You Can't Afford To Die These Days Author: Haunted House

Zhong Li and Zhong Zhen are siblings from the same father and mother. They moved from the countryside to the city to make a living. It was becoming increasingly difficult to make a living by farming in their hometown. Following the trend of young people in the countryside, the two went to the city to work under the guidance of a fellow villager.

Sister Zhong Zhen works in a barber shop, and she is a shampoo girl . She can't afford to die these days . Now her only dream in this life is to own a barber shop. She wants to save money to start a business and become a boss. Brother Zhong Li went to work on a construction site. Although it is very hard and tiring, the salary is high, several thousand yuan a month.

People like him don't like those elegant activities. Gradually, influenced by the people around him, he quickly changed from a simple young man to a person who indulged in eating, drinking, whoring and gambling. He began to become a little self-righteous and thought he had seen the world.

Whenever he had free time, Zhong Li would go play cards. Gradually, he even quit his job and devoted himself to gambling, dreaming of getting rich overnight. People he knew and didn't know plotted against him. People like him who were addicted to gambling were the easiest to cheat.

Zhong Zhen found that her brother not only did not send money home every month, but sometimes asked her for money. She knew that her brother had not learned well, so she began to persuade him earnestly not to gamble. Every time, he would listen for three days, but would gamble again on the fourth day.

When she was alone, Zhong Zhen felt uneasy and had a bad premonition when she thought about this incident. She cried secretly and wondered how she could have such a brother. His behavior would kill her sooner or later.

Finally one day, Zhong Li not only lost all his money, but also mortgaged all his valuables and owed a lot of debts. The creditor threatened to kill him if he didn't pay back the money, and even suggested that his sister pay off the debt. The creditor owned a night club.

Zhong Li had never been so desperate before. He had imagined that he would buy a house and marry a wife in the city after winning the money, and that his relatives and friends would envy him. But all this became a fantasy. All he could think about was the creditor's words: if he couldn't pay back the money, he would cut off his hands and feet, or if he couldn't pay back the money, he would give him his sister to pay off the debt.

People are selfish, and selfless people are rare. In order to save his own hands and feet, Zhong Li tricked his sister into going to a nightclub at night. Zhong Zhen found that something was wrong and wanted to escape, but several men came up and grabbed her, punching and kicking her. For a disobedient lady, beating her can make her behave.

Zhong Li sneaked out of the nightclub, ran to Zhong Zhen's residence, took away all of Zhong Zhen's valuables, and quietly fled the city. He did not dare to go home and went to another place.

Zhong Zhen, who stayed in the nightclub, kept thinking about escaping and resisting. She was beaten and covered with bruises. The people in the nightclub told her that she would not be beaten when she figured it out. Finally, Zhong Zhen gave up resisting and sat there like a soulless puppet. The people in the nightclub began to contact some big bosses who were regular customers, wanting to make a fortune by taking advantage of Zhong Zhen's virginity.

The people in the nightclub did not get what they wanted. Zhong Zhen died. She hit her head against the wall and died. Her head was covered in blood and her skull was broken and concave, which showed how hard she had hit it. The people in the nightclub found someone to bury her in an uninhabited grove in the suburbs.

After Zhong Zhen died, Zhong Li began to have nightmares every night. He dreamed that Zhong Zhen came to see him. Zhong Zhen was standing next to his bed, covered in blood, with brains all over her face, staring at him resentfully without saying a word. For six consecutive nights, Zhong Zhen resented Zhong Li in her dreams.

On the seventh night, Zhong Li dreamed of Zhong Zhen again, and she was still standing by his bed and looking at him. This time, Zhong Li felt unprecedented fear, because this was not like a dream at all, but a living reality.

Zhong Zhen said, "I'm already dead, all because of you." Zhong Li sat up in fear and curled up on the bed. "Sister…sister…I'm…I'm sorry…I'm not a human…I'm not a human." Zhong Li was so scared that his tongue was tied when he spoke, and he slapped himself.

"Sister? It feels so ironic that you call me like that. If you really regard me as your sister, how could you betray me? Hahaha!" Zhong Zhen laughed towards the sky, "Now, we are brother and sister. We should avenge our enemies when we have revenge, and avenge our grievances when we have grievances!" After saying this, Zhong Zhen disappeared.

Zhong Li looked around for Zhong Zhen, but she was no longer in the room. Just when he was relieved, a pair of hands came out from behind and grabbed his neck. The hands were so strong that he couldn't break free. When he rolled his eyes and was about to die, the hands let go of him.

Zhong Li covered his neck and gasped for air, feeling as if he had just died. But after a while, a pair of hands stretched out from under the bed. The hands were very long and could retract freely. They grabbed Zhong Li's feet and dragged him to the ground. Zhong Li was pulled to the ground, and his back hurt. Zhong Zhen bent down and looked at Zhong Li's face.

Her face was covered in blood, and when she bent down, the brains in her head fell onto Zhong Li's face. Zhong Li ignored the pain in his back and got up and ran. A pair of feet tripped him, causing him to fall flat on his face.

Zhong Zhen's hahaha laughter echoed in the room. In this day and age, death is not an option . Her laughter was shrill and terrifying. Zhong Li began to beg for mercy, saying all kinds of nice things to ask Zhong Zhen to spare his life.

Zhong Zhen kept saying that being a brother and sister is hard, being a brother and sister is hard. While she was talking, Zhong Zhen was walking around the room. Even the ceiling became flat ground to her. She walked everywhere and became crazy. She jumped from the ceiling and landed in front of Zhong Li. She picked up Zhong Li's legs and bent them, so that his shin bones were spread out in an "eight" shape.

Zhong Li fainted from the pain. Zhong Zhen scratched his chest with her nails, and Zhong Li woke up again. Zhong Zhen said to him, "I want to see if your heart is black." At this time, Zhong Li just wanted to die quickly.

Zhong Zhen took out Zhong Li's heart. The heart was still beating, but it was black. While watching it, Zhong Zhen said, "So this heart is really black." She crushed the heart with her hands, venting all her hatred.

Zhong Li found that he was not dead yet. Was he in a dream or in reality? If it was a dream, why was it so real that he even felt pain? When Zhong Li came to his senses, Zhong Zhen disappeared again. The pain and fear made Zhong Li faint.

The next morning, Zhong Li woke up and found himself still lying in bed. He touched his heart and it was still beating wildly. He hugged his head and cried, as if he had just woken up from a dream. No matter how much his sister hated him, she was just venting her hatred in dreams and had never really hurt him.

Thinking back to how he was this bastard brother who actually sold his own sister and pushed her into the kang, killing her. He slapped himself hard, calling himself inhuman and worse than an animal.

From then on, Zhong Li started to work hard, thinking of his elderly parents at home. He felt that he had the responsibility and obligation to let them live a good life in the future. He wanted to live a good life, including his sister Zhong Zhen.

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