that piece of jade, the meat dumplings are very soft , my friend has been with the jade all day long. Whenever he has time, he will take it out and wipe it carefully. Gradually, the piece of jade that was originally ivory white gradually turned into pure white, and the piece of blood became more and more bright. From a distance, it looked like fresh blood had been dripped on it. As the jade coin changed, my friend also gradually changed. First of all, he became less talkative. He stared at the jade coin all day long, and then he started talking to himself. Late at night, he started talking to himself. Get up from the bed and get into the cupboard to sleep. His family and we all began to vaguely feel that it was the piece of jade that had brought about all these incredible changes. So one day, we secretly took the piece of jade away while he was sleeping. But what we didn’t expect was that the next day he complained that he had a headache. Judging from his expression, he was really in pain~~~~ We were even more frightened, and we didn’t dare to return the jade to him, but we couldn’t bear to see him taking handfuls of painkillers like this. So we discussed with her parents and sent him to the hospital. But the hospital said there was nothing wrong with him and refused to be hospitalized. We had to move him to a nursing home in the suburbs, hoping that the air and scenery in the suburbs would help him gradually get better. A month later, when we went to the nursing home to see him, we were shocked~~~~The former great young man had lost weight to a handful of bones within a month, while his belly was as swollen as a pregnant woman's. Lao Gao. We hurriedly took him back to the city and sent him directly to the hospital. The hospital decided to operate immediately. However, due to the patient's physical condition, he might be in danger, so he asked his family to sign an agreement. Before the operation, we came to his bedside and asked him if he had anything else to say. He said he wanted to see the jade, but we had no choice but to discuss it with his family and finally gave him the jade. He~~~ did not expect that when he saw the piece of jade, his originally ashen face~~~ would actually show a strange, morbid excitement. The operation went smoothly. During the three-hour operation, the doctor removed 38 red, leg-covered worms from his stomach. The largest one was 20 centimeters long. And the jade coin actually broke into pieces after my friend's surgery, and the dazzling piece of blood was gone.

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