Stories Of Ghosts And Gods: Wutongshen Online Reading

This person is dressed in purple and wears a golden crown, and his appearance is similar to that of Goro among the Wutong gods worshiped in the Wutong Temple in the village (Wutong God, also known as "God Lang", is a demon that roams the countryside and prostitutes wives and daughters. , also known as the "God of Wudang" because he specializes in evil. The God of Wutong is widely worshiped in the south of the Yangtze River in the form of an idol. There is a chapter in "Strange Stories from a Liaozhai Studio" that is dedicated to describing this god. Interested students can have a look). But since the Song Dynasty, the image of Wutong God and the image of Wutong Immortal in Buddhism have been blended in the process of spreading. Affected by Wutongxian, Wutongshen began to become an evil god. … Continue readingStories Of Ghosts And Gods: Wutongshen Online Reading