Yin-Yang Qi Gathering Method [Jianwen Mystery]

"What did you find?" At this time, Qin Ge also walked up to the statue holding the mortar pistol.

"Not yet…" Zhang Guozhong and Old Liu searched through the cracks in the jade suit and found that the statue seemed to be solid. It was tightly fitted from head to toe and there didn't seem to be any gaps or secret doors. "That's strange. Iron blocks yin and yang. What kind of rule is this to put a jade suit on an iron statue?" Old Liu stood up and took two steps back. There was nothing special about it no matter how he looked at it.

"Generally speaking, we all take this approach…" Qin Ge put the pistol behind his back, reached into his boot and pulled out a dagger, then cut along the gap in the jade clothing at the back of the statue's head from top to bottom, then gently pulled it with his hand, and the whole jade clothing was taken off like "taking off clothes", and many scattered jade pieces fell into the water with a crackling sound.

"Master Qin…you…" Old Liu was also dumbfounded. The jade suit has always been a national treasure. You, Qin Ge, claim to be an archaeologist and specialize in the study of ancient jade. How could you treat the treasure like this?

"This jade suit has no research value," Qin Ge shook his head, took out a handkerchief from his pocket, lowered his head, dipped it in water and began to wipe the statue. "There was no custom of wearing jade suits for burial in the Ming Dynasty, and this is not a tomb. This jade suit is not a burial object, nor a ritual vessel, nor a handicraft. It is just a prop specially made for this ceremony. What is really worth studying is the statue inside the jade suit." As he spoke, Qin Ge had wiped off the loose dust on the surface of the statue, and saw a lifelike iron statue of a naked man standing in the water. His size and proportions were no different from those of an ordinary person, his body was naked, his muscles were lifelike and delicate, and the craftsmanship was as fine as Michelangelo's "David" statue.

"This is a statue of Zhu Yunwen?" Old Liu was also shocked when he saw the lifelike iron statue. "Could it be that this thing is placed here to suppress ghosts?" According to the traditional Taoist theory, which is the theory mentioned in the "Yang Fu Fear of Bamboo" story, if the evil spirit died at the hands of someone or was subdued by someone during his lifetime, he would not only be afraid of the real person, but also the things used by the person, statues, portraits, and even replicas of these things. If Zhao Jinzhou was really subdued by Zhu Yunwen, placing his statue here would indeed have the effect of suppressing ghosts, but what did the jade clothes on the statue mean?

"It shouldn't be used to scare away ghosts. Look here." Among the three people in front of him, Zhang Guozhong had the best eyesight. When Qin Ge just started to wipe the statue with a handkerchief, Zhang Guozhong found that there seemed to be some small holes on the surface of the statue, which were slightly thicker than a needle hole, just like the bronze acupuncture man, with holes on the chest and back. At first, Zhang Guozhong thought that the statue was corroded by the moisture in the cave for many years, but after Qin Ge wiped the entire body of the statue clean, Zhang Guozhong found that these tiny pores did not seem to be as simple as "corrosion." "Look at these small holes on the statue…"

"Hmm?" Old Liu lowered his head and moved closer. He found that there were indeed many small holes on the statue. It looked like an acupuncture bronze man, but at least half of these small holes were not acupuncture points for the Yin-Yang Qi Gathering Method . "What the hell are these holes for? An acupuncture bronze man?"

“Could it be…” Zhang Guozhong’s heart moved, and he reached out and touched the top of the iron statue’s head, “Sure enough, Senior Brother, these are the Yin and Yang meridians, you come and feel them.”

After hearing what Zhang Guozhong said, Old Liu hurriedly reached out his hand to the top of the iron statue's head. He felt that there was a hole at the "Huiding" meridian of the iron statue, about the same thickness as a straw used for drinking soda, and its diameter was obviously much larger than the small holes on the body.

"Brother, the seven meridians in this statue are connected." Zhang Guozhong panted and carefully examined the front and back of the iron statue. Sure enough, the small holes at the "seven meridians" on the statue were obviously thicker than the holes at other regular acupuncture points. "Could it be that ashes are used?" Standing up, Zhang Guozhong suddenly remembered the stone bed outside that seemed to have burned animal corpses. "Brother , the Yin-Yang Qi Gathering Method , I understand. This is the 'Hundred-Step Soul-Returning Formation' you mentioned. I know the principle of becoming an immortal."

