Why Are There So Many Female Ghosts In The Legend?

Chinese ghosts leave the impression that there are more female ghosts. Xi Fangping and Wang Liulang in "Liao Zhai" are also good male ghosts, but they are less well-known than female ghosts. The earliest ghosts were animal ghosts, and there were more and more beautiful ghosts in the future. The earliest ghosts in China did not distinguish between men and women, but animal images—animal ghosts. "The "mountain ghost" created by Qu Yuan is more like a mountain god. It represents a natural force. At this time, gods and ghosts are indistinguishable. Later, ghosts and gods gradually separated. Immortals, but those who bring bad luck become ghosts. In China, we talk about ghosts, but there is a principle of being a human being in it. … Continue readingWhy Are There So Many Female Ghosts In The Legend?