The Folk Tale About Xu Wenchang

Xu Wenchang is a well-known witty character in folk tales. He is known as “there is Avanti in the north and Xu Wenchang in the south”. So Xu Wenchang took the two friends to a watermelon field. He pointed to the melon field and said to Li Si: “Brother Li, look how well this piece of gourd grows.” Xu Wenchang shook his head and said, “It’s a gourd. “Xu Wenchang said repeatedly: “Gourd, gourd, gourd!” So, how did Xu Wenchang know that there are black circles on the buttocks of Minnv? Xu Wenchang’s real name is Xu Wei, and “Wenchang” is his character, which has an interesting origin. But the little guy said: “Not necessarily. According to my opinion, Xu Wenchang’s chanting is more like these scholars!” … Continue readingThe Folk Tale About Xu Wenchang