"Oh?" Old Liu frowned and said, "Tell me about it."

"Zhu Yunwen did become an immortal here," Zhang Guozhong frowned, "Do you remember what I said about there being a 'hundred-foot pond' outside that was used to 'dissipate evil spirits'? The function of that pond was not to 'dissipate evil spirits' at all, but to allow Zhu Yunwen to escape from this Hangu Cave after he ascended to immortality."

In people's impression or in ancient legends, if a person becomes an immortal, he or she is usually seen standing on auspicious clouds or riding a crane or a unicorn, with a glorious image of dazzling light all over the body. However, if it is strictly defined according to Taoist theory, the standard of becoming an immortal is not the crane or unicorn or the dazzling light, but the color of the soul determined by the wisdom eye.

In the eyes of wisdom, evil spirits appear green or blue, yang energy appears yellow or orange-red, ordinary souls should be white or milky white, souls with yin energy appear gray, and a few with heavy resentment appear black. However, according to legend there is also a kind of soul that appears purple or pink-purple, which is the legendary "immortality".

Perhaps it was a coincidence. According to legend, before Laozi passed through Hangu Pass, Yin Xi saw purple air coming from the east and knew that a saint would pass through. Sure enough, Laozi came riding a green bull. From then on, purple was regarded as the color of saints by Taoism. After some Taoist masters passed away, their souls often present this color that is completely contrary to common sense. According to legend, when the founder of Quanzhen, Wang Chongyang, passed away, his disciple Qiu Chuji saw purple air rising from the founder's immortal body in his wisdom eyes. After that, Chongyangzi's body did not decay, which was a sign of immortality. Similar legends or records are not difficult to find in other sects. These phenomena cannot be explained by the existing theories of Taoism, so they can only be attributed to "immortality". This must be the core criterion for the masters of the Northern Song Dynasty to judge Zhao Guanshan's theory of "Ten Generations as Immortals". In other words, Zhao Guanshan may have made the soul of a commoner appear "purple".

According to Zhang Guozhong's inference, Zhao Guanshan's method of experimenting with "Ten Virtues to Become Immortal" should be like this: first find a cave similar to the "Han Gu Cave" where the soul cannot get out but can roam freely in the cave; then burn the body in the cave, and although the soul has resentment, it cannot get out of the cave, so it can only attach to the ashes.

Afterwards, an iron statue is cast in the shape of the deceased before his death, just like the iron statue in the Hangu Cave, which is lifelike and realistic. A hollow pipe is reserved inside the iron statue. The path of this pipe is roughly the same as the path of the seven meridians in the human body. The ashes are then poured into the iron statue through the holes in the "Huidingmai" on the top of the iron statue's head, filling the "seven meridians" pipes inside the iron statue. Although the ironware separates yin and yang, the holes in the seven meridians are connected to the outside world. The soul will mistake the iron statue for its own corpse, and go through a series of natural processes such as resurrection through these holes. The jade clothes covered on the outside of the iron statue are probably used to neutralize the resentment of the soul caused by the "burning of the corpse".

In addition, the water and rush in the cave also play an important role. According to the analysis of Mr. Ma Sijia at that time, rush has the function of transmitting resentment. The rush all over the mountains and the underground lake in the cave have formed a natural yin and yang circulation network, which is very similar to the "Seven Gates and Seven Steps" in nature. According to Zhao Guanshan's theory of "Ten Virtues to Become Immortal", the soul must complete ten reincarnations and wander through the seven gates in this narrow yin and yang network of bronze man, water, and rush. If it is an artificial seven gates and seven steps, it is easy to be detected by the soul (only evil ghosts have no IQ. Since "Ten Virtues to Become Immortal", the soul is definitely not an evil ghost, so the IQ is much higher than that of evil ghosts). Compared with artificial formations, this almost natural yin and yang network is closer to nature, better at deceiving souls, and they will not be detected.

"This should be the principle of the 'Hundred-Step Soul-Returning Formation'. The formation is set up to allow the soul to reincarnate ten times. After achieving ten lifetimes of good deeds, the soul will show purple aura and become an immortal," said Zhang Guozhong. "We believe that the secret passage used for 'discharging evil spirits' and the 'Hundred-foot Pond' are the 'back doors' for the soul to exit the cave after becoming an immortal."

