Folk Ghost Stories

Lan Yu asked Qian Yue’e, “Is it really Guo Erliang’s ghost? Lan Yu said, “The ghost won’t come again today, so close the door and sleep. But what happened to Guo Erliang’s ghost? He turned his head and looked behind him. He couldn’t help but let out an “ah”. How could the copper lamp of Qian Yue’e’s house appear here? Just when he was in shock, several lanterns were suddenly lit in the room, and Lan Yu appeared in front of him with the official messenger. Qian Yue’e was killed by Guo Erliang’s fake ghost, is it you? “Huang Shiwen stammered: “Little man… The little man only knows that the sugar paste painting can be placed in front of the lamp, and it can show a human shape on the wall. This has nothing to do with Qian Yue’e’s death!” … Continue readingFolk Ghost Stories