Train Kangxi

Emperor Shunzhi of the Qing Dynasty saw through the world of mortals, became a monk, and passed on his fortune to his eight-year-old son Xuan Ye, who later became the famous Emperor Kangxi. After the old monk poured tea for Kangxi, he sighed and replied slowly: "Oh, I have also heard people often say that Lord Shunzhi rules the world – trembling and shocked! He then thought of what he heard about Emperor Shunzhi in his early years. Regarding the matter of becoming a monk, could this old monk be the "Huang Ama" who became a monk in his early years? Kangxi knew in his heart that this old monk must be the Emperor Shunzhi. When he was leaving, the old man still used the couplet "Yong Bamboo" in Zizhuyuan to remind himself to be a humble man. way. … Continue readingTrain Kangxi