"After becoming an immortal, you still use the 'back door'?" Qin Ge smiled slightly.

"Do you think all souls are as smart as you?" Old Liu said, "This cave is a trumpet cave. Even if you become an immortal, you can't get out. You can only go through the 'back door'."

"Isn't it said that there is another Zhao Jinzhou in the cave?" Qin Ge asked, "What if he also goes out through the back door?"

"Do you think Zhao Jinzhou is as smart as you?" Old Liu said with disdain, "The more evil the ghosts are, the dumber they are. After becoming immortals, they must be much smarter than evil ghosts. Immortal spirits can find the exit, but evil ghosts can't."

"Master Zhang, I don't understand. Since this is where Zhu Yunwen became an immortal, why did he put Zhao Jinzhou's body here? Is this also a part of his immortality?" Qin Ge seemed to still be confused. "Also, what was Zhu Yunwen's motive for becoming an immortal? Such a huge project does not seem to be something that a wanted criminal hiding his identity can accomplish. Who is helping him behind the scenes? In other words, if someone really became an immortal here, it was not Zhu Yunwen at all?"

"This…" Zhang Guozhong seemed a little confused, "I haven't thought about it yet…"

"Master Zhang, I think the matter of Su Tieli has nothing to do with this place…" Qin Ge checked the iron statue. There seemed to be no words or patterns carved on the surface of the iron statue. "The Huang Xian said in the poem that 'Jianwen's return place hides mysteries', but if Zhu Yunwen really became an immortal and left here, this is not his 'return place'."

"Not necessarily," said Old Liu, "They said clearly that they were hiding a 'mystery', not a 'corpse'. In other words, the body is not here, but the clues may very well be here."

"This place has been isolated from the outside world for a hundred years. The incident with Su Tieli happened not long ago," Qin Ge said. "How could a cave hundreds of years old have any clues about this incident?"

Just as the two were arguing, there was a loud noise at the entrance of the cave. With this noise, the searchlight went out instantly, and only three beams of flashlight remained in the dark cave.

"Who?" Zhang Guozhong and Old Liu's first reaction was to draw their swords. Qin Ge also raised the 12.5mm caliber m500 mortar. Three beams of flashlights instantly shot towards the direction of the cave entrance. Big Hand Liu stood there stupidly, and seemed to be looking around.

"Brother Liu, what happened?" Old Liu walked carefully to the cave entrance with the Seven Star Sword horizontally. He saw that the searchlight on the ground had been smashed to pieces. It looked like the force must have been at least the effect of an eighteen-pound hammer swinging in a circle.

"I… I don't know either…" Big Hand Liu was sweating profusely, "I just looked at you. I don't know why it became like this…"

"It's Zhao Jinzhou." Qin Ge couldn't help but raise the 12.5mm mortar in his hand. Old Liu and Zhang Guozhong also turned on their flashlights and shone them up and down and left and right.

"Get out of the way!" At this moment, Big Hand Liu suddenly shouted, took a step forward, grabbed Zhang Guozhong's clothes and threw him to the side. Zhang Guozhong was completely unprepared for Big Hand Liu. After being thrown by him, he felt his body lose its center of gravity in an instant. His ears were filled with wind and he flew three or four meters away and then fell to the ground with a thud.

"Brother Liu, you…" Zhang Guozhong struggled to turn over and shone the flashlight. He was so scared that he immediately broke out in a cold sweat. He saw a dark shadow standing where he had just stood. If it wasn't for Big Hand Liu who threw him out, he would have been caught by this old man.

"Be careful!" Qin Ge aimed his gun and slowly retreated. Old Liu also got into a posture to meet the enemy and kept retreating. Only Big Hand Liu stood there without moving.

"Brother Liu, retreat!" Zhang Guozhong rolled and crawled to his feet, and took a look. He saw that the evildoer was covered with a layer of tattered linen, and the linen on his body was not wrapped in circles like a mummy, but covered piece by piece. "This is not Zhao Jinzhou. There is something else in this cave."

