Hongye Temple

At dusk on a certain day in 2020, when the sun was almost setting, Hongye Temple, a thousand-year-old temple, ushered in the most absurd night in its history: a woman with a child in her arms chased an almost crazy man around the Daxiong Hall, masculinity Panting, the woman's hoarse voice, and the child's crying and screaming intertwined together, which alarmed the monks in the whole temple, and I don't know if they alarmed the Tathagata of the Western Paradise. But Zhou Jun stayed in Hongye Temple, being his fake monk, and worshiping those lions every day. When I saw him, he was sitting at the door basking in the sun, squinting at the cornices of the Daxiong Hall, with a devout expression on his face. … Continue readingHongye Temple