Folk Ghost Stories

After a while, I suddenly heard the old man say slowly: I have been wandering around the world since I was a child. Although I have made a living by hunting, I have always done it in a proper way. I have never dared to act arrogantly, kill and abuse wantonly, because doing so will inevitably lead to divine punishment. [/Collection of Ghost Stories] Chen Hao has been to the capital since then, and he has not encountered any weird things on the way. However, he has never known what kind of master this old man is throughout his life, and has never heard anything about him again. … Continue readingFolk Ghost Stories

Ancient Temple Zombies

I was thinking of not using this saber at all, and buying another one at the front market, but then I thought about the dead people in the temple just now being eaten by monsters, leaving only clothes and a head, and if someone sees this situation in the future, they must report it to the police , thinking that he was murdered by a strongman. Chen Hao turned his head to look, and there was a person standing in the temple courtyard, holding a sword in his hand and staring at the monster intently. This person was none other than the bearded old man from last night. … Continue readingAncient Temple Zombies