"Could it be…" Qin Ge was also stunned after hearing what Zhang Guozhong said. He handed the pistol to one hand, took out the signal gun, and fired a flare bullet with a bang. Under the strong light, everyone was completely dumbfounded. They saw several black shadows standing in twos and threes not far away from the three people. The black shadows were of different heights, weights and bodies, and they all seemed to be covered with rags. But they did not see the "human core" that Zhang Guozhong mentioned, which was suspected to be Zhao Jinzhou.

"Damn it, not only Zhao Jinzhou is here, his whole family is here…" Old Liu was sweating, "Brother Liu, get out of the cave first!"

"Oh" Big Hand Liu nodded, and just as he turned around and tried to get out of the small hole, he saw a black shadow falling from the sky and standing in front of him. He felt a person suddenly appear in front of him, and Big Hand Liu raised his head suddenly, and saw that the person opposite him was like a skinned rabbit, without a single trace of skin on his body. "Oh my God" This was so sudden that even Big Hand Liu couldn't help but take a few steps back in fear, but it didn't matter that he just took a step back and fell into the arms of the black grandfather just now…

"Danger" Seeing that the resentment behind Big Hand Liu Li was still half a meter away, Qin Ge raised his gun and aimed at the resentment's head and fired a shot. This 12.5mm caliber bullet was indeed no joke. The "bullet flame" from the muzzle alone was as big as a basketball. The entire cave was like a flash of lightning. The bullet was shot upward at a 60-degree angle and hit the rock wall on the top of the cave directly. "Master Qin… where are you aiming?" When Qin Ge fired, Old Liu, who was standing diagonally to the side of Qin Ge, lowered his head involuntarily, feeling that the bullet seemed to fall directly on his head.

"Ah…" With the sound of the gunshot, Qin Ge took two steps back and almost sat on the ground. He threw away the gun, covered his wrist, grimaced, and almost shouted. To be honest, although Qin Ge had full confidence in his shooting skills, he underestimated the huge recoil of this pistol. Qin Ge had used many large-caliber pistols before, and the one with the largest recoil was the famous "Desert Eagle", which was also 12.5mm. He thought that this gun would not be more recoil than the "Desert Eagle" anyway. Unexpectedly, the recoil of this m500 was really greater than that of the "Desert Eagle", and it was not just a little bit greater, at least more than twice, which almost broke his wrist.

To be honest, Big Hand Liu was not far away from the evil behind him. Qin Ge's shot scared Big Hand Liu so much that he took two steps back and fell into the arms of the black grandfather behind him.

"Brother Liu" Old Liu also wanted to step forward just now, but was dazzled by the fireball when Qin Ge fired. As soon as he recovered his vision, he saw that Big Hand Liu had retreated into the arms of the Wrath of the Nether. Without saying a word, he stepped forward and swung the Seven Star Sword in his hand, aiming at the neck of the black grandfather in front of him. It felt like the sword seemed to have hit the car tire, and it bounced back with a bang, shocking Old Liu so much that the sword almost dropped from his hand. When he saw that he couldn't cut it, he simply turned his wrist and changed from cutting to stabbing. As a result, the tip of the sword stabbed into the Wrath of the Nether, just like stabbing into a pile of firewood, and a large piece of it went in with a puff. When the sword was pulled back, the place where it was stabbed quickly returned to its original state, as if it had not been stabbed.

To be honest, Old Liu was also shocked at this moment. The sword in his hand was the Seven-Star Sword, which could cut gold and jade and subdue demons. It was the flagship work of Ou Yezi, the ancestor of swordsmiths, and the personal treasure of Emperor Gaozu of Tang, Li Yuan. It was understandable that he could not chop up the iron-locked corpse in the "Zhechi" back then, as the corpse was covered with iron nets all over, and bullets could not penetrate it. But now it was obvious that this thing was covered with a layer of rags, so how could he not chop it?

At this moment, I saw Yuan Nie opened his arms and hugged Big Hand Liu. Big Hand Liu was stunned and struggled subconsciously. He felt as if his whole body was clamped by an iron gate and he couldn't move. "Get away" At this moment, Big Hand Liu was anxious. He screamed and veins on his cheeks bulged, but he still couldn't break free.

"Big Brother Liu" Zhang Guozhong had already rushed to the front of the resentful person, and with a sword over his head, he used all his strength to chop Huashan Mountain. With a "puff", the sword chopped on the resentful person, and the effect was almost the same as that of Old Liu…

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