Ghost Spanking Novel Zhao Kuangyin Rolls

Legend has it that such a hero was once forced to roll on the spot because of a penny. Zhao Kuangyin said in a rough voice, "Old man, eat melons! Although Zhao Kuangyin was very hungry and thirsty, he wished he could eat watermelons in one bite, but he was afraid that the melon sellers would look down on him, so he puffed up his belly and said: " I don't eat you for nothing, why don't you give me a name? The old man squatted beside him and didn't answer, smoking a pipe while watching Zhao Kuangyin eating melons. Zhao Kuangyin had no choice but to roll on the ground, and got on the horse with a red neck and a flushed face. … Continue readingGhost Spanking Novel Zhao Kuangyin Rolls