Evil Spirits In Ancient Temples (3)

They learned from the robbed pilgrims that there was a beautiful Miss Liu in Hengfa Temple, who looked like a fairy who had left the blue sky. The thief saw that the mountain gate was tightly closed and the high wall was difficult to climb, and he did not bring any climbing equipment. The monks inside were already on guard, and it was difficult to break in for a while. Donate it, otherwise all the garlands will be burned, the monks and laymen will be beheaded, and no one will be left alive.

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The Thief Who Comes In The Middle Of The Night

But there was a coffin shop next door, and Lao Li always felt bad luck when he saw it. Seeing the dejected face of the prisoner, Lao Li just glanced at the sign of his shop, as if he was soulless, and continued to be driven away by the guards. Poor Lao Li was so frightened that he didn't sleep all night. He finally waited until the fifth night before he could take a break. Then he was woken up again. He got up angrily and went out the door to see what was going on. "This is the thing that was taken away by a thief last night, how could it be in your hands! … Continue readingThe Thief Who Comes In The Middle Of The Night

Ghost Bride Accompanied By Foxtail

The bride on the left played a song "Moonlight Night on the Spring River", and the bride on the right played a song "Three Lanes of Plum Blossoms". The bride on the left put her hands on the qin, and a piece of "Lovesickness" flowed from the strings, which made Lin Zige burst into tears. Then, the bride on the right stretched out her fingers, and the same tune reached Lin Zige's ears. And the sound of the zither came from above the fox tail, Qingyi was so frightened that she fainted. Although Lin Zige didn't get the foxtail violin as a gift to his beloved wife in the end, Honghu's affection for the couple surpassed all the treasures in the world. … Continue readingGhost Bride Accompanied By Foxtail

Ancient Temple Evil Spirits (3)

Zhang Xiluo came back to his senses, the beauty had gone, Lan Musk was still there, the sound of wearing the ring faded away, only a few young monks were left sweeping the floor, looking at him and laughing endlessly. They learned from the pilgrims who were robbed that there is a beautiful Miss Liu in Hengfa Temple, who looks like a fairy who has left Bixiao. The abbot first stopped the bandit soldiers in the courtyard, saying that he wanted to ask Liao Lihu to answer, so that outsiders should stop shooting arrows. … Continue readingAncient Temple Evil Spirits (3)

Life And Death Sign

My great-grandfather was a storyteller. When he was dying, he told us a story about him falling into a bandit’s den and drawing a “life and death lottery”. When the bandit leader kills someone, he has to draw a life and death lottery to see God’s will. If the “death” lottery is drawn, they will be forced to drink a bowl of brine to end their lives; if the “life” lottery is drawn, they will be given a bowl of hot soybean juice in accordance with God’s will, so that they can be released to life. Blaming his bad luck, he drew the “death” lottery. Although it is a critical moment of life and death, he still speaks the book clearly and clearly. At this point in the story, it was the time when the lives of the Li family brothers were at stake. … Continue readingLife And Death